Mabinogi GM Session #2 Q&A 1-19-2011 Wednesday



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    Mabinogi GM Session #2 Q&A 1-19-2011 Wednesday

    Post by MikeHo on Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:58 pm

    NXNeural (nexonamerica): Thanks all for coming to the second ever Mabinogi Live Chat
    NXNeural (nexonamerica): The first one took place during last night's update, but because it was late for people on the east coast, we wanted to give this opportunity for everyone who couldn't make it :)
    NXNeural (nexonamerica): How this works is, if you have a question, please add NxHime and NxSabina to your friends list
    NXNeural (nexonamerica): then PM your question to either of them
    NXNeural (nexonamerica): The topic today is about the Hamlet update that took place
    NXNeural (nexonamerica): So please keep your questions related to Hamlet - thanks again for coming!
    NxHime (nxhime): I would also like to take the opportunity to clarify something.
    NxHime (nxhime): Sabina and I will be taking Friends so please do not add both of us as it reduces the opportunity for others to reach us.
    NxHime (nxhime): We would like to make sure we can review all questions asked by those who are curious. :>
    NxHime (nxhime): Thank you!
    NxBoo! (booox1): (Alexina) Jeahanne: Is there any way I can reduce the lag in Avon, or is the lag simply because there are so many people there at once?
    Answer: Too many people will create lag.... I found that if you Ctrl+N and Ctrl+P lag is greatly reduced. orrrr you can always go to a less crowded channel.
    NxKazo (nxkazo): krinalade: Hello~ I wanted to ask about the generation quests....Mainly, is the text supposed to go by so fast that you can't read it? Is this a glitch that will be fixed in the future?
    Were currently working on a fix that will delay the Page from turning too quickly
    NxKazo (nxkazo): [Mari]Frostwave: Is there going to be a new special skill based on it for archers, other than the bow mastery skills?
    There will be Crossbow Mastery available in G13S2
    NxBoo! (booox1): MikeHo: Are the Sword of Elsinore Limited? Overall? I can't stay long cause i have class but any info would be appreciated.
    Answer: Sort of limited? Only 1 sword is available per day. The sword respawns after a whole day passes. (Not an in-game day)
    NxKazo (nxkazo): (Alexina) Homicide: Will the character login issue that occurred after this update be addressed soon? A lot of us can't log onto our main characters right now and it's very frustrating.
    We're currently working on the issue and will update you once a solution is found.
    NxBoo! (booox1): (Alexina) Coy: Sabina, this update caused the skill hotkey icons to become large, as well as the character portraits. Will there be a fix for this sometime before s2?
    Answer: Hmmm.. I kind of liked the portraits being bigger. BIGGER FERGHUS! :D But this was part of the update for Hamlet and we are not having any discussions in changing it.
    NxKazo (nxkazo): mitsuakiphoenix: Hime, do you have to be a certain destiny to get the skills stated in Erinn Walker?
    No, You can still get any skill available in game no matter which Destiny you choose.
    NxBoo! (booox1): Marthian: One of them is the missing music issue going to be fixed?
    Answer: If you're talking about the MP3 files for the new areas, we will be uploading this file on our website very shortly. :)
    NxKazo (nxkazo): (Mari) cyberjoel: Ok i revised my questions. My question is: Will there be any Hamlet or Shakespeare related events in the near future?
    We have something in the works, please stay tuned.
    NxBoo! (booox1): Kari: i dont know if the dragon pets are related to hamlet, but are they coming out soon?
    Answer: Does not compute. Sorry just don't have any info on this topic right now./
    NxKazo (nxkazo): Tali: Hi, can you guys explain the lights one more time for the Theatre Missions?
    The spotlights give Buffs that will increase your characters attributes.
    NxKazo (nxkazo): (Tarlach)Bebeinmybed: Where do we get a pass for Fiodh advanced dungeon? o-o
    You can obtain the Fiod Adv Dungeon Pass through different difficulties of Fiodh and other dungeons
    NxBoo! (booox1): Kenero: Dear Miss Hime, how does one make the Ophelia Glove? Is it from tailoring manual or fishable from Avon?
    Answer: Correct term would be the Glove of Elsinore and one would make this glove by obtaining the sewing patterns by fishing in Avon. Once you fished it out of the waters, you would then collect Ice Silk/Ice Cobwebs/etc from the Theatre Missions. Put them all together using the Tailoring Skill and you'll have your glove.
    NxBoo! (booox1): radionoise: Hi, can you let us know when the update that includes Bow and Crossbow mastery for the Archer destiny will be released?
    Answer: The destiny is available, but the masteries are not yet in the game. (As you noticed already) We'll hopefully have this to you as soon as we can. :)
    NxKazo (nxkazo): (mari)BIazingchaos: Hello, I was wondering if you knew where the Upgrade fountain for the special upgrades were, the pictures on the site shows that its in dunbarton
    The Upgrade Fountain also known as "Upgrade Anvil" are located in all Major Cities
    [17:14] NxBoo! (booox1): sanorosu: well do you know whats wrong with logging into a char but it d/cs you after you hit start?
    Answer: We're still working on this issue and hope to give you guys a solution soon. :(
    [17:15] NxKazo (nxkazo): (Ruairi) Moonlitnight: in the mission fortinbras' expedition how many spawns are there?
    There's about a total of 15 stages that you will have to go through
    [17:16] NxBoo! (booox1): nagusameru: (I don't know if I'm doing this messege thing right, but I'll try my best!) I'm not sure if thius is related to Hamlet, but after I installed the update, Mabinogi won't even let me log in. I've also been having the problem of not being able to play any of my characters.
    Answer: I'm sorry to hear this, but you will have to send a ticket over to the Customer Support Team so that we can take a closer look into this issue.
    [17:17] NxKazo (nxkazo): tomahara: Miss Hime. Can giants equip the glove of Elsinore and use the matching sword?
    Yes, A Giant can equip the Rosemary glove
    [17:17] NxBoo! (booox1): کツ Dakoder: And what about the dragon fang? How do you get it
    Answer: Rare drop from Snow Trolls! :O
    [17:18] NxKazo (nxkazo): (Alexina) Jeahanne: Ok I'm not exactly sure if this is related to g13, but a friend wanted me to ask if, since there are so many people in Avon, new channels will be put in to handle the crowds?
    You can switch channels from your server while your in AVON... hope this answered your question
    [17:18] NxBoo! (booox1): amov1ngtarget: Was a halberd type weapon released with Hamlet or will there ever be a chance that one could be?
    Answer: I don't believe there was a halberd type weapon released with Hamlet, but we do have a Battle Mandolin! :D
    [17:19] NxBoo! (booox1): [Tarlach] pandaristiclol: Should we expect any new weapons from Hamlet?
    Answer: There are several new weapons available with the release of Hamlet, one of them is the flaming sword that you see in Avon. :D
    [17:19] NxKazo (nxkazo): amov1ngtarget: Was a halberd type weapon released with Hamlet or will there ever be a chance that one could be?
    There will be a Spear type weapon, along with skills associated to that weapon. Release date...... Stay Tuned.
    [17:20] NxBoo! (booox1): stinger201: ok my question is will nexon ever redo the guild system i think it needs a little update?
    Answer: Hmmm... Thanks for the info, we'll take a look at it and see what we can do. :D
    [17:21] NxKazo (nxkazo): [Mari]Frostwave: Will therew be a skill for archery destiny, like warrior destiny has leap attack, like a special attacking skill?
    You have to wait and see :D
    [17:22] NxBoo! (booox1): tomahara: Where can you get teh Thames Plate armor. Was that released in hamlet as well?
    Answer: This armor is available and it can be obtained from Elite Shadow Missions.
    [17:22] NxKazo (nxkazo): (Ruairi) Saix7: Where are the new item sets, like the Trinity set, found at?
    You can find the new armor sets through ELITE SHADOW MISSIONS and Theatre mission dungeons
    [17:22] NxBoo! (booox1): [Mari] Kenero: Miss Hime, is theater mission the only way to obtain upgrade stones?
    Answer: That seems to be the case. D:
    [17:23] NxBoo! (booox1): (Mari) cyberjoel: This may be off topic on Hamlet but it is related to Shakespeare. How many Generations will Mabinogi be doing Shakespeares work?
    Answer: Hmmm :D Stick around and you'll find out ;]
    [17:26] NxKazo (nxkazo): Kari: how rare of a drop is the glory sword ot of fiodh adv?
    Its a low drop rate.
    [17:27] NxBoo! (booox1): Mana Potions: Does the trinity staff come from Fiodh ADV or theatre missions? Many rumors online say fiodh, but translating the JP wiki says theatre. :S
    Answer: The JP wiki is correct and this staff can be found in the Theatre Mission.
    [17:28] NxBoo! (booox1): Marthian: thank you for answering my last question. Will there ever be support for higher resolutions on Mabinogi? I'd like to be able to use the 1920 x 1080 resolution supported by my monitor.
    Answer: We will take this into consideration.
    [17:29] NxBoo! (booox1): [Mari] Chiyuri: Is it normal that Using magic has become slower? Like Using ice bolt over rank 9 isn't working liek it used to be.. can't keep ennemies at bait
    Answer: We did do a rebalancing magic update with the Hamlet patch.
    [17:30] NxBoo! (booox1): [Alexina] Korgan: Jeahanne's question was actually something like: Will there be new channels added to the servers in order to compensate for the server load?
    Answer: There hasn't been any talks regarding this issue. <-- This is regarding Avon correct?
    [17:31] NxBoo! (booox1): arbolest: Also, is there any chance that NA Mabi will get an exclusive skill like the Bunshin clone attack on the Jp servers? I can't say that I have any solid ideas for one yet or anything, but it might be really interesting!
    Answer: Something may be in the works for us. Let's just keep our fingers crossed. ;]
    [17:32] NxBoo! (booox1): cuali2: Hello :D With the update of hamlet, was the journals also fixed?
    Answer: I'm pretty sure that the Journal have not yet been fixed. We are still trying to figure out a solution to why the Journal points disappear. :( <-- I don't like this issue either T.T
    [17:33] NxKazo (nxkazo): Marthian: Theres a bug in which you can charge bolt magic, but when you switch weapons, the bolts dissapear. Before, this didn't happen. Is this a new feature of G13 or just a bug?
    Yes its intened... The Fusion Bolt is a concentrated Magic and switching Weapons will cause that combined magic effect to disapate
    [17:34] NxKazo (nxkazo): spazzyorbit: Was the taking out of the recently added 8x10 item bag an intended effect of the patch?
    Yes it was removed temporarily but will be re-added soon
    [17:34] NxBoo! (booox1): xxownage1: :o i was just wondering but was there anything else that released except Hamlet and Theatre Missions? :3
    Answer: Fiodh Adv :D Artisan Upgrades Destinys explore ;]
    [17:35] NxBoo! (booox1): (Ruairi) Narcissist: Some people are having troubles with the graphics for the ginats. Some have the old giant frames except the face and hair placement is all messed up or the entire body is warped beyond recognition and looks something like hell spawn. Will this issue ever be addressed?
    Answer: We are aware of this issue. We will be uploading the Full Client and Light Client today and hopefully they should have the giant fixes.
    [17:35] NxKazo (nxkazo): Kari: what are the diffferent colors of the spotlights buffs for?
    Blue: Increases All Stats
    RED: Increases STR
    YELLOW: Increases INT
    GREEN: Increases DEX
    [17:36] NxBoo! (booox1): ikillaz: hey, For the skill Wind mastery in the alchemy skills, does that skill add freezing time, distance, or freeze rate to frozen blast?
    Answer: No this shouldn't have any affects for frozen blast.
    [17:36] NxHime (nxhime): If we are misunderstanding your questions please let us know and we will try to answer it again.
    [17:37] NxKazo (nxkazo): therealwildmike: Hellow My names mike and i would like to ask about the classes do u get to choose each time u rebirth or just once?
    Yes, You can choose a class(Destiny) eachtime you rebirth
    [17:37] NxKazo (nxkazo): [Mari]Frostwave: That makes me curious. What happens to be the rarest thing you can find in fiodh, or the rarest things to be exact?
    Glory Sword is probably the rarest.. :D
    [17:38] NxHime (nxhime): We have already gotten some messages with additional clarification. :>
    [17:38] NxBoo! (booox1): (Mari) Senshu: You guys missed a Fashion section in the Walker this time around! Was their too much other stuff to talk about? or was their no new fashions? What are some of the newly released clothing?
    Answer: Couple sets have been released with the Hamlet. Couple of them are Adonis//Thames/Birnam
    [17:38] NxBoo! (booox1): etc.
    [17:38] NxBoo! (booox1): :D
    [17:38] NxKazo (nxkazo): Pelkin: (I'm not sure if this is how I'm supposed to ask the questions) How many upgrades are possible with the special upgrade system?
    You can do up to 3 Special Upgrades
    [17:38] NxBoo! (booox1): (Mari) cyberjoel: Next question: Will there ever be voices for our characters?
    Answer; No answer for this yet. D:
    [17:41] NxBoo! (booox1): Miliardo[Tarlach]: Is there a limit on how much gold a kiosk can hold? If so how much?
    Answer: I'm not sure about the actual limit, but it does hold a lot of gold.
    [17:41] NxBoo! (booox1): [Mari] Khenta: After the updates, the 8x6 item bag that was added in previous update were removed from general shops. Will they return to the shops?
    Answer: Isn't this a question about the 8x10 item bags? If so, they will be coming back.
    This is an issue and will be addressed towards the next patch!!
    [17:42] NxBoo! (booox1): sanorosu: What happens to the 8x10 item bags that people already had in thier inventory?
    Answer: Those players will still be able to buy keys from the Item Shop and continue on with more space than others. >;]
    [17:42] NxBoo! (booox1): (Ruairi) ELVENRYUSEII: Hey Hime, are normal magic bolts supposed to disappear after switching weapons?
    Answer: Bug.. Sorry! Will be fixing as fast as we can.
    [17:43] NxKazo (nxkazo): amov1ngtarget: Are all the quests at Avon solo only?
    You can party up to 3 people while doing a Theatre Mission

    [17:43] NxBoo! (booox1): [Mari]Frostwave: One more question from me if you can answer it. Is there any new rare items in fiodh adv, or any old ones that may be in there? if you can, can you list them?
    Answer: Couple enchants can be obtain from the Fiodh Adv dungeon as well as the Glory Sword TA DA! <-- This info was just given to me. ;[
    [17:44] NxBoo! (booox1): کツ Dakoder: Some1 I know got the dragon fang from a HM Mission do they drop from certain dificulties or all dificulties?
    Answer: I believe the Dragon Fang only drop in certain difficulties.
    [17:44] NxBoo! (booox1): (Ruairi) Narcissist: Will there ever be a bag designed solely for bards to carry music scores?
    Answer: Hmmm I say why not? Alchemists got their bags.. why not musicians?
    [17:45] NxBoo! (booox1): tomahara: can all weapons be special upgraded or? only special ones?
    [17:45] NxBoo! (booox1): Answer: Only some weapons can be upgraded. :(
    [17:45] NxKazo (nxkazo): (Ruairi) Maia: How do you get the Glove of Ophelia? I've heard you can fish it... is this true?
    Well, you need to Make it through Tailoring... and some of the items will require you to fish in AVON.
    [17:46] NxBoo! (booox1): syrikzero: Will it be possible for the jester robe and leymore / cai alchemist robes to reach shops. (leymore and cai suits don't exist on ruari last i recall)?
    Answer: Hmmm... it could be possible. But we haven't discussed anything like this as of yet.
    [17:46] NxKazo (nxkazo): (Tarlach)Bebeinmybed: Can we change destinies even with a freebirth? Or do we have to buy character cards?
    You can pick a Destiny aslong as you rebirth
    [17:46] NxBoo! (booox1): sennawong: Hi, same question as last night!: Are there any plans to do voice acting and live-action touching up of older generations?
    Answer: No plans of this yet. D: Sorry! Although it would be nice to see this happen. :D
    [17:47] NxKazo (nxkazo): Dakoder: What is a Kiosk x.x?
    its Personal Shop that allows you to sell more items
    [17:47] NxBoo! (booox1): (Alexina) Jeahanne: Sorry to keep bugging you with questions, but will we get to chosse a new destiny with every free rebirth, or will we have to buy a rebirth card in order to do that?
    Answer: Yes, you will be able to choose your destiny by using your free rebirth. :)
    [17:48] NxKazo (nxkazo): (Mari) cyberjoel: Next Question: Do we need to have 1 free upgrade slot for our wepon to do the artesian upgrade?
    Yes, the Artisan Upgrade will be available on your 5th Upgrade.
    [17:49] NxBoo! (booox1): (Mari)Dracaness: Is the magic music scores going to be fixed? A example the first message is +5 dex and then every subseqent is the effects of the music have disappeared but they really haven't disappeared.
    Answer: Thanks for letting know about this. We'll have this fixed as soon as possible. D:
    [17:50] NxBoo! (booox1): amov1ngtarget: What i meant about the solo is the actual quests for G13. So far it has said that the party is too big even when i try with one friend. Is that how it will be for the entire quest line?
    Answer: From my knowledge, yes the questline is done solo. Booo! D:
    [17:51] NxBoo! (booox1): IceFireLight: My bank has a password code on it and I have made sure that I typed it correctly, and after the update it says that the password is no correct. Is this a bug or what?
    Answer: Please contact Customer Support regarding this issue. We can't really do anything for you here. D:
    [17:52] NxBoo! (booox1): krinalade: This morning my guild leader logged in about had about 200 extra strength. She wasn't in a spotlight, nor had she even gone to Avon, she was just in Tail killing bears and had around 200 extra str, without enchants, weapons or any gear at all . Is this intended? Or some completely weird bug?
    Answer: Strange... if you can get a youtube clip of it and send it our way it would help us locate the exact issue.
    [17:53] NxBoo! (booox1): pandaristiclol: sorry for all the questions haha. But will we see new pets in the shops soon? :3
    Answer: I thought the Lazy Cats were in shop already?
    [17:53] NxKazo (nxkazo): Kaillera: Hi Sabina! I got a question: Are the bosses in the theatre missions supposed to disappear after they've been killed by last blow
    Hmm, are you referring to the despawn speed after a Boss has been defeated? There were no changes to the spawning mechanics...sorry if this didnt answer your question
    [17:54] NxBoo! (booox1): Pyro: Weve seen Fiohd Adv announced, but after hours of searching to find a pass we cant. How exactly do we find it.
    Answer: Rare drop from Giant Werewolf or the Green Poison Snake mobs.
    [17:55] NxKazo (nxkazo): Tali: How rare is the Trinity Staff drop? o.o;
    its not that hard to get... im pretty sure anyone can get it
    [17:55] NxBoo! (booox1): krinalade: Oh, and a follow up from one of the other questions: There's totally a theathre pass that says it's for 8 people, but you guys said you could bring up to a party of, which is wrong? o:
    Answer: I would go with what the game says. :D
    [17:57] NxBoo! (booox1): (Mari) cyberjoel: Is the only way to AVON is from Alby dungeon?
    Answer: Alby dungeon? Oh, yes, the only way to go to Avon is to use the Avon Feather.
    [17:57] NxBoo! (booox1): Kaillera: Hi Hime! Sorry to bug you but there's two part to this question: Did the golem size got originally smaller? At what clay alchemy rank will the golem be back to pre-g13 size with r1 Alchemy? Can it grow larger than it was originally in pre-g13?
    Answer: I didn't realize the golem sizes changed...
    [17:58] NxKazo (nxkazo): (Ruairi) ELVENRYUSEII: Do you ever plan on releasing nekojima island? If so anytime soon?
    Unfortunately not anytime, due to Nekojima being a Japan Exclusive
    [17:59] NxBoo! (booox1): [Mari] Khenta: Are there any plans to bringing back daily advance items?
    Answer: I know that all of you guys miss the Advanced Play Items, but there hasn't been any talks of bringing back the old one. T.T
    [17:59] NxBoo! (booox1): s0nnar: can you fish up the ice glove or not? one gm said yes one gm said no
    Answer: Only the Sewing Pattern can be fished out. I REPEAT only the SEWING PATTERN can be fished out. Not the glove itself.
    [18:00] NxKazo (nxkazo): [Mari]Frostwave: Big question, and sorry for so many questions. Is the new boss for theatre missions the same, or different for the different theatre missions? To add, do they have any shields, Natural, mana, heavy?
    Each Theatre Mission has a different BOSS and sometimes they do have the Spotlight Buff on them increasing their STR,DEX,INT, and overall Stat.
    [18:00] NxBoo! (booox1): کツ Dakoder: and another question D: in order to use the artesian upgrade, how do you upgrade it on a ( as an example 0/5 upgrade weapon?)
    Answer: You would get to 4/5 and then apply the last one as an Artisan Upgrade.
    [18:01] NxBoo! (booox1): jewlmc: Will you be doing more episodes of Lorna & Pan?
    Answer: I don't think we will be having more of those episodes. Although, they were pretty entertaining. :D I was in one of them.
    [18:01] NxBoo! (booox1): (Mari) cyberjoel: Another question this one might be stupid for me to ask: Can we get to Fiodh Adv Via NX Passes?
    Answer: I believe we have Unrestricted Dungeon Passes! :O
    [18:01] NxKazo (nxkazo): syrikzero: Will mabinogi ever have more races?
    Thats something will find out together in the future.
    [18:02] NxKazo (nxkazo): saguro2: So i was wondering, i saw that the glory sword is a rare drop, but where or what precisely does it drop from?
    [18:02] NxBoo! (booox1): Shikaru: hey =D is the highlander bow availible for special upgrades? if so what kind?
    Answer: If you're asking about the Artisan Upgrade... no it's not available. :(
    [18:03] NxKazo (nxkazo): [Mari] Kenero: Miss Hime, will all difficulties, from Basic all to Hard, drop upgrade stones?
    Not in Basic, but from Intermediate to Hard
    [18:03] NxBoo! (booox1): (Tarlach)Bebeinmybed: I noticed that the character and pet windows have been redone so they lag a LOT less. Thank you! Will there be anything done about the chat log lag as well?
    Answer; The text is still a bit off no? We'll need to clean that up a little more :( But thank you! and no talks of the Chat Log yet.
    [18:04] NxBoo! (booox1): Last 2 questions for this session
    [18:04] NxKazo (nxkazo): akoder: Okay I'm almost out of questions, however I do have a couple in me :P will you be bringing backa double rainbow event
    to go along with the new generation?

    That might be a possibility, you just have to wait and see :D
    [18:05] NxBoo! (booox1): (Ruairi) Maia: G13S1 is great and everything, but I'm an archer and I look forward to bow masteries. Any idea when G13S2 will be coming out?
    Answer: Hmmm.... You'll have to stick around. But we won't keep you waiting for too long :D
    [18:05] NxBoo! (booox1): and DONE :D
    [18:05] NxHime (nxhime): Time is up for today folks!
    [18:05] NxKazo (nxkazo): yay
    [18:06] NxHime (nxhime): We got a lot of questions answered and we know there are lots more. @_@
    [18:06] NxHime (nxhime): Head on over to our forums with your questions as many may be answered by other forumers or you may get an official answer from us. :)
    [18:06] * NxBoo! (booox1) dies
    [18:06] NxKazo (nxkazo): lol
    [18:09] NxHime (nxhime): Thank you for your participation today!
    [18:13] NxBoo! (booox1): For the person who asked about Fiodh Adv Passes...
    [18:13] NxBoo! (booox1): Those 2 mobs are one way of getting it
    [18:13] NxBoo! (booox1): but I noticed that those two mobs are in Fiodh Adv.
    [18:13] NxBoo! (booox1): So in order to actually gain access, you'll need to enter the lower level Fiodh Dungeon and obtain the pass.
    [18:13] NxBoo! (booox1): Rare drop by the way.
    [18:13] NxBoo! (booox1): Thanks!



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