Asagi's journey chapter 4


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    Asagi's journey chapter 4

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    As time went by Asagi is still waiting in the waiting room for quite a while and keep hearing the constant cheer of the crowd of spectators.A few minutes went by,Referee Announced the winner,the crowd was cheering for the winner,then they announce the Final round will begin shortly,they called Asagi's number,she walk to the arena ring.She she reach the arena,she saw the over confidant fighter standing on the ring,standing like he is toughest warrior,he has a over confidant look on his face.Asagi stood across him,then she draw the duel swords on both side of her waist and take a ready stances towards him.

    The Referee said:I want a good fight between you two!" he raises his hand as the both combatants readies they're weapons,a slight moment of silence between the both combatants looking at each other firecely,when the Referee swings his hand down and shouted:"FIGHT!" Both of the combatants rushes towards other with there weapons in hand.Both them swing they're weapons very fast and they are moving extreamly fast.The spectators are excited on the fight,seeing the best fight of this years recruitment.As the fight go on,Asagi noticed her duel swords had a crack on both on them while they're on a dead lock,Her oppenent said:"The names Luke and remember it well for the one that gonna beat you!" He applies more pressure down on his sword,at that time Asagi's duel swords were on a verge to be broken,she push his sword away with her duel swords fallowed by a thrust kick.After He got knocked back,He rushes at her in high speed then he kicked her but she blocks it with her duel sword,when the blow landed her sword,her duel swords shattered into pieces and knocked her back making her falling down to the ground.After that blow Asagi took,she got up from the ground,at the same time her mask began to break,droping pieces of the mask on the floor,revealing her Cold face with crimson eyes looking at his opponent fiercely,She throw away the two broken swords and the two sheaths on both sides of her waist,then draw the sword on her back and said:"Its over...."

    When she draw the sword on her back,every one looking at the sword glowing white on the blade,as the blade glows she jumps back then horizontal swing her sword and mysteriously creating a huge wave of white wind towards Luke.When Luke move his sword in front him to attempting to block the cold wind that Asagi unleashed upon him,the wave of white wind pushed him back to the wall but he cant move the due wave of white wind turns to ice thus froze his arms and sword.When Luke was stuck to the wall with both of his arms frozen in the ice,He struggles to get out of the ice but Asagi appeared infront of him,pointing her sword towards his throat saying:"If you break out the ice,I dont mind killing you..." He looked at her face and said:"so your are a fomor huh ?" but Asagi didnt said anything then the Referee lifted her left arm while right arm holding the sword pointing to her opponent's throat and announcing that she is the winner.A man in purple robe with two people fallowing right behind him,walking towards Asagi,he has a big bag with a G on it.He offer Asagi a hand shake,she looks at his hand while her right hand holding the sword pointing at Luke's throat,then man in the purple robe told her:"The match is over,you can put your sword away,As guild leader I welcome you to Oberon. She put her sword away ,turned around with her head down making sure the hood covering a part of her face and shake his hand,He asked Asagi if she can take off the hood,But Asagi didnt then she said:"cant we get over this I got places to go..." The Man smile while he holding her hand,then he gave her the money bag,before he can said anything,she vanished with out a trace but he didnt get to ask her for her name then he Told Shinzo & Nicole to look for her.

    After quite a while,the sun was setting down,the sky turned to orange.Shinzo walk around the entire town with Nicole looking for the mysterious girl which he doubt that she is his long lost sister,He was so anxious to see if its really Asagi.They looked every corner of the city but they didnt find her any where,he decided to gave up and sat down on the fountain of the square of the town looking completely discerned.Nicole patted his back telling Shinzo that she might be somewhere around where they didnt checked,but that didnt cheered Him up,then She suggested to take Shinzo to a good place to eat,rest up and resume the search for her.Nicole grab his hand and start dragging Shinzo to the good place to eat but suddenly She stopped.Shinzo looked at her,turn to the building where she is staring,He asked:"Is this place it ?" Nicole nodded and dragged him into the building,telling Shinzo to cheer up.Both of them grab a seat,sat looking at the menu knowing what kind of meal does this restaurant cooks for the customers.After they look through the menu,a man over to the table,the waiter writes down what they have ordered and walks away to give the paper to the cook.After they told the waiter what they have ordered to eat,they started to stare at each other,Nicole looked away from Shinzo,her cheeks began to turn red.Shinzo put his hand on her forehead to check if she has a fever,he asked if she is okay,she shook her head saying theres nothing wrong,shortly after that conversation the waiter came by put the plate of food in front of them,he told shinzo:"you got a very nice girlfriend" He shouted out:"She is not my girl friend!" After Shinzo shouted,every one gone silent but Nicole was giggling quietly,seeing Shinzo make himself look a fool.After they enjoyed they're meal,they herd a loud crash outside not too far from where they are eating,they immediately rushes to the scene.

    when they arrived at the scene,outside of the pub they saw a girl fighting against few thugs,they knowtice the is the mysterious fighter from the tournement,as they watch one of the thug grabbed her hood,when she kicked the thug,her hood began to rip,revealing her wolf ears.Shinzo was shocked that he didnt just day dream when she took off the mask infront of him,He rush in to break up the fight between her and the thugs.Shortly after He broke up the fight,the pub manager was completely furious about the large hole in his pub,Shinzo told him that every thing will be back to normal,then The pub owner said:"This world doesnt need fomors like you!" After he herd what he said about his sister,he was ready to punch him but Nicole stopped him from doing a big mistake that he will ever regret.Shortly after they both calm down,the pub owner went back inside his pub,leaving Shinzo with the two girls,he told Asagi that she will be safe in oberon's protection.She looked at Shinzo with a deep cold stare then quietly agreed to what he told her.

    The moon starts to raise leaving the sky comepletely black with the stars hanging,while they heading towards the large castle,Shinzo is having very hard time to try to communicate with his sister,even Nicole tried to get her to talk to them when they got into the castle,the lobby is very big,theres two stairs leading to the 2nd floor and theres a larch couch next to a large table in the middle.Nicole went ahead told them that she going to go get the guild leader,leaving Shinzo alone in the lobby with his sister,who hardly even talks or show any emotion.He decided to went to get her tea,when Shinzo left her in the lobby,she sat down on the wide couch waiting for her tea.

    Nicole made her way through the long hallway,she knocks at the door labeling mayor's office.The man in the room told her to step in the room,when she went in the room,she told Yurka,her report about the task.After Yurka herd the report from Nicole,he was surprised that Shinzo's long lost sister is actually a half fomor,he got from his seat then walk out the room with nicole.Shorty after they got out of the room,a girl with alot of paper work came up to Yurka,he told the girl to put the paper works on his desk then proceed through the hall way with Nicole.

    At the same time,Shinzo came up to the lobby,saw a man in white robe,with silver violet hair sitting next to Asagi,He was attempting to sweet talk with Asagi but she was ignoring him.Shinzo drops the tea cups filled with tea then rushes to them when he saw him trying to make a move on her,Shinzo put his hand on the man's shoulder and told him:"i dont know how she will react to that Himphis but Im sure that she will kill you with out hesitation." After hearing what Shinzo told him,he looked at him then to Asagi as she leering at him.Shinzo appologizes about the tea that he droped when he saw what was Himphis about to do to her,they all saw Yurka coming down to the stairs with Nicole right behind him.Yurka sit right across where Asagi is sitting,he gave Asagi a hand shake,after he shook her hand he gave her a contrat to sign.When she finished reading the contract,she looked at Shinzo then sign the contract.Yurka was about to ask for her name,but Shinzo tell his sister's name instead of her personally.Yurka welcomed her to oberon,Himphis insisted to guide her to the room but Shinzo went ahead with Asagi to show her around the castle.

    After Shinzo showing around the interior of the castle,they stopped in front of a door he unlock the door and told her this will be her room,they checked the room.When they looked in the room there is a belcony,as Asagi think this room reminding her room when she was little,she looked around the room.Shinzo left the room with out saying anything and thinks that she needed time to be alone in the room.After Shinzo leaves the room,she looked out the window,and quietly said:"Thank you brother...."

    Ever since Asagi joined oberon for a year,every guild member are assigned to fight the fomor reminants.The day was dark due to the clouds blocking out the sunlight. Asagi looking at the castle from behind the bushes then she herd some one approaching to her.A girl came by telling her objective for her next mission,Asagi's mission is to kill the one who commands the fomor commander in the castle.Then she walk towards the castle the castle,when Asagi got her order to kill the target inside the castle.After Asagi left out of sight, the messenger made a sinister smile on her face and said:"Farewell Asagi,I give you my regards to hell!"

    After a while,the castle was on fire,blood was every where,alot of the soldiers bodies were cut to pieces or lost an limb.Asagi made her way through the castle,covered in blood of her victums,her sword was dripping blood as she walks down the hall,then she stopped in front of the two huge doors,when she looked at the two large wooden doors,She kicked both of them down.The man sitting on a chair wearing robe,stand up from his seat,looking at Asagi in shocked.When She saw the man she is suppose to be killed,she stabbed through him at his chest.At his dying breath saying:"you just.....made... a biggest mistake.....that you will always....regret..." After she herd his last words,she pulled the sword out of him,she wipes off the blood on her sword,then she look closely at the man she just killed,she realized that the man she killed is actually the peace making senator for fomor in Del Monta.

    After she realized who she have killed,she herd alot of foot steps approaching towards the room shes in,she saw Shinzo with alot of soldiers with crossbows readied in there arms.Shinzo looked at her with the sword in her hand,then he saw the dead senateor on the floor right next to her..Before Shinzo said anything,Asagi run towards the window,his soldiers began to firing they're cross bows at her,but one of the shoots hit her left shoulder,she jump through the window,then run into the forest.Shinzo jump out the window,when hes out side,he decided to run after Asagi into the forest,he fallowed the trail of blood from his sister's wounds from that bolt injury.

    As Shinzo made it through the forest,he saw Asagi on the edge of the cliff with her sword in sheath while her right hand putting pressure on the wound and her left hand holds the bolt that was in her wound.She glared at him with tears coming down from her eyes thinking that he back stabbed her,Shinzo doesnt know whats going on and he try to talk her,then herd his troops arrived with crossbows in there hands,they went infront of Shinzo, aiming they're crossbow to Asagi.Shinzo try to order his men to put away the crossbow but they didnt listen to what he said,then herd a women's voice saying:"fire!"The soldiers began to fire they're crossbow that they aimed at Asagi,but she slowly make herself fall down from the cliff.Shinzo rushes to save Asagi but he was too late,his sister already fell into the sea.He was crying that he lost the only one left in his family then he turned to the girl that gave the order to fire,he shout at her:"Why did you gave the order to fire !? She is one of us !" She told him that the order was from Yurka.Shinzo was shocked hearing that the order was from Yurka,He pushed two soldiers out of his way and runs off with tears coming out of his eyes.

    Shinzo never gave up looking around the beaches near the Area where his sister fell down from the cliff,he sat down on the beach watching the sun setting down then he saw something glowing on the shore.He picks up the necklace that was washed ashore,he remembers that he gave this neclace to Asagi for her birthday,then he put the necklace on the grave he made on the beach for Asagi.

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