Current Notes of Mabinogi G13, AKA Mabinogi: Renaissance - and suggestions


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    Current Notes of Mabinogi G13, AKA Mabinogi: Renaissance - and suggestions Empty Current Notes of Mabinogi G13, AKA Mabinogi: Renaissance - and suggestions

    Post by Cuathal on Fri Jan 21, 2011 3:57 am

    I'm sure you guys are all curious as to why I call G13 "Mabinogi: Renaissance". The truth of the matter is, this is akin to the revamp updates that both DFO and MapleStory got before this game.

    DFO calls their revamp update 2nd Ignition(?) and Maple calls their update Big Bang.

    Since I noticed a LOT about Mabinogi was revamped, I would like to share what I've learned (if the Wiki hasn't caught onto it already)

    -Eiry on character creation is GONE. That's right, she's now dead. Make your RIP threads and such, because in her place, you get a Practice Weapon that IS NOT HER. (Tested and confirmed on a Giant, not sure on Human and Elf)

    -The first combat quest now gives Gloves for Giants and Elves (not sure on Elf, but I know that the Giant does - tested AND confirmed). These gloves are enchanted, btw, to suit the character's race.

    -Rebirth has a new interface. Sadly, character creation lacks this. FAIL NEXON, FAIL. If you're gonna make a new char creation interface, make sure you check both sides of the street first.

    -G13 gives armor rewards. Can be a godsend if you're new, ESPECIALLY since you can resell eventually for a good crapton of gold.

    -G13 (AKA Chapter 4) is easier than both G1~3, G7~8, and G9~12. MUCH easier. I know that those who have a heavier learning curve shall benefit from this. Why? Grim Reaper is the first finale boss to have a knockback immunity that is REALLY EASY TO ACCESS! This can provide a much-needed warmup for when you hit G3 (if Human) and G9~12, as I know Cromm/Claimh/Uroboros/Nuadha (from research) also share this trait with the Reaper.

    What could Nexon do to improve? Here's my two cents:

    -Make G1~3 accessible to Elves and Giants. The argument that G1 doesn't involve the Giants or Elves is now invalid (I'd go as far as to say it's complete racism). Through G1, an Elven or Giant Newbie can learn about the game's lore, and a bit about the Human race as well (since they share it with their humanoid cousins - surprise you? Giants and Elves are also of the gods, people! Elves are from Irinid/Neamhain, and I guess I could see Giants being Nuadha and Morrighan's children, or perhaps a genetic strain).

    -Make the Human transformation a quest series, similar to Giants and Elves. The reason this is is that Human trans is MUCH harder to obtain than an Elf or Giant's trans. Giants have about 3 hurdles to deal with (2 if a Giant helper is nearby), whilst Elves only have 2. Humans? They have a whole Generation to go through.

    Now an argument I could see to this is: Humans have more story in their transformation. Bullcrap racism, again. Elves and Giants have a story behind theirs, not to mention Elves ACTUALLY get a cutscene in their trans questline.

    -Give people an idea of how difficult a Generation will be. Pros know how hard it will be, but a newbie will not. I'd rank it as thus:

    G1 - Normal difficulty, Easy if you have pro help
    G2 - Very Hard (since pros expect you to know how to fight - they disbelieve that anyone is new in this game and can hold their own)
    G3 - Very Hard (from research, a lot of running around, and Anti-Fomor is a bish to make, apparently. Also, Cromm is the first KB-immune boss a player fights)
    G7 - Not sure
    G8 - Hard, borderline Very Hard (Kelpie RP, from what I've been told, is real hell, and Crumena is your second KB-immune boss)
    G9 - Depends on difficulty level, can be hard (Tail Def is one mission I'd be lying if I said it was easy without pro help, not to mention also - Claimh is your third KB-immune boss)
    G10 - Not sure
    G11 - From player reports, Hard (you're most likely into either Intermediate or Advanced by the time you hit this Generation, and again, another KB-immune boss - Uroboros)
    G12 - Hard (?) (Nuadha's a KB-immune boss, but I put a ? there because there's not enough info to go on)
    G13 - Easy (I say this because everything is solo, and you get it at the same time you get G1 (if Human) and G9. Not to mention, Grim Reaper is KB-immune - for most, he's your sixth KB-immune boss, the first if you're new)

    -NERF WINDMILL TO THE GROUND! Seriously, Humans are heavily reliant on this skill, to where they worship it as a God. Nerf it so it's not as high priority, and make it an as-needed emergency tool like Ranald/Meles/Taunes say it is.

    -Mount rental system. I realize we might have tradeable mounts, but this is my idea: Have a rental stable, where you can pay 5,000 gold to rent a mount for the day (meaning you have it until 6 AM PST, when Premium Pets reset their timers). This will give newbies a taste of mounted travel, and will teach them the joys of mounts, thereby inspiring them to buy NX for a REAL mount - and in the event that they cannot afford/buy NX, a free mount is ALWAYS available to a free player. For a price, that is.

    -Make any other changes to Humans to destroy their selfish racism. The way it is now, Human is almost the go-to race for newbies, because of the Giant/Elf card that you can't really get anything out of unless - surprise - you buy NX. This makes paying almost mandatory to have fun - a big, BIG turnoff for potential customers. Humans promote a sense of fun-killing - that needs to go.

    If you guys have any other additions to the game that you'd like to add here, please do. I'll format this when I have a good amount of opinions, and e-mail it to Nexon's PSR department. We could very well see a Second Renaissance of Mabinogi from Nexon KR if this gets approved.

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