Asagi's journey chapter 7


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    Asagi's journey chapter 7

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    While inside the castle of W.A.F.F.L.E.S,in Steam's office,Steam filling out some papers at his desk,then did a ninja sign with his hands then covered by smoke,created a doppelganger sitting at his desk,Steam looked at his doppelganger doing his paper work,he took out a paper labeling:"Guild Registration Contract" then left out of his office then began wondering if he should let that girl be a guild member and make his way through the hallways.While Steam was making his way through the hall way,he pass by Kana holding a large pile of paper,then told:"Put those paper on my desk okay ?" Kana was surprised to see Steam walking out of his office since he is suppose to fill out request sheets for the people of Gensyoko then said:"Using your Ninjutsu doing your work again ?" Steam nodded and continue made his way through the halls with the guild recruitment paper in his hand.

    In the Infirmary,Reina was changing bandages that are on Asagi,then take a look at every wounds on her,then she noticed someone knocking at the door to the infirmary,she told the person out side to wait then gently put Asagi down on the pillow and cover her body with a blanket covering her body,then Reina opened the door and saw Steam with a recruitment sheet in his hand then she lets Steam enter the room.When Steam entered into the room,he asked:"Is Asagi still unconscious ?" Reina Nodded and told him:"All of her Injuries have closed up but not sure how hard she really hit her head but its possible that she have amnesia when she wakes up." Steam nodded then give the guild recruitment sheet to Reina,then he saw Asagi starting to open her eyes slowly.Asagi looked around the room slowly,then she struggling to sit up on the bed.Reina rushes towards Asagi's side then gently put her back down on the bed telling her that she wasnt fully recovered.As she staring at Reina and asked in a innocent tone:"Um.... Where am i and what happened to me or who am i?" Steam told her to slow down with the questions,then starting to ask does she remembers anything then he show the picture that he found on Asagi's pockets but she doesnt have memories of it even though she only remember her name when he asked.Steam introducing him self to Asagi then starting to asking her questions about her memories,she shook her head saying "no" to every question that Steam asked her.After Steam getting alot of negative replies from Asagi,he offer Asagi to join W.A.F.F.L.E.S,and made promise that himself and his guild will do everything in they're power to help her recover her memories.Asagi looked at Steam then said:"Really? you'll help me remember who I was before i got in to this mess?" Steam nodded and gave her the guild recruitment contract.Asagi read the entire contract,then struggling trying to sign the contract with the feather that Steam had i had given to her then she drop the pen.Steam pick up the pen she dropped,then he grabbed Asagi's hand and poke her finger with a small needle making a tiny puddle of blood coming out of her finger then press her finger on the line where she is suppose to sign on the contract.

    After Asagi signed the contract that Steam let her sign on her own will,Steam walk out of the room with the contract in his hand.Reina said while putting band aid on her finger and said :"Please to meet you Asagi,I'm Reina ,I hope that we can become good friends when you fully healed. While Reina packing up the medical box,Asagi asked:"Was it a good choice that i joined this guild?" Reina paused while she putting every medical supplies that were used to patching her up,she stood for a moment and replied:"I am sure that someone that knows you and wanted you to remember him,but i am not so sure about your judgement and I'm sure that we can become friends while me and others help you." Then both of them smiled and Reina said:"Tell you what..How about me and others will give you a tour around gensokyo okay ?" Asagi happily nodded,then Reina said:"After you fully recover first !" Then Asagi awed when she have to stay in bed until she fully healed up.Reina packed up everything and take her leave with the box of medical supplies then she turned around and told:"Asagi you should be getting some sleep since you are in recovery!" After Reina left the room,she turn to the side of the bed and starting to think who she was then she closed her eyes then fall asleep.

    Shortly after a while Ryan and his Group along with Kalduil arrived at Gensokyo,Ryan announce to Kalduil:"Welcome to Gensokyo the 1st city that live along with Fomors peacefully with out any fighting between either sides,we W.A.F.F.L.E.S take any requests from both Fomors and humans.Kalduil looked around,walk pass the gates then turned around and told the others that he have some business to take care of in Gensyoko and left into the city before Ryan and others say anything.Ryan began to think that he should ask Kalduil that he will be joining the guild then he looked at Bryan think that him and Kalduil will fight alot and caused alot of destruction in certain parts of the castle.Bryan said:"If you are planning to look for him and recruit him then you can count on me since i can sense him." Ryan looked at him then nodded and told the other two of the members to head back into the castle and give the mission report to Steam.When Bryan took took a step through the gate,he suddenly sense two more people that have the nearly same feeling as Kalduil,he began to question him self:"What is this feeling !? Its something completely different than anything !?" Ryan looked at him asking himself why he can sense Kalduil,and began to sense something stronger than a normal human being even though it also senses like a human.Vania and Meharu looked at them paused when they are right behind the gate,then they walked pass the gate and Vania told them they should get going before the man they looking for is gone for good.After Bryan and Ryan herd what Vania told them,they began to look for Kalduil.After those two went looking for Kalduil,Vania wondering why they stood there,she couldnt figured out why then started to think about Kalduil on how handsome he is.Meharu looked at Vania day dreaming,he just let Vania thinking about that guy and left her their.

    Shortly after a while Kalduil made his way through the city and enter the pub.Kalduil made his way through the entire every seat and found two men sitting in the far back of the pub,one man had a large left shoulder armor up to the man's waist and a large broad sword housing behind his back, wearing Falcon head shaped breastplate with black oriental hair style while the other man wearing an white Samurai armor with a naginata right next to him wearing a dragon helmet,the two men we're having a drink.Kalduil walked up to them and show them a seal with a white dragon with wings of an angel and holding a blue jewel,then the two men let him have a seat,then Kalduil said:"Its been a long time since the Order of the Celestial Knights had a meeting right Kotaro and Tadakatsu ? Kataro replied:"heh your rather late Kalduil,both of us been waiting for you right Tadakatsu?" Tadakatsu nodded then let goes his hand from his naginata spear.Kalduil looked at them then said:"Its my fault that the kingdom of Zolda was lost because of me..." Kotaro looked at him and said:"Its not your fault that we lost our kingdom but we last surviving Celestial knights of Zolda shall defend this city with our lives since this city is the first that realizes what your trying to do on your mistake am i right Leader of the order of the Celestial knights?" After Kalduil hearing Kotaro's speech they did a toast with there cup of tea together and drink it Kotaro asked:"So what are our next motive,since now we're in Gensokyo?" Kalduil and Tadakatsu starting to think,then Kalduil said:"Theres this guild who fights for both Fomors and Humans called W.A.F.F.L.E.S and also they seem to found Asagi inside they're guild castle." Kotaro and Tadakatsu are surprised that Asagi was still alive and in Gensokyo,then Kotaro debate that they should rescue her,but Kalduil denied on what Kotaro think and told them that it is okay that they will protect her with they're life.Then all three of them sense something foul and evil coming into the pub they looked around the pub.Kalduil saw Bryan coming into the pub,then told them that they should leave,he took out a smoke pellet from his small pouch and threw it to the ground.Every one in the pub panicked and pushing each other to get out.Bryan think the building was on fire and got out of it,then he looked around and saw three men in white robes leaving the scene and he shouted:"you three! stop right there !" But the three men didnt listened and trying to flee from him.Bryan went through the crowd and began pursuit them.

    While Kotaro,Tadakatsu and Kalduil running from Bryan,Kotaro asked:"Who is that guy and I can tell there some thing foul about him." Kalduil answered:"That's Bryan of W.A.F.F.L.E.S an exceptional warrior but still got a lot to learn but we should split up,we'll regroup at the town square until the sunsets." Both of them nodded and began to take differnent paths. Bryan pursuit the man in the middle of the other two men,then the man stopped at the dead end,he turned around and saw Bryan in his only path to escape.Bryan was panting after chasing him,then he looked at him and said:"I finally found you,Kalduil!" Kalduil took off the hood of his robe and looked at him then he asked:"Why are you looking for me? Is it the duel that we haven't finished before ?" Bryan smiled that he actually remembers the fight that he wanted to finished from the start and Readied his sword then looked at him fierce look in his eyes. Kalduil looked at him in his eyes then let out a sigh and told him:"Look I wish i have time to play with you but I dont have time to do so we'll settle this in a tournament which is 3Months from today am i correct?" Bryan looked at him then Said:"Yes 3 months from here,and whats your objective being in Gensokyo ?" Kalduil happily answered:"I have someone i liked to see in this city so if you let me go,I'm sure i,ll give a reward that you wont regret and I'll keep my promise for long as I am alive." Bryan looked away,put his weapon away and told him:"Go before i changed my mind and attack you !" Kalduil vanished then reappeared on a roof top and tell Bryan that he promised to fight him in a honorable duel then he left.When Kalduil left out of sight,Bryan smiled thinking that he can wait til the day he can actually resume his duel with out any interruptions.Ryan looked at him facing a dead end alley then asked:"Why did you let him get away ?" Bryan replied:"I'm sure we'll meet again and recruit him." Ryan starting to wonder that Bryan and Kalduil are rivals,then told Bryan that they should be going back to the castle.

    Bryan and Ryan returned to the castle after the sky turned orange,when they enter into the castle and began to wonder where did every one in the guild go since the entire guild lobby was empty.Then Ryan rushes his way through the lobby after hearing some thing broken in the medical room with Bryan right behind him.When they reach at the door to the Infirmary,they stood between the two doors thinking that someone is kidnapping Asagi,both of them listen through the door hearing fragments of glasses moving,then both of them Rush in with they're readied weapons.When they charged into the room,they saw Asagi wearing a sleeping gown and trying to clean up the fragments of the broken tea cup,then Asagi turned around and looked at them with they're weapons readied.While she looked at Bryan,she suddenly visualized a man in a very dark armor with red glowing eyes coming out of his helmet,She starting to back away from them then screaming in fear.Ryan put away his then rushes to Asagi's side trying to calm her down,then he told Bryan to put his sword away.Ryan hugged her and trying to calm her down,Asagi took a deep breath and started to cry.Bryan put both of his swords away,then left the room leaving Ryan in the room,letting him trying to lighten up the situation,he began to wonder why she was afraid of him.Ryan finally got Asagi to calm down an moment pass by while Ryan still hugging Asagi,she wonder how long will Ryan plan to hug her,Ryan asked if she remembers him,Asagi shook her head saying no,Ryan looked a little disappointed that she doesnt remember him,then he introduce himself to her.Ryan helped Asagi picking up the fragments of the broken tea cup,after he picked up every pieces of the tea cup,he looked at Asagi into the eye,and asked her if she want to have a look around Gensokyo tomorrow,then Asagi's face starting to turn red when she thinks that Ryan asking her out on a date even though she doesnt remember anything about him.

    While out side of the castle,Kalduil is standing next to the window to the infirmary and eavesdropping on Ryan's conversation with Asagi,he noticed that she had changed alot.Then he saw Steam,looking at him then introduced himself to him and asked:"Its a honor to meet the man that adopted Asagi." Kalduil looked away and told him:"I'm not the girl's adopted father but I happen to be her teacher...." Steam was slightly surprised that he was Asagi's Teacher, then they made a eye contact until Kalduil looked away and said:"I dont deserve love since I already lost the girl that I loved but maybe someday if god decided to reward me with enlightenment that i ever so wanted." Kalduil gave him a bow then vanished.Steam senses something pure and powerful energy coming from Kalduil,he began to wonder what is sensing from him,then he looked through the window,seeing Ryan and Asagi having a conversation,then he also wonders why he didnt bother greeting Asagi.While Steam watching Ryan and Asagi talking to each other,then he saw Vania,Meharu and Tera rushed into the room when they were alerted by the sound of the broken glass,Asagi was scared,Ryan told her that those guys are friends,then he noticed Steam was looking through the window.Everyone was staring at him then they were shocked to see him out side rather than doing paper works,he told everyone that he let Kana filling out his paper work,then walk away laughing.Everyone looking at Steam as he walking away laughing then thinking if Kana had been buried alive by paper works and request notices.

    Shortly after when Kalduil drop by at the castle,he looked around the town square and noticed that both Tadakatsu and Kotaro wasnt around the place they suppose to meet up after the sunset.Kalduil wait for them at the town squares fountain,he waited patiently for those two,he looked at the sky that turned black as he waited and began to wonder if those two had been captured by W.A.F.F.L.E.S guild.A girl with a bag of cooking ingredients,she looked at Kalduil who is waiting for someone for a long time,she asked:"waiting for some one on a date ?" Kalduil didnt answered,then realized she was talking to him when she got close to him,he replied:"Yeah..they are rather late..." The girl sat by kalduil starting to introducing her self to him telling her name is Reina.While Reina and Kalduil having a conversation,he began to thinking about the woman that he loved,then he saw Kotaro and Tadakatsu approaching him.Kotaro said:"well well i see that you found yourself a girl friend in this town eh Kalduil oh.. what would Cecilla think when she see this ?" Kalduil glared at Kotaro for mentioning the girl he loved,then he asked Reina for a place to sleep for the day.Reina Nodded,then she grab Kalduil by his hand and beginning to drag Kalduil towards W.A.F.F.L.E.S.'s castle with Kotaro and Tadakatsu fallowing them.Kalduil shook his hand off from Reina,then fallow her from behind,he was wondering why would Reina drag him to W.A.F.F.L.E.S's Castle,then he asked her:"Why are you bringing me to the guild's castle?" Reina replied:"Reason i"m bringing you there because i am sure that Steam will let you stay for the night." Kalduil noticed that girl is a member of W.A.F.F.L.E.S. then he starting to think if he should say hello to Asagi while staying for the night.

    At the underground Sakura magic institute,Steam was walking down the tunnel with a man in a white robe along side with him,he asked:"Artemis,what reasons do you have to bring me down here in your underground magic equipment developments ? Artemis replied:"Its something that we developed by using float crystal that we excavated from the ruins in of Sekigahara,so its something we developed for emergency uses." Steam didnt get why he ask Steam to looked at what Artemis developed with a worried look thinking something that is highly destructive to take over the world,then Steam saw light on the other side of the tunnel.When Steam and Artemis walked through the light coming out of the end of the tunnel,they saw a large ship with two large wings on both sides of the body of the ship,the wings shaped like an large angel's wings,the back of the ship doesnt have Propeller but a large crystal inside the ship's hallow shell .Steam asked:"Is this suppose to be a flying ship ?" Artemis nodded and told Steam:"this is the first Airship which is under development by using its light and most durable material to crate this ship,we made this ship big for evacuating people off this island when Gensokyo have fallen,and we arm the ship with cannons from both port sides and top to bottem to defend its self from under attack and helping you and your city people get away safely but...we need another crystal since it cant fly properly if we want to use this ship. Steam was surprised that Artemis made a ship to save the city's people,Steam examined the material that were used to made the ship,then he realized that he used Mythril,then he noticed the bottom of the ship is exactly like a regular ship,the front of the ship looked like a have a angelic statue and engravings on it along with windows in mid parts of the ship.Artemis noticed Steam was very interested of the ship,one of the workers gave Artemis a letter,then he told Steam to go back to his office that there are three guests waiting for you.Before Steam walk into the dark tunnel,Artemis asked:"Can you ask Ryan to drop by Tomorrow at noon?" Steam stopped and asked why.Artemis said:"I got a new weapon i would like him to test it."After Steam herd what Artemis told him,he made his way through the hallways and began to wonder if Asagi was a Chimera to began with.

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