Mabinogi Partners (Maid/Butler pets)


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    Mabinogi Partners (Maid/Butler pets)

    Post by aquwin on Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:05 am
    the screenies for the maid personality stances show 2 of the 3 descriptions as well, I'll translate them to the best of my ability, if someone can find a picture for the 3rd personality (innocent/tennen(天然)) and the butler personality descriptions I'll try translating those as well. the 3 types for Maids are Princess, Gentle, and Innocent. The 3 types for Butlers are Cool, Sunny, and Impudent.


    Gentle: A kind and lively maid. A girl with abundant expressions and emotions.If you would like her to kindly greet you every day, try choosing her.

    Princess: She's a maid with a slightly sophisticated air about her. She was born into a fallen royal/noble family. She still retains the air of superiority within her mannerisms. Will she open her heart to you?


    Sunny: (couldn't translate all of it due to characters being rather illegible for parts of it) A butler who is always sunny and smiling. When his master is in a dangerous situation(looks like taihen na toki but might've read wrong), he cutely...(can't read next few characters) master's heart (can read the verb). Try enjoying a sweet life style with him.

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