Asagi's journey chapter 6


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    Asagi's journey chapter 6

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    A team of 4 looked down at the facility from the cliff,Ryan look at the facility with a telescope.As he look around the,he saw the the guild Emblem mark saying :"Blue Cosmos".Ryan knew it was those prejudice humans that cant let go of the past against fomors,then he saw goblins and Kobolds wrapped in chains going into the building,but the building was heavily guarded as expected in the scroll.Vania returned from scouting the rear of the base,she said:"There's a ship docked on to the port."After Ryan herd what Vania said,he told Meharu and Vania to cease the port to cut off there escape,then he said:"Me and Bryan will take the front gates leaving the port slightly defenseless." Every one got on they're horses and ready there weapons.

    While in the Facility,an alchemist passing through a hallway with cages from left to right walls in the hallway,he examine the cages,seeing monsters with mixed parts of different animals,as he taking notes on the test subjects,he felt a large quake from out side.

    At outside of the building,two men fighting they're way through an horde of soldiers.Ryan shot one soldier attempting to attack him,then he bring out another gun from his left side of waist,and begin fire both guns rapidly towards the soldiers in front of him,then jump towards the path he cleared,and did a mid air spin,landed on the ground two feet and start shooting both Mana guns at the soldiers that was behind him.

    Bryan looked at Ryan then said:"Heh.. Showing off coward.." He was surrounded by the enemy troops,all of the troops surrounding him attempt to attack him all together but Bryan intercepted them with a swift slash all stands around him with his great sword just only one hand .The Soldiers back away from him,one of the soldiers said:"H-he's the Asura of waffles!!" Bryan gazed at his enemies as his eyes filled with blood lusting aura and approach them with his sword,then shouted out:"Ha! All of you weaklings are not worthy of my time !" After he shouted out,His eyes turned red as blood,even his eyes expression saying that he will enjoy slaughtering every last one of them,the soldiers saw a image of a demon coming right behind him,then he charges towards his enemies with his sword.He rushes towards soldiers in the speed of lightning then slashes them and move on to the next near by soldier.

    At the port that's behind the Mitagahara facility,two soldiers were standing guard at the port,then they suddenly herd a horse whining from a far,they decided to investigate from where the sound coming from but they saw nothing but a horse standing next to the tree.Meharu jumped down from the moonlight covered in black robe,he slash the two guards with his scythe when he landed on the ground.After Meharu killed the two guards,he knowticed Vania was going for the ship,he fallowed her.As they made they're way towards the ship,they saw a fomor created through alchemy.When they saw the fomor with many different limbs from different animals and fomors combined into one being.Meharu and Vania was shocked to see what have The Blue Cosmos created through Alchemy.Meharu told Vania to go ahead while he take on the chimera,Vania nodded then run towards the Chimera.While Vania running towards the Chimera,the monster swing his tail horizontal as Vania approaches,she slide under the tail and ran pass the chimera.Just when the monster turned around and about to shoot out fire ball out its mouth,Meharu cut down its tail then told the chimera:"your opponent is me,so get ready!" After what meharu told the monster,he jump towards the monster and swing his sythe downwards on the chimera but he missed when the monster jumped back ward and got hit by fire blast,Meharu got knocked back to a wall.While Meharu got his back to the wall while his sythe is right behind the monster then he saw another one coming out of the darkness from his left side of his view,he keep hearing himself saying:"Am I just gonna die here !?" While looking at the two monsters,the monster looked away to Meharu's left,Meharu turned his head to the direction the chimera's are looking at and saw a very bright light walking towards them.

    When Meharu looked more closely,he saw a man in a Holy knights armor walking towards him,his waist housing Katana,the man in the holy knight armor said:"Sono inochi, Kami ni kaeshinasai!" Then he instantly teleported and punch one of the chimera,sending one flying towards the other one.When Meharu looking up close to the Paladin,for the moment he thought it was Lugh,but he doesnt get why is there a paladin doing on the island of gensokyo,he stood there watching the holy knight fighting the chimera with just bare hands.

    As the holy Knight fight the chimera with out taken a single blow,He draws his sword from the sheath and slashed down the chimera that attempted to pounces on him from behind.Then he turns to the other chimera that was ready to deliver the finishing blow on Meharu, he appeared in front of Meharu with his sword pointed east from where his direction towards Meharu.Meharu looked at the monster behind him,seeing the monster began to split into pieces then began to turn ashes,Meharu looked at the Paladin and asked:"Are an Waffles member ?" but he vanished into the light leaving Meharu wondering if he was Lugh or a paladin who happen to passed by.

    Meharu looked around and saw Vania walking towards him with her combat staff on her back,she was wondering why there was ashes in the area,she asked:"you took care of the monster real quick huh ?" Meharu got up,picked up his sythe,he let out a sigh then replied:"Yeah..So did you taken care of the ship ?" Vania turned around with her thumb pointing to the ship that is currently on fire.Vania said:"Im guessing you feel guilty about killing that monster that was infused with many fomors right?" Meharu looked at her with a worried look on his face then said:"Did they created that half lycan girl that Kana and Reina found on the beach right ?" Vania said:"i dont know...but Im sure we'll find out about it someday....Lets talk about this later when we get back but first of all we should go and help Ryan's group."

    After both Vania and Meharu left out of sight.A man behind the building,with brown sleek pony tail hair in a silver plated Tioz set,armor with white and black on the tasset with a katana on his waist.He said to himself:"so Asagi is alive and here as well too huh? I'm guessing saving Meharu gave me a very well reward huh ? Guess i have no choice but to fallow them to the town and their guild castle.."

    After Ryan and Bryan fought off every soldiers outside of the building,both of them are panting in exhaustion.Bryan jolted up,then he senses someone near by,he looked around then he saw a man in a pure silver tioz set with a katana on his waist,walking towards him.Bryan knew he senses something about that man,saying that he is more powerful than anyone he ever thought.Before the man get to say anything Bryan pointed one his sword at the man.After Ryan saw Bryan pointing his sword at the man,he readies his guns.Bryan said:"Ryan dont butt in this fight,I want to fight him alone..." Ryan looked at him then step away in between them.The man in the Tioz Armor said:"I'm not here to fight,I'm just looking for guidance to the a city that you guys traveled from." Ryan looked at the mans face with calm smile on his face,he thought that he is plotting something,then the man let out an sighed then said:" I guess i have no choice but to accept your challenge huh ? well then lets see how good you are since you able to sense me from a far." Bryan Smiled then said:"I can sense that you are very strong warrior,but tell me you name so we can fight again." The man smiled then said:"The name is Kalduil but i shall warn you,I am very different than anyone you ever fought." Bryan replied:"I am the strongest member of W.A.F.F.L.E.S and the name is Bryan Remember it well !"

    After they give they're introduction,they stare into each other fiercely but Kalduil is not taking his combat stance and just standing there looking at Bryan.Bryan stared into him with confidence,he knowticed that his hand was not on his sword's sheath,Bryan run towards Kalduil with his great sword,when got in front of Kalduil,he swing his great sword downwards but Kalduil avoided Bryan's attack by move his left leg backward then ducked down avoiding Bryan's Reversed horizontal slash with his great sword swing.Kalduil dodging every attack from Bryan,then he knowticed Kalduil looked away from he and asked:"Why are not you drawing your sword !?" Kalduil looked at him then replied:"I'd say we call this a tie and pick this up another time." Bryan look at him with a puzzled look on his face then turned and looked at what is his opponent staring at and wondering what made him call his duel a tie.Then Bryan saw a a very tall man in armor with massive axe.Bryan was very furious that he was not able to finish his duel with Kalduil,he readied his weapon and charge in on the him but Kalduil stopped him from charging in and told him:"Let me handle this..." He slowly walking towards the man,he push the sword out of its sheath with his left thumb,then take his slowly put his hand on the handle and take stance slowly.Ryan know that man in a very heavy suit of armor and axe then told Kalduil:"That's Abel the Behemoth,Be careful Kalduil he is very strong even with all of us together.Kalduil take heed on what Ryan told him and told him not to worry about him.Abel said:"So you three are the thorn to our mission huh!?.I Abel the Behemoth shall crush thee to dust !" Before Abel say anything,Kalduil began to swing his sword around even though he is very far away from him then turns around walking away and slowly put his sword in its sheath with a loud clang.Ryan and Bryan looked at Abel paused for a few seconds,he began to split apart and in exact way when Kalduil slashing his sword around.Kalduil looked at Ryan and said:" More like the weak to me,can you take me to your guild castle?" Before Bryan get to say anything Ryan agreed that he take him to Gensyoko and W.A.F.F.L.E.S 's guild castle,then he saw Vania and Meharu coming towards them,Ryan asked:"Have you find out what are they doing in this facility ?" Meharu & Vania reported Ryan that facility was working on something similar to the previous facilities that they freed the captive fomors.

    While Bryan and Ryan discussing about the reports that Vania and Meharu found inside the building.Vania got next to Kalduil,then gave each other the introduction after that Bryan listening what Vania and kalduil talking,he was amazed how strong he is,then he thought that he had combat training at the age of 10 or below,then he herd Ryan calling everyone.Ryan announced:"We should be heading back to Gensyoko then report to boss,and Kalduil you will be riding on the same horse with Vania,and Meharu did you set up the explosives ?" Meharu nodded and told him that he set them up when Vania and himself regrouped together then said:"Im guessing you missed your girlfriend eh Ryan?" Ryan glared at Meharu and replied:"I happen to met her somewhere you know !" Everyone got on their Horses,Ryan told Kalduil to ride one horse together with Meharu since he doesnt have a horse to ride back to gensokyo.

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