Asagi's journey chapter 5


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    Asagi's journey chapter 5

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    At a eastern island lies a large city known as Gensokyo where fomors live with humans without discrimination,war and hate.The city had became popular due to its beach water clear that you can see the beach floor,reefs and many other living things livng in the sea.All buildings makes a path towards the castle,known to be held as a monument of the great co-founder of the guild known as W.A.F.F.L.E.S Also known as World Alliance For Formor Living Environment Supporters.The guild formed based on that peace on the 70years war on the large island where there was countless number of victims on the war,the king decided to give them asked them for peace and live together as equal like a family despite their differences.Til now...

    As the sun shines brightly on the beach,two female guild members of waffles was relaxing on the beach from missions they gave from they're boss but no one know they're boss's name but they call him Steam since he often have hot aura around him and the last survivor of the Fuma ninja clan.After a while as the two girls of waffles relaxing on the beach,one of them knowticed someone drifted ashore.When got to the shore they saw a half wolf girl,blood was coming out of her head,shoulder and she was carrying a sword strapped on her waist.One of the girls picked her up and said:"Kana,I,ll be taking her to infirmary in the castle and treat her wounds,you tell Boss what happened okay ?" Kana Nodded then rushes back towards the castle.

    As Kana making her way through the hallways in the castle,she saw Steam coming out of his room,she told her boss everything about the girl drifted on shore.While the girl lifting the half wolf girl in the hall way,she pass by a man with a great sword being held by his right hand with his coat hanging on to his shoulders,walking with his sword leaning on to his back while reading a weapons catalog then notice his guild mate carrying a girl on her back.He said:"Hey Reina whats the hurry? and who is she ?" Reina replied:"I dont know her but shes hurt very badly than every one i ever seen and can you remove the sword off her waist Bryan ?" Bryan slips his book in his pockets and put his sword aside then begin untied the sword on her waist and grab the sword away from her and Examine the sword.After Bryan took the sword away from her,Reina thank him and continue make her way through the hallways with the girl on her back.A man wearing a very dark coat with red eyes and black hair,came by and asked Bryan:"Where did you get that sword Bryan?" He replied:"Not mine Ryan,some half wolf girl had it on her waist when Reina carrying her towards the infirmary" Ryan was shock thinking that Asagi arrived in Gensokyo and immediately run through the hallway trying to catch up with Reina.

    As Reina made her way through the hallways of the castle,She Knocked on the door,a man who looked like a girl answer the door and Reina quickly put the half-wolf girl on the bed gently,then she said:"Tera,I want you to find Kana and bring her here to put bandages on her wounds." After Tera herd what Reina said,he rushes out the door and began looking for Kana.After Tera left the room,She went and came back with a bucket of water,when she get back she saw Ryan staring at the patient in shock and asked Reina:"Is Asagi will be okay.Reina replied:"I dont know" and She asked:"You happen to know this girl right Ryan ?" He nodded.Before Ryan can tell Reina,her name until Kana came through the door with a Box with red cross on it and telling Ryan to get out of the room but He insisted until Reina and Kana dragged him out side of the room.

    Hours went by as Ryan waiting out side of the room until Kana and Reina came out of the room with Asagi's Clothes which are damaged,torn and soaked in blood.Before Ryan can enter the room,Reina told him not to go in until tomorrow morning.After hearing what Reina told him,he walked away thinking that Asagi needed to rest for the day even though the crescent moon hang high out side.After Ryan wasnt in sight Reina and Kana examined the picture that they find when they were undressing Asagi and putting the bandages on her.The picture shows a young Half-wolf girl carried and resting on the mans shoulder and she was smiling along with the man with brown hair color and a pony tail in a Pauldron chain mail.As they examining the picture,they know is the girl inside the infirmary room,they figured to show the picture to Boss,they walk through the hallway together.

    At outside in the castle,Bryan is standing in the center of the circle of training dummies with The katana he hold on for the half wolf girl.As he standing in the center of dummies,he draw the sword from its sheath and swing it 360. degrees,as he swings the sword the sword lets out white dust,each swings turns to ice from distances and around him.After every thing turns to ice around him,he slowly put the sword back into its sheath with a huge clang,every thing that turned into ice has crumbled into pieces.He examine the pieces of the dummies he cut up,as he examine the pieces he knowticed it was the exact same cut when he swing the sword,He draw out the sword again and examine the blade.As he Examining the blade,he realized the blade was made with pure ice crystals along with Mithril and Diamond dusts.A came by girl and said:"Im guessing that your having fun with that girl's sword am I right Bryan ?" He turned around and Replied:"Sort of but you couldnt believe the materials made for this sword Stephine!" Stephine smiled as she seeing that Bryan doesnt hurt himself while testing the katana.

    At an office,Steam was looking at the training ground,amazed that theres a sword that can freeze with each swings,then he herd a knock out side of office door,He told the guests to come in the room.The guests came into the room was Reina,then she show the picture to Steam.Steam Examined the picture but he doesnt know the man in the picture and figured the man in the picture was her adopted father or older brother then he told Reina to give the picture back to her when she wakes up.After Reina gone out of his office,he began to wonder why would a man would adopt a half breed child for a daughter but then he thought that would the Co-founder of W.A.F.F.L.E.S would do.

    Soon after the crescent moon set down,the sun raises high in the sky.A man outside of of the castle he was holding a Scythe,when he came to the training ground,he was shocked that all of his training dummies that he placed in a circle formation was cut to pieces by someone.A girl with violet hair with a long baton came by and said:"Oh Meharu,Bryan was here last night,so you have to shadow fighting or boxing for today."Meharu replid:"I guess your right Vania."he sighed then swing his sythe around,hitting nothing but air.While Meharu swinging his Sythe,he saw Ryan at the target practicing field,firing his rifle with one hand at the dummies.Every shot he shot he fires from his rifles lets out arrows of light that burns through the dummies leaving holes where ever the shot going.While Meharu watches Ryan shooting his gun,he asked:"Is that gun a new model from the Sakura Magic Institute ?" Ryan Stopped firing his rifle,then replied:"Yeah,this gun is a test type for using mana,but the barrel always ended up over heated and melted." As Ryan keeps on explaining about the test type mana gun,Meharu looked at him with a confusing look on his face knowing that he doesnt understand about what is he saying.Vania watches those two talking from very far away,she got up and look at the dummies that Ryan shot.As she examine the dummies,every dummies that Ryan shot has a black burned mark on the dummies in exact locations.Ryan turned his head and saw a man in white robe coming towards Him,he gave the gun to man from the sakura magic school then walks away.After the man in white robe left out of sight,Ryan looked around the training ground,he saw Meharu sparring with Vania,then he walked away from the training grounds.

    Ryan made his way to the Infirmary,when he entered into the infirmary,he saw Asagi still laying on the bed unconsciously with bandages wrapped around her head,he sat down right beside her,thinking if she can remember him.While Ryan watching over her,he saw Steam coming into the room with a scroll in his hand,Ryan look serious at boss knowing that Steam gonna give him a mission.Steam said:"I got word from one of the men from the sakura magic school,he said there have been recent sighting of humans that take captured fomors into an building but its heavily guarded,there fore you must locate the facility and rescue the captured fomors. And they sent you the Holy Rays to use for this mission,also you can bring 3 people with you on this mission." Ryan Asked:"Where is that facility located ?" Steam replied:"its located around Mitagahara plains and the facility is near the beach too." Ryan accepted the mission,and left the medical room then he went to look for others for his mission that he was given.

    After Ryan found Vania,Bryan,and Meharu,they left the castle at sun set,they depart for the mission.While they depart from the mission,Ryan looked back towards the castle and hoping that Asagi will wake up til he herd Meharu and others calling him,He turned around and continue there departure.

    When Ryan and his team left Gensokyo.Steam is examining the picture again then he take a closer look at the necklace on the girl with words labeling Asagi.He began to wonder if he should let her join W.A.F.F.L.E.S,then he began to wonder what would his lord think if he was around.

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