Web Chat Mabinogi 4/26/2011 10:00-11:00 PM



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    Web Chat Mabinogi 4/26/2011 10:00-11:00 PM

    Post by MikeHo on Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:04 am

    [22:04] <@Mugenai|Neko> Hi Proto
    [22:04] <@Ikkisuki> ...
    [22:04] <@Ikkisuki> What happen?
    [22:04] <@Odin> Showtime
    [22:04] <@Ikkisuki> Ah.
    [22:04] <@Odin> Okay
    [22:04] * hime salutes.
    [22:04] <@Korgan> Hehe.
    [22:04] <@Odin> hime, NXboo, and NxKazo are the GMs
    [22:04] <@Odin> everyone above them on the list is Mabinogi world staff
    [22:04] <@Odin> welcome
    [22:05] <@Kadalyn> finally
    [22:05] <+hime> Hi everybody!
    [22:05] <&IJ> Thanks for joining us this evening on our first joint official function.
    [22:05] <+NxKazo> hello all
    [22:05] <+hime> We would like to thank everybody for joining us tonight!
    [22:05] <+hime> A big thank you for Mabinogi World for hosting this chat Q&A session.
    [22:05] <+hime> We have a HUGE turn out and wow!
    [22:06] <+hime> I know many of you are eager to have many questions answered.
    [22:06] <@Kadalyn> it wouldn't let me /mode O.o
    [22:06] <@Kadalyn> yes
    [22:06] <@Kadalyn> staff hostmask
    [22:06] <+hime> Last week we collected questions on the Nexon forums and we will be going through those first.
    [22:06] == Wintermystic has changed nick to [Tarlach]Wintermystic
    [22:06] == mode/#mabinogi [+N] by saiyr
    [22:06] <+hime> All questions answered tonight will only be pertaining to the Romeo & Juliet update that is going on right now. :)
    [22:06] <@Kadalyn> god my on join notice script can't handle the join spam -_-;
    [22:06] <@Kadalyn> I agree with thing
    [22:07] <@Kadalyn> my mode change finally go through? lmao
    [22:07] <+hime> NxKazo the channel is yours. :)
    [22:07] <+NxKazo> Any word on how many items the production tools will "drop" and what the recharge rate is(if
    [22:07] <+NxKazo> any).
    [22:07] <+NxKazo> If your talking about the production value of the items in the Homestead,it drops about 5 times and recharges the next day (12AM) real time.
    [22:07] <+NxKazo> Will we be able to harvest and sell the crops we grow on the farm or will they only give more farm points (chicks)?
    [22:07] <+NxKazo> You will not be able to sell the crops but you will earn Farm Points that will be used as currency in a later content.
    [22:07] <+NxKazo> Why is Romeo such a creeper?
    [22:07] <+NxKazo> Hmmm not sure. Lol?
    [22:08] <+NxKazo> With each passing generation, we get more and more lag (AI, Spawn, etc.) from the game... do you guys any plans to fix this as we enter another generation, and thus giving us more content to load thus, slowing the game down even more?
    [22:08] <+NxKazo> We're constantly looking at ways to improve the latency in Mabinogi. Several plans are under way and we will let you guys know once we get this in motion
    [22:08] <+NxKazo> Will G14 be harder than G13 or at least make it worthwhile where we have to wait for quests like we did in G1-8?
    [22:08] <+NxKazo> 14 is definitely harder than G13.
    [22:08] <+NxKazo> Will we be getting G14 all at once, or in seasons?
    [22:08] <+NxKazo> Yes G14S1 and G14S2 will be released together
    [22:08] <+NxKazo> Will the Journals be fixed finally?
    [22:09] <+NxKazo> Korea is still looking at the Journal Issue.
    [22:09] <+NxKazo> Will the Conversion Stone be released (for Special Upgrades), and how will it be obtained? (From what I've seen it wasn't released G13 like it was supposed to be?)
    [22:09] <+NxKazo> Conversion Stones will not be released, there was some confusion that it would be released to the public
    [22:09] <+NxKazo> Is there going to be some sort of special event when G14 is released? If so, what kind of event is it and what would the prizes be like/
    [22:10] <+NxKazo> 2 Events will be running which Homestead Stone Event and Masquerade Event.
    [22:10] <+NxKazo> Are the lances going to be sold at an NPC store or will they be some kind of event only?
    [22:10] <+NxKazo> Yes, you will be able to purchase the Physis Wooden Lance at an NPC store
    [22:10] <+NxKazo> Does the Masquerade give out prizes and exp like the Tara Banquet?
    [22:10] <+NxKazo> Masquerade event will be giving prizes
    [22:10] <+NxKazo> Will there be a way to get Romeo and Juliets hair and/or outfits when G14 comes out?
    [22:10] <+NxKazo> Yes, you will be able to get the Hair and Outfits when G14 comes out.
    [22:11] <+NxKazo> Will there be any new equipment available in g14? (since the equipment available here is beginning to become boring and less attractive)
    [22:11] <+NxKazo> Yes their will be new equipment available in G14. 2. US Exclusive content will be released at a later time.
    [22:11] <+NxKazo> Will G14 include more cut scenes where voice actors act out their lines than previously on G13? With a romance like Romeo and Juliet, there's really no reason why you shouldn't put good voice acting into use (and because reading lines in a PLAY that you should be "watching" gets boring). 2.)Asides from Homestead and Lances, will there be any more game-changing content updates; i.e, additional
    [22:11] <+NxKazo> dungeons? The whole idea of going into a theater to fight or an alternate shadow realm is great and all...But the feeling of going through a difficult dungeon without knowing what is going to appear sure is nice. 3.) Are there going to be any new races added into Mabinogi? Elves, Giants, and Humans are great and all...But a new race would be exciting :]
    [22:11] <+NxKazo> About the same amount of Voice dialogs will be appearing in the G14 content. 2. Renes Play will be available to anyone, Special Upgrades increased to 6, and 11 skills have been uncapped to Rank 1. 3. No new races have been added.
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 1. Is there anything special for elves?
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 2.Is there going to be any interesting events?
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 3. Are you going to enlarge or round the breasts even more?
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 1. Unfortunately no theres nothing special for the Elves. 2. Masquerade Event and Homestead Stone Events. 3. hhahah… No Comment.
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> "1. How long is the romeo and juliet story?
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 2. Is there any action in this story?
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 3. Will you please anwser my first two questions...? "
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 1. There are a total of 5 Acts in the Romeo and Juliet story. 2. There are lots of action (Montegue vs Capulets) 3. Answered.
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> "1. I've heard all kinds of rumors flying around about Homesteads, but no one seems to be able to ask one critical question that's been nagging me; Are they going to be free for all players or not and will premium accounts get any bonuses for being Premium?
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 2. There's a Furniture shop in Tara that I've been really curious about, but cant find any information on. Are there any plans to make furniture or some kind of customization for guild halls? *Was hoping this would be something seen in G14* (What else am I supposed to do with 350+k GP... Give us non-PVPers something to spend it on! ;_;)
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 3. Am I going to see fixed metal dyes in G14? (Pleeeeeeease? ;_;)"
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 1. Homestead will be free to everyone. 2. There are nothing in the works at the moment, but it’s a strong possibility that it will be released in a later date. 3. Fixed Metal Dyes will be available in a later content.
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> Awhile ago during one of the chats I asked if there was going to be a halberd type weapon. The answer was that there were plans on adding a spear. Is the lance what is considered as a spear or is an actual spear type weapon going to be released?
    [22:12] <+NxKazo> 1. The lance is the only spear like weapon being released with the G14 content.
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> "1. Any chance of fixing Alexina's or all server's latency after G14?
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 2.Will we be getting an event with the release of G14?
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 3.Will there ever be a public test server for future major updates?
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> "
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 1. We are looking to improve the latency issue across all servers, but it will take time to figure out the necessaties. 2. Masquerade Event and Homestead Event 3. Nothing the works for public test servers.
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> "1. Will we be allow to have the item that lets you temporary give someone your pet?
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 2. Will the lance be available for elfs?
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 3. Is G14 gonna be as easy as G13?
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> "
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 1. That feature will be released in a later time. 2. No it is not available for Elves. 3. G14 will be harder than G13.
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> "1. Will we be able to ballroom dance with other mabinogians after the update?
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 2. How can i get rid of hamlet ""final act"" scr1pt :( its wasting space in my inventory PLZ RESPOND :)"
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 1. New Dance functions are not in the works. 2. Please submit a ticket to customer service and we'll be able to take a look at your account.
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 1. If we are not getting all 3 seasons in one update, will we be getting the skill cooldown reductions for Throwing Attack and Rain Casting, or will the seasons contain identical updates to Korea?
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 2. Will the Iria Boat Fishing Event be coming to NA? The one they recently had in Korea.
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> 1. We will be releasing G14S1 and G14S2, but there might be some differences in content when comparing to Korea. 2. We'll let you know once it becomes the event becomes available. 3. Those items will be released in a later time.
    [22:13] <+NxKazo> Will we ever see the title "The Return of Advance Play!" stickied on the forums or on the home page without it being a troll message...? *Stares at Sabina*
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> There is something in the works, that will apease a lot of players. We'll give you more detail/information in a later date.
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> I only have 1 question, where is conversion stone to change weapon upgrade from S to R or R to S, you guys mentioned it in G13 and months later its still no where to be seen.
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> We apologize for the confusion but the Conversion Stone is not available to the public.
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> 1. Will Rapiers be released with G 14?
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> 2. Any chance of NekoJima being reconsidered and openned?
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> 3. Will we be able to get a server transfer character card as I hear they have in Korea?
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> 1. There are no Rapiers being released in G14. 2. Nekojima is a Japan Exclusive content. 3. Those cards are also Japan exclusive and will require licensing and rights.
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> 1. As mentioned in the last live chat will we be getting anything that shall be American only this update?
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> 1. The NA exclusive content will be released in a later date. 2. We have discussed of implementing server change feature but nothing too in depth
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> Will there be new hairstyles?
    [22:14] <+NxKazo> Yes, there will be new hairstyles
    [22:15] <+NxKazo> 1. Other than playing music to your gardens, are there differences between the farms you can grow on your homestead and the farm plots you can rent in Taillteann? For example, does it also take about a week for those plants to grow; do you have to micromanage them with 10 daily actions with action cooldowns; and do you sell your produce to NPC Blatt, affecting prices for those with rental
    [22:15] <+NxKazo> farm plots?
    [22:15] <+NxKazo> 2. Are there special benefits for the four different house types in Uladh (and if so, what are they?) or are the differences among them merely aesthetic?
    [22:15] <+NxKazo> 1. The farms in the Homestead are different from the ones you manage at Blatt's field. You don’t need to micro-manage and it will not take as long to harvest. 2. There are unique items that are only available for that particular city.
    [22:15] <+NxKazo> ok those were the forum questions
    [22:15] == mode/#mabinogi [+o Kadalyn] by Hana
    [22:16] <+hime> Wow that was a lot.
    [22:16] <+NxKazo> lol
    [22:16] <@Korgan> Good show.
    [22:16] <+hime> I should give everybody a minute to review them haha
    [22:16] <@Odin> Apologies to those experiencing connectivity problems, we seem to have hit a server limit
    [22:16] <+NxKazo> now we can answer questions from the public
    [22:16] * Auphamim has the staff drag tables and chairs for the GMs.
    [22:16] <+NxKazo> Will egoes finally be fixed? (The level cap's have been 41 for 2 months!)
    [22:16] <+hime> Alright folks!
    [22:16] <+NxKazo> Yes it is fixed
    [22:17] <+hime> You heard NxKazo
    [22:17] <+NxKazo> thought everyone should know that one
    [22:17] <+hime> Please submit your questions to me via private message or query :)
    [22:17] <+hime> If you are using the webclient you can click my name and hit Query!
    [22:18] <+hime> I am getting a lot of messages haha.
    [22:18] <@Korgan> I should think so...278 people in this room...hehe.
    [22:18] <+NxKazo> hi, me and my friends were wondering if the trade unlock potions available in all overseas servers will be releasedhere and when? There's nothing in the works for NA release, but we'll let you know
    [22:19] <+NxKazo> <[Alexina]Homicide> are the flame horses thoroughbred running speed? They have a special running boost that increases after 5 seconds of riding
    [22:19] <+NxKazo> Well i have a General question: How do people access homesteads and are friends able to come, or is it available to the public? You can access Homestead after you hit Level 10
    [22:20] <+NxKazo> If I have the card that was giving the Secret Box and don't use it until after the update, will I still get the Secret Box? Yes you will get the secert box
    [22:21] <+NXboo> <[Mari]Dadax> Can you elaborate on the Masquerade Event?
    [22:22] <+NxKazo> When will cooking be uncapped? There's nothing in the works but we'll let you know in the future
    [22:22] <+NXboo> The Masquerade Event run during the same time as the Royal Banquet. The only difference is that you will have a chance to receive a random mask.
    [22:23] <+NxKazo> How come there wont be new hairtyles for giants? I'm getting kinda bored with giant looks. There should be a few new styles coming in the future.
    [22:24] <+NxKazo> Will The Thames set be released and where would one get the set. As of know you can only get the Boots and armor from Elite Shadow Missions, we'll let you know in a web post on how to obtain the rest of the set.
    [22:24] <+NxKazo> Will we see the Berserker skill anytime soon? We'll let you know when it becomes available.
    [22:24] <+NxKazo> <[Alexina]Zorro> How much Nx will the new horse be? 15k NX
    [22:25] <+NxKazo> <[Alexina]Booz0621> is the public going to have flashy hair anytime soon? Nothing are in the works
    [22:25] <+NxKazo> Will there be a name changing function added to Mabinogi in the near future? If so, when, and how much can we expect this function to cost? we've talked about adding new service features but nothing too in depth, if there are any implementations we'll let you know
    [22:26] <+NxKazo> Now that the cap of 3 special upgrades to 6 has been implemented, Ego Spirit Weapons are becoming obsolete and useless. Will the level cap be removed so Ego Spirit Weapons once again will be useful? we've fixed the EGO cap so this should still be a viable source
    [22:27] <+NxKazo> <[Tarlach]Wintermystic> Question, will there ever be alchemy ovens released for homesteads or housing? :o oh that is a great a idea, ill make sure to pass that along to korea
    [22:27] <+NxKazo> ahem. dont you think the spears will be a bit. unfair in pvps? they attack longer in melee fights. no becomes lances have disadvantages in close combat
    [22:27] <+NXboo> Do you think we are going to get an exclusive area to NA mabinogi?
    [22:28] <+NXboo> Working on this... To be honest I would like to see some exclusive area for NA as well. :)
    [22:28] <+NxKazo> Hey, will there be any plans to increase the 999 stat limit? there's no cap increasing the stats to 999 (*thats if you can get it up there) :D
    [22:29] <+NxKazo> <[Tarlach]Edetha> Also, would it be possible to suggest to Devcat, that perhaps as a reward for g15 or 16, we could get an "alternate" transformation, that we can decide to use instead of our racial one. Perhaps the ability to transform into a Werewolf, and have it share cooldown with our racial trans. I agree that a new type of transformation should be implemented, so i'll run that by korea.
    [22:30] <+NxKazo> is, will we be able to go inside the houses for homestead? You can not go inside the house of your Homstead, but the area is practically your home anyways :D
    [22:31] <+NxKazo> Do you think we are going to get an exclusive area to NA mabinogi? YES, there will be an NA exclusive content... it will have spacesuits, a new moon and questing for NA users ONLY!!
    [22:31] <+NXboo> <[Tarlach]Areinya> can you reuse the script for the sheild of avon or do you have to get the script from other people?
    [22:32] <+hime> Haha you said that last time!
    [22:32] <+NxKazo> <[Tarlach]Areinya> sorry for so many questions, but is the flame/fire horse a combat mount? it has combat abilities, but you cannot attack while mounted, unless your an elf.
    [22:32] <+NXboo> You'll need to obtain it from another player or another character. :( I had some trouble creating it.
    [22:32] <+NxKazo> Is there any chance if there going to be a transfer card to transfer our characters to another server? we've talked about several idea that will reduce the latency across all servers.
    [22:33] <+NxKazo> <[Alexina]KittyWolf> Will there be another Double Rainbow in the future? Maybe if your good.. :D
    [22:33] <+NxKazo> When do we get to name our Homesteads? After or before gathering the materials and creating it? You name your homestead in the beginning.
    [22:34] <+NxKazo> <[Ruairi]_> Are you aware of the exploits allowing players to use the unreleased Berserker skill and a limitless Final Hit skill? Will these be fixed in the upcoming maintenance? Oh! i wasnt aware of this, can you please let our CSR team know so we can personally take a look at this issue. (Please do this)
    [22:35] <+NxKazo> Are there any plans to add channels to alexina as we are the most populated server and yet we have the least channels? We've discussed several different options to reduce the latency in Alexina and adding more channels was definitely one of them.
    [22:35] <+NXboo> Could you specify where we would be able to get romeo and juliet's hair/clothing/
    [22:35] <+NXboo> <@NXboo> Gachapon!
    [22:36] <+NxKazo> <[Ruairi]Shairei> Can you elaborate on the unique items that are only available on that particular city' part of what was stated? Physis will have Snowmans and etc.
    [22:36] <+NXboo> <[Mari]Drillii> Do the Flame Horses come with an AoE effect upon summon? Yeah Firestorm!
    [22:36] <+NxKazo> is there any way to get a mustache on human or elf :[22:37] <+NxKazo> Will the Homesteads be able to expand its area? (like get bigger in size). Yes, you can expand the size 3 times
    [22:37] <+NxKazo> Could you specify where we would be able to get romeo and juliet's hair/clothing? In the new Gachapon thats being released
    [22:38] <+NxKazo> Will elves ever get a "Re vamp". It seems they are getting weaker and weaker as each new update comes.. There's nothing in the works, but if elves require rebalancing we'll make sure it happens.
    [22:38] <+NxKazo> <[Mari]Drillii> Do the Flame Horses come with an AoE effect upon summon? Yes, they do a skill called "Flame Strike"
    [22:40] <+NxKazo> 1.I noticed Kazo didn't answer the question about the Furniture/Wine Shop in Tara that doesn't appear open. Will it be released in the upcoming update or future updates? Thank you for you time. There are several features missing like the School, Wine Shop and Furniture... there are reasons being the delay in this release, but once it becomes available we'll let you know.
    [22:41] <+NxKazo> How does the flame horses active skill work? theres 3 skills... Flame Strike , Flame Dive and Running Boost: Flame Strike(Actives when summoned) Flame Dive*(Active ability) Running Boosts*(Activates after 5 seconds of riding)
    [22:41] <+NxKazo> Are there any plans to add a destiny for life skills? theres nothing in the works
    [22:41] <+NxKazo> so can you reuse the script for making the shield of avon? No you will need to get it again
    [22:41] <+NXboo> I only have one question that I would like to know. Is there any eventual plan for redemption of a dark knight so someone who actually wants to can return to paladin without having to make another character?
    [22:42] <+NXboo> We haven't yet discussed this. We know it's out in Korea, but still working it out.
    [22:42] <+NxKazo> Fine, i will stick to g14, Will Fire mastery be fixed? with Fusion Bolt "STUCK" bug? Whats wrong with the Fire Mastery?? and the Fusion Bolt "STUCK" bug is fixed
    [22:42] <+NxKazo> Will any of the new equipment from last years design contest be released during this update? Yes our design team is designing team and it should be released sometime this year.
    [22:43] <+NXboo> Will the Gachapon you can receive Romeo+Juliet clothing exclusively give you R+J things or will it be in the fashion gachapon?
    [22:43] <+NxKazo> <[Mari]__> Will there be more items for Giants? because it seems Humans: Nothing as of yet, but hopefully in the next content Giants will get Tons of stuff.
    [22:43] <+NXboo> Loads of stuff in there. Soldier gachapon worthy stuff, fashion gachapon stuff, Enchants, awesome new clothing.
    [22:44] <+NxKazo> <[Ruairi]Combusken> Are there any plans for a way to have a character's name changed? We've talked about implementing new player services, but nothign too in depth...
    [22:44] <+NXboo> Will ego exp be returned to post g7 values, or will they remain pre g7?
    [22:44] <+NXboo> I believe this issue is fixed. :)
    [22:45] <+NxKazo> <[Alexina]Yukari> Will the Dustin Silver Knight Sword be able to receive the special upgrades after the update? Yes you will now be able to perform special upgrades on to the Dustin Silver Knight Sword
    [22:45] <+NxKazo> <[Tarlach]Miliardo> Will we be able to access favorited homesteads while the owner is not in it or offline? And if so will they be able to gather from our homestead while the owner is away/offline? yes you can access Homesteads(Favorites) even if they're not there
    [22:46] <+NxKazo> Will nuadha robes become available through another future event or gachapon? We know how popular this item is, we'll try to make it more available.
    [22:47] <+NxKazo> I only have one question that I would like to know. Is there any eventual plan for redemption of a dark knight so someone who actually wants to can return to paladin without having to make another character? We've talked about it adding a new generation or quest line that will allow players to change their current transformation, but its only talked about.
    [22:48] <+NXboo> <[Alexina]Zorro> Can lances be special upgraded or turn into spirit weapons?
    [22:48] <+NXboo> No egos. :(
    [22:48] <+NxKazo> What are some of the benefits of a homestead? What kind of rescources can we create? You can create production equipmentand add Props that will increase the production value and Rate of each item you create.
    [22:49] <+NxKazo> Will the Gachapon you can receive Romeo+Juliet clothing exclusively give you R+J things or will it be in the fashion gachapon? There will be a new gachapon that will contain these items.
    [22:50] <+NxKazo> <[Mari]MikeHo> Hello Hime. Are there any plans to rebalance the GVG/EVG/Etc... To possible have more large scale combat/battle in the future? There's nothing in the works.
    [22:50] <+NxKazo> <[Mari]MikeHo> Guild have become a normal part of mabinogi but is there any possibility of more content being added. Things along the lines of a Guild Banking system or Guilds owning towns or maybe even an apprentice system within guilds. A rank system would definitely make things more interesting... i'll pass that along to Korea.
    [22:51] <@Ikkisuki> :x I think that says Banking, not Ranking.
    [22:51] <+NxKazo> <[Mari]Dadax> If a new service is added, will it be replacing, in conjunction with, or in addition to the premium service in place already?. we'll let you know of the details once we have more concrete information.
    [22:52] <+NxKazo> [Tarlach]Spooklee> Wait, If we cant go inside homstead hosues, whats the point of a mansion? Is it going to take up a LOT of space, or jsut be really fancy? Each upgrade will allow more visitors and Favorite saves.
    [22:53] <+NxKazo> <[Alexina]Zorro> Can lances be special upgraded or turn into spirit weapons? You can do special Upgrades on the Lances, and you cannot turn them in to spirit weapons
    [22:53] <+NxKazo> If we dont like the name of our homestead, are we able to change it? Hmmm theres no option that allows that, sorry.
    [22:54] <+NxKazo> <[Mari]___> Where do you get the Battle Mandolin, and can it be upgraded using special upgrade like other weapons? Battle Mandolins can be obtained through Elite Shadow Missions.
    [22:55] <+NxKazo> <[Ruairi]Yukistar> Will Ancient Treasure Piece Event or Iria Exploration Event return again? We'll look into it and see if we can accomodate.... but as of now there's nothing in the works
    [22:55] <+NxKazo> Will there be a NX Item to protect your item when Special Upgrading 5 -> 6? because if it fails (45%) your item will disappear. ~Thanks HMMMMMM!! nice CASH item... i'll make sure to pass that along.
    [22:56] <+NxKazo> <[Mari]Kenero> Will the heat buster animation be fix in this update? The Critical Hit is supposed to be an animation of falling on your back. Oh? I wasnt aware the crit animation was broken... Please let our CSR team know so we can take a look at it. (Please do this)
    [22:57] <+NxKazo> <[Alexina]Bellers> Will there be any new moddles of puppets in the future? Yes there are tons of new toys!!!
    [22:57] <+NxKazo> <[Alexina]Talonboy_> Are any of the lance skills capped? or can you rank them straight to 1 after release? You can Rank it straight to 1
    [22:58] <+NxKazo> Will all the Items we grow in the Homestead ( herbs, cullen stones) be useable items, or only count as points in the homestead? They will be usuable! and count as points in the homestead!
    [22:58] <+NxKazo> <[Alexina]Homicide> will this new gachapon that's been mentioned be released tomorrow, or at a later date? You have to wait and see. :D
    [22:59] <+NxKazo> <[Mari]Yukitsuki> Can we get theamed PvP battles, such as ship vs ship, assulting castles? This is a cool idea, but to implement these feature will take a long time.
    [23:00] <+NxKazo> <[tarlach]selraym> Why hasnt bard become a destiny? training music is hard! This was a last minute decision made by Korea.
    [23:00] <+NxKazo> ok
    [23:00] <+NxKazo> done
    [23:00] <+NxKazo> sorry I couldnt get to everyone
    [23:00] <+hime> Hi folks! The hour is up.
    [23:00] <&IJ> Thanks so much everyone for joinig us!
    [23:00] <&IJ> _n
    [23:00] <&IJ> +n even.
    [23:00] <+hime> We do hope you found the the questions and answers informative!
    [23:01] <&IJ> Anyway, this concludes our first joint event with Nexon!
    [23:01] <@Odin> Did the best we could with what we had.
    [23:01] <&IJ> Thanks so much for making it successful!
    [23:01] <+hime> We apologize if we couldn't get to your question or did not answer your question.
    [23:01] <+hime> There are some things we can't say just yet or have an answer. :)
    [23:01] <@Khenta> Thank you everyone for coming! And thank you Nexon staff for giving us the opportunity to host!
    [23:01] <+hime> No wai!
    [23:01] <@Korgan> This was fun.
    [23:01] <@Korgan> Hehe.
    [23:01] <+hime> Thank you guys for letting us hijack the channel for an hour :)
    [23:01] <&IJ> Yeah, props to the staff for coming here!
    [23:01] <@Odin> xD
    [23:01] <@Odin> Next time we'll have a bigger server.
    [23:01] <@Mugenai|Neko> You just like that you're an op now Korgan
    [23:01] <&Recirah> Thank you Nexon staf :)
    [23:02] <@Odin> lol
    [23:02] <+hime> Thank you very much Mabinogi World and players!
    [23:02] <@Korgan> And we'll be far more prepared.
    [23:02] <@Korgan> Shut up mugi.
    [23:02] <@Korgan> <3
    [23:02] <+hime> See you in game soon :)



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    Re: Web Chat Mabinogi 4/26/2011 10:00-11:00 PM

    Post by Beefie on Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:43 am

    [22:15] <+NxKazo> 1. Other than playing music to your gardens, are there differences between the farms you can grow on your homestead and the farm plots you can rent in Taillteann? For example, does it also take about a week for those plants to grow; do you have to micromanage them with 10 daily actions with action cooldowns; and do you sell your produce to NPC Blatt, affecting prices for those with rental
    [22:15] <+NxKazo> farm plots?

    Arg, wth. This happens EVERY chat. They keep getting confused over simple wording. Do the GM even play this game? Or have the able to logically connect the ONLY TWO FARMING SYSTEMS IN THEIR GAME.



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    Re: Web Chat Mabinogi 4/26/2011 10:00-11:00 PM

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    These chats... are slowly, but surely, lowering my IQ.

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    Re: Web Chat Mabinogi 4/26/2011 10:00-11:00 PM

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