Asagi's journey chapter 2


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    Asagi's journey chapter 2

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    As 6 years went by....Asagi been having problems in school... no one showed Affection with her and being Discrimated by other People where ever she goes ...The only one that show Affection to her are her family and kalduil...

    In the school courtyard,Shinzo was talking to his friends til one of his friend pointed out what is Asagi doing on the corner of the garden.Asagi was looking around,then she looked at the ground and begin digging a hole with her bare hands.When Shinzo Saw what she is doing ,he rushes towards Asagi but she already gone deep in the hole.When Shinzo look in the hole,he wondered where does it leads to and Amazed how fast she can Dig a Escape hole also expecting that she,ll be in alot of trouble for skipping school....

    At the Knights training camp,Kalduil is sitting down watching the soldiers training,he began to think of his friends died during the war then He herd scraching near where hes sitting then he saw hand coming out of the ground,Kalduil was figured who is it .Asagi Sticked her head out of the ground and she saw kalduil then she came out of the hole,She was cover in dirt then she greet Kalduil.Kalduil sighed and told her :" Im guessing that kids and teacher in school are bullying you right ?" Asagi nodded after hearing what Kalduil said.Kalduil let out a sighe then patting her head,then looked at her and he begining to wonder what to do with her since she snuck into the Knight training camp.As Kalduil thinking,Asagi went to watch the knights fighting each other,She watches them with thrill and excitement .Kalduil came by and watches the fight with Asagi.

    As they watch the fight,Kalduil looked at Asagi as she Watching the fight in excitement,He sighed and ask her:"you really like fighting right ?" Asagi turned Kalduil and nodded.Kalduil asked:" are you ready to be a warrior like me ?" Asagi Stared at kalduil then eventually made a very serious look and Nodded on what kalduil just said.Kalduil looking at Asagi's face and told her:"we will begin your training tomarrow okay? and shouldnt you have to go home for dinner "? Asagi looked up at the sky and Realized its getting darker and the sun was setting down then she began to run back home.Kalduil watches as Asagi running back home til she is out of seight,and said:"how long you been listening to us prince ?" Shinzo came out from behind the tree and asked:"are you really sure you should be doing this ? Kalduil looked at shinzo and told him:"that was a Promise from someone..."

    When Asagi reach the front door of the castle,she knock on the huge doors.A guard open a small part of the door and looked down then open the door for Asagi.As She passing the guard,He mumbled quietly saying:"Filthy Half breed..." She herd what he said ,she turn around and Glared at him then walk away.Asagi was Furious about why every one is keep treating her with Alot of hate.When she reach the dinning hall,she looked around seeing no one in they re seat for dinner,she grab a seat and sit down.A few moment passed by,Asagi was thinking about why she was born like this,then she herd a crashing Sound coming from the kitchen,She went to the kitchen and saw no one around but Saw a window glass broken.She went to examine it.As she examining the broken window,she herd a very faint foot step ,she turned around quickly but the intruder stuffed her in the bag. Asagi was struggling in side the bag and she herd the Burglars saying:"hey we could held her as a hostage for a ransom from the king"

    When Kalduil Arriving towards the castle doors,he herd glass shattering,he rushes towards the scene and he saw two burglars holding a huge bag but one of the bag seem to have some one inside it and he went after them.As the burglars made through the dark quiet town but they saw a man standing in they're path.As kalduil standing in the way of two burglars , he told them:"Drop the bags and no one to get hurt or be killed" The two burglars look at each other,they drop the bags then Draw they're Swords and began rushing towards Kalduil.Kalduil let out a sighed then he draw his two swords from his Sheath and began running towards the Burglars.Asagi snuck her head out of the bag and began watching Kalduil fighting the two Burglars.She was amazed upon watching as Kalduil fighting style without a shield.As Kalduil fighting the two burglars,he noticed the other burglar was behind him,the burglar in front of him ran up to attempting to Slash him but kalduil blocked it with one sword,the other Burglar jump and ready to slash kalduil from behind,Asagi cant watch when kalduil about to be killed.when Asagi take a peek,she saw kalduil blocked the the death blow with his sword,as two both Buglars and Kalduil are in weapons Deadlock, he Pushed both burglars swords away,then spin very fast in in full circle hence cutting the two Burglars arm that were holding a sword as Kalduil puyting his duel swords back in its sheath and told them:"this will be a lession to you two for commiting a sin and dont repeat the same mistake!" The two burglars running away with they re arm cut off.

    Kalduil turned around,looking at Asagi then he walk towards Asagi,He patted her head telling her "its here Asagi" but Asagi was scared when Kalduil cut those two mens arms,she jolted back from Kalduil.Kalduil looked at her shaking in fear,he sighed then grabbed the bags of stolen loot that the Burglars stole,He turns around looking at Asagi and tell her:"hey how long do you plan to stay there shaking"? Asagi stood up then slowly walking by Kalduil side.

    As they walking back towards the castle,Asagi stopped and asked:"why did you cut those men's arm off"? Kalduil Stopped walking and Replied:"... you think the best idea that i kill those men in cold blood ?" Asagi Replied:"no... but was that neccessary ?" Kalduil looked at Asagi with a worried look and told her:"in battles there are lessons to be learn even from Defeat,when your protecting someone from getting kidnapped or killed you best be ready to kill before they repeat the same mistake that they ever done but.....I cant bring myself killing those men in front of you cause your are not ready to see me taking a life.." Asagi looked down to the floor and looked at kalduil with a mild smile on her face then walk towards kalduil.They resume walking back to the castle,then they saw soldiers every where searching for Asagi then the Soldier saw Kalduil with Asagi along side with him,the Soldiers shout the order to stop the searching and rushes to see kalduil to see if he was injured.Kalduil Gave the Theif's bag to the soldiers and began head in side the castle with Asagi.

    At the dinning hall,Kalduil suddenly realized that all the cooks are on a holiday and off duty for today then he face palm as he suddenly remembers.Asagi looking at him like he was drunk or suddenly got a headache,then she went a head and grab a seat for Kalduil and grab another chair and sat down.Kalduil looked at her then Sighed and told her:"i forgot today the chefs are off duty today so im gonna have to make some thing for you to eat okay? Asagi Stared at Kalduil then she thought of something and asked "Hey kalduil,can you also teach me how to cook ?" Kalduil looked at her,then made a smile and replied:"sure but just watch and learn okay ? " Asagi got off the table and rushes to the kitchen with kalduil.

    At the Kitchen,Kalduil looked around,then He pick up a wok , then he lite up the stove and put the wok on top of the fire.Asagi looking at kalduil and highly curious on what hes going to cook for her.Kalduil left the wok,went around the kitchen looking for ingredients,he grabbed a bowl of rice,3egges,two slices of pork and another bowl.He put the ingredients on the kitchen counter, grab a bottle of oil and pour it on the wok.The wok making a shizzling noise,oil was bouncing from the wok,he grab the 2nd bowl,crack all the eggs and pour em in the bow.He threw all the egg shells to the garbage bin,He began mixing the eggs thus making it in to Yellow puddle.He grab a slice of pork and cut it in to smaller pieces and he pour the rice along with the eggs and pork.Kalduil said:"This is a advance cooking so pretty much ...try it when your older okay ?" Asagi nodded , watches carefully as Kalduil cooking and her stomach growls when she smell the aroma from wok.When kalduil done Saute the fried rice with pork chops,he put them on a dish,washes his hand and grab the dish to the dining hall with Asagi fallowing him.

    At the dining hall,Kalduil put the dish on the table and pull out a chair for Asagi.She sat on the chair in front of the plate ,grab a spoon then ate a spoon full of fried rice and pork in it.Kalduil Sitting across her,watching her with a smile on his face then asked:"how was it?" As Asagi chewing her food,she nodded.As time went by Asagi finished the entire Dish,Kalduil grab the empty plate then told Asagi to go to bed.She nodded,got up from the chair then walk left the dining hall.Asagi went in side her room,turn on the lights in her room then she put on her pajamas and went to sleep on her bed.The door of Asagi's room opend slightly,Kalduil took a peak to check if She is asleep,He saw her asleep then close the door and Walked away.

    As days and months went by,Asagi constantly visit Kalduil each day,Training with each other,and learning everything that kalduil is teaching her.Even though she has alot of bruises,she still stayed by Kalduil side,training and never give up on learning Hand to hand combat,fencing and hunting.Til one fateful day.....

    The day was black as the darkness surround by clouds and rain.Asagi was Asleep in her bed til she herd a loud Explosion coming from out side of the castles walls.She got up and look at the window.She saw the entire town in flames then she saw her room door was kicked down,She slowly turned around and it was Tsurugi with a sword in his hand.He told Asagi to get dressed,She asked whats going on.Tsurugi didnt had time to explain when two Black armored knights kick the door down,They pointed Asagi and Shouting out in fomor language.Tsurugi looked at what they are pointing,then move in front of her and telling her to stay behind me.The two dark knights Charges towards Them with they're two handed sword ready to kill Tsurugi and take Asagi away.Tsurugi readies for the worst when suddenly one of the Dark knight fell,The other Dark knight paused and Looked at his Ally ,noticing a Knife stabbed his Spine,he turned around and saw Kalduil with his arm out saying he was the one threw the knife.Tsurugi Stabbed the Dark knight through his heart,then he pulled out from the Fallen Dark knight , grab his daughter and make they re way to the Throne room through the Flaming hall ways.

    They reach the throne room,A few soldiers left in there to take shelter,a lot are wounded.Tsurugi ordered one of his mage to watch over Asagi.Asagi said she wanted to fight by Kalduil side but Kalduil told her:"No I cant take you to fight along side with me.....I didnt teach you everything i know for no reason so that you can die right here right now ....Im sorry princess This is my final lession to you .this lession is to respect others wishes....Asagi still insisted. Kalduil looked Furious grabed her arm and said as he dragging her:"You Idiot ! I Sacreficed my Entire Briagde just to bring you here and teach i need you to do some thing for me even though i didnt asked ! Live on and Fight ! Kalduil Dragged her to the Sage then pushes her to the sage,he gave one of his sword to Asagi and told the mage:"Artemis Protect her with your life til shes old enough" Artemis nodded then grabbed Asagi towards the bookshelf,he pulled one of the books ,revealing a Secret passage,As they went through the passage Asagi keep crying for Kalduil,Kalduil Smiled as the Entrance of the secret passage closing.

    When Artemis and Asagi reached outside of the castle,they turned around watching as the burning castle crumbles down in to a rubble.As they watches the castle crumbles,Asagi watches with alot of tears coming from her eyes.Artemis trying to drag her away but she wont budge,He said:"Forgive me Kalduil..." he knocked her out by hitting back of Asagi's neck and lifted her away from the danger around the area.

    When Asagi woked up,she turn to Artemis and Asked:"was that all a dream...?" Artemis was Speechless and looked away telling her that its all true.She asked again,Artemis told her it was no dream,her face looked pale and told her to get some sleep.As time went by,Artemis was a sleep but Asagi wasnt asleep,hugging the sword that Kalduil gave,she cried silently as the tears falling from her face.

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