Asagi's journey chapter 3


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    Asagi's journey chapter 3

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    11years went by....the humans and formors are at truce....Some fomors had been enslaved by the humans.....but another faction is brewing a war to break the truce....and Guild faction try to stop them or support them

    At the town that was burned down in ruins,A girl wearing detatched sleaves,sleaveless shirt and a skirt with a tail coming out of it and has a long black bag on her back with two swords in there sheath on her hips. She looked around her surroundings then looked at the map which said theres suppose to be a town in the spot,then she herd a metal clanking coming behind her,She turned around and saw a knight wearing full metal armor with a Great sword.The knight charged at her with his Great sword,She readies her Sword,when the knight got close to her he swing down his great sword,she move to the side to avoid the blow.The blow created a fog of dust around the place where the girl was standing,When the dust cleared away,the knight noticed that he missed,he saw the girl with her sword in her hand,then stabbed through the stomach by the girl off and his body went down with a thud.

    Then alot of soldiers came,surrounded her,the commander of the entire brigade Tell her:"drop your weapon and come along quietly" She didnt Had any reaction to what that commander said then She draw the sword on her right side of her hip.The commander asked again but She didnt say anything or drop her weapons,the commander decided to order his men to kill her.when the Soldiers got the order to attack,they all charge towards her.She began killing those men one by one with out any hesitation.when all of the mens are dead,the commander about to make a run for it,she stab the floor with one of her sword in her hand,then slips out 3knives from her sleaves and throw it at the commander.The knives hit the fleeing Commander's legs,He fell down hitting the floor very hard with his body weight,he turned his body around and he crawling backback away from her.She grabed her sword that was stabed on the ground,She walk towards the commander crawling away from her whimpering in pain and Asked to spare him.She didnt care what he said and she Stabbed him through the heart with out hesitation or pity,she pulled the sword out from the dead captain, put her swords in a sheath and travels to another place..

    at night a Stranded Traveler passing through the woods with a Dehydrated look on his face,He wears a black Basic leather armor,a Beret,and black boots.He wondered in the woods for hours,He saw a lake from far away.When he saw the lake he Imeditately rushes towards the lake.When he reaches the lake,He Imediately dipped his head in to the water then drank some water from the lake and filling up his water canteen.He sat down then he unpack his bag and brought out a kettle from his back pack,when he About to fill it with water,he Saw a Girl with Wolf ears and tail.She was Not wearing anything swiming in the lake,staring at the dark night with a sad look in her eyes til The Traveler drop the kettle.She Turned and Looked at the Man then swim to the other side of the lake and Start throwing Knives at him.He took cover behind the tree,after the knives Hit the tree behind him,He shouted out:"Im just a Passer by not a Soldier !" He step away from the tree looking at the naked half wolf girl.When he look at her,he turned around and telling her to put on some clothes then went back to setting up the tent. After The man setting the camp,he began wondering where did the half-wolf girl went.As the Half-wolf finished getting dressed,She suddenly thinking and suddenly made an upset look on her face.then quietly said:"Kalduil...why did you tell me to leave when i can fight along side with you....."

    The traveler remembering something as he watching the campfire,He starting to hearing Explosions,bolts being fired,scream from a girl.He visioned himself with duel swords on each hands looking at the corpses of a fomor family he slaughtered.As he looking at the corpses,he made an upsetting look and decided to left the battle field thinking that his guild thinking he was Killed in battle.The half wolf girl look at the man sitting,staring at the campfire not blinking as he staring at it,She put the sticks around the camp fire then she put the large meat on top of the campfire hanging on with the bones on the two Sticks around the campfire.She flicked at the mans forehead,He Flinched and looked at her.She asked:"Remembering someone that you losted ?" He looked at her then replied:"I dont have any one that close to me but... right now only thing i remembered is... when i slaughter an entire family...even though i cant forgive myself for doing that...but what about you ..did you lost someone you know?" She looks away then said:"it doesnt concern you..." He looked at her then he suddenly asked for her name,She told the man her name was Asagi,then he told Asagi his name is Ryan then they made eye contact.As they staring at each other,she told him:'You should eat since you walk very far."

    As Ryan ate the meat that Asagi put on his campfire,he look at Asagi's face a completely cold look on her face,yet it looked sad as he stares at her as he eating the fried meat,then he got up from the floor,look at Asagi,and told her goodnight then headed for the tent.Asagi Stand up,looked inside the tent,checking if Ryan is sleeping in the tent,She saw Him asleep then quietly said:"goodbye..." and Left with out a trace.As soon as Asagi left,Ryan said to himself:"im guess,you doint stick around to make friends huh..I bet you're always alone huh?

    As the sun went up making the sky all blue with no clouds in the sky.Ryan woke up from his long sleep,getting dressed up then start packing up every thing he set up from yesterday,he was thinking about Asagi wondering if she ever love someone before,he shook his head saying:"Why did i ask her that yesterday..?" After he know it was a private matter to her,he didnt bother on going after her since he think she is looking for someone or just wondering around the world alone.He made it outside the forest,then he suddenly turned back looking at the forest entrance thinking about Asagi,then he turned back and saw a sign post pointing his left side saying:"this way to port solas" on it.He walk towards the direction on that the sign is pointing to.

    At a large city called Del monta,surrounded by a large walls with huge large door in all four directions.Fireworks are being lunched up into the sky,then pop in mid air.Hot air balloons are flying above one building where theres no roof known as the collosum,the people riding on the hot air balloons are watching two people fight in excitement.The town's mayor is actually the son of CO-founder of the organization of oberon named Yurka,He is always busy with his work,but has a very soft spot for women when ever he sees one.

    In the Colosseum,the reciption table is crowded with people,pushing each other telling the receptionist that the person is joining the annual oberon recruitment tournement.Every one was pushing each other,one of the receptionist announcing to every one in the lobby that they need one last fighter to partipate the tournement.A man in purple robe came up to the reception table,he step on top of the table and announced that he will choose one fighter to take that spot for the tourenement,He saw a girl wearing a mask under the hood,she also carries two sword on her waist and a long sword on her back,he pointed to her and announce that he let the girl join the tournement.He walk towards the mysterious girl,handed her the registration paper he guided her to the waiting room,before he open the door for her,he asked whats your name but she didnt say anything and went into the waiting room.He looked depress that he didnt get her name,he rub his glasses then took out a pocket watch from pocket of his robe seeing that is almost time to start the tournement,he put the pocket watch back into his pocket and make his way to the spectator seats.When he reached out side he gave them a speech to every spectators around the arena,the crowd are roaring with cheer,he shouted:"Let the tounemnent Begins!"

    The announcer started to pick out two papers with numbers on them then call out two numbers,two combatants steped out of the gate with they're weapons in hand,they made it to the arena ring,facing towards each other,they take there stances when the referee did a chop,the two combantants starts fighting until one of them got incapacitated,the referee announce the winner.Every spectators expected to see more action in the next round,the announcer called out two combatants but one of the combatant wearing a mask under the hood.Every one was surpised to see a mysterious fighter,as soon as the match started,the mysterious lady rush up to her opponent,did two punches fallowing up with a uppercut sending him in air then fallowed by a quick thrust kick her opponent sending her opponent flying towards the wall,when the fighter drops down from the wall leaving a large crack on it.

    On the Spectator seat,a man in Purple robe wearing glasses,his skin color was dark brown with dark violet hair color saying:"hmmm she is quite interesting fighter but... I would like to see her face under that mask." A lady next to him said:"oh Yurka you always attempting to Try to date every girl you see around the town."Another man wearing a silver Armor with a long black back skirt,wondering who is that girl in the mask,the girl sitting next to him said:"Hey Shinzo do you happen to know that girl?" He Relpied:"No but that sword on her back seem so completely familar..."

    At the lobby,Shinzo ask the recptionist if he can see the fighters in the waiting room but the receptionist said:"Im sorry you cant go in the waiting room until the tournenment is over.Shinzo was furious when he herd what the receptionist said,He went to out of the collisum,he herd some one was fallowing him,and said:"how long do you plan to fallow me Nicole?"

    When he turned around he saw a girl wearing a mask under the hood,wearing a Shrine maiden's dress with 2 sword on both sides of her waist and a long sword on her back.As Shinzo gaze up on her mask,which giving him a freightning look,She taking off the mask with one hand revealing Eyes red as blood but Shinzo was Surprised to see who is that girl and he couldnt believe that girl he looking at is actually Asagi,but her face expression looks cold with eyes that dont have much life in them.He stared at her in shock and happy to see that his sister is actually alive but from the look of her face telling that she lost all touch of her feelings and emotions,when he rubbed his eyes and looked again but she wasnt there.He thinks he must be too tired from work then he looks around seeing no one is around the around the area,then he did a shrug and walking back into the collisum

    On the Spectators were cheering on the match between the Boastful warrior and his opponent,Shinzo went to his seat and watches the match.The girl next to him said:"so Have you found out that mysterious fighter ?" Shinzo replied with a depressing look:"I didnt see the person closely or talk to her,but thanks for you to worry about me Nicole." Nicole smiled hearing that he feel a little better,she slowly lay her head on shinzo's shoulder and watching the fight.Shinzo looked at Nicole laying her head on his shoulder,he begans wondering did he really see that the mystious girl is actually his long lost sister under that mask of her...

    The Mysterious girl got into the waiting room,she looked around the room seeing no one around waiting for they're match,She took off her mask,thinking that She cant believe that she saw her brother in this city.Then she sat down looking at her mask in her hand thinking that she should have travel along side with Ryan but she try to deny it that she show a little affection to him,when the crowd clamoring with cheer,she quickly put on the mask,got up waiting knowing that she will win the prize money and leave the city after she buy something to eat.

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