Mabinogi Live Chat - Thursday, August 11



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    Mabinogi Live Chat - Thursday, August 11

    Post by MikeHo on Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:07 pm

    [16:30] <@Khenta> or that
    [16:30] * hime raises the curtains.
    [16:30] <@Korgan> Woot.
    [16:30] <&Majikaru> yeah, Odin, lower it to 3
    [16:30] <&Majikaru> I won't find my script file in time
    [16:30] <@Odin> It won't matter with mute set.
    [16:30] <@Odin> Anyway showtime
    [16:30] <&Majikaru> True.
    [16:30] <&Majikaru> oh well!
    [16:30] <&Majikaru> hime, I think it's your turn
    [16:30] <@Kadalyn> oh right then
    [16:30] == mode/#mabinogi [-f [10j,10m,3n,5t#b]:10] by Kadalyn
    [16:31] <+Sabina> Hey Guys!! Thank you for joining us during our chat! We will be holding a chat every week during the month of August.
    [16:31] <+Sabina> The chats will be run by Hime, Kazo, psyKOsis, and me Sabina!
    [16:32] <+Sabina> Please send all your questions to Ferghus and we will do our best to answer them all. We would like to use this chat to answer some more personal questions about the team and what we do for Mabinogi.
    [16:32] <+hime> Fun questions are accepted!
    [16:32] * hime chirps.
    [16:33] == mode/#mabinogi [+v NxBoo] by Korgan
    [16:33] <+Sabina> Yes, have fun with this one! So then! Let us begin =D
    [16:34] <@Khenta> 30 mins....and GO!
    [16:34] <+NXpsyKOsis> Has the Mabinogi team ever thought of allowing people to switch to a different server?
    [16:34] <+NXpsyKOsis> We have considered it, but its still in the works
    [16:34] <+NXpsyKOsis> Who is your favourite Mworld staffer?
    [16:34] <+NXpsyKOsis> All of them are cool
    [16:35] <+hime> lol
    [16:35] <+NxKazo> mabiking asked: whats with all the maintences
    [16:35] <+NxKazo> there was a lot of back end work that needed to be done, as well as security updates and so forth.
    [16:35] <+NxBoo> RAGE
    [16:35] <+NXpsyKOsis> When do we get...Shadow bunshin, Rapiers, and Fahsion Contest stuff :)
    [16:35] <+NXpsyKOsis> The top three in the Poll witll be selected
    [16:35] <+Ferghus> Feel free to send me questions! To do so, type /msg Ferghus what you want to ask me
    [16:36] <+Ferghus> Fooie[Ruairi] asked: Has the Mabinogi team ever thought of allowing people to switch to a different server?
    [16:36] <+NXpsyKOsis> Is ancient treasure chest event coming back?
    [16:36] <+NXpsyKOsis> Since this is a popular event it will definetely be back soon
    [16:38] <+hime> Hello folks, we would really like to take this opportunity to answer any casual questions you have about the team such as how are our days like, how many cups of coffee we have, etc.
    [16:38] <+NXpsyKOsis> Do you have any plans to make item bags -- or even more inventory space -- free for non-premium service useres?
    [16:38] <+NXpsyKOsis> Yes there will be a bag available soon, possibly in a future event
    [16:40] <+NXpsyKOsis> Okay, I am new to Mabi, and I see all the complaints and what not. I am curious as to what exactly do you guys do for the game, on the forum, what is your ultimate goal for the end of your work day?
    [16:40] <+NXpsyKOsis> I can assure you that we are constantly looking at ways to improve Mabi and the user experience and we are ALWAYS keeping the players in mind
    [16:41] <+hime> Boo, Kazo, and psyKOsis are part of the production team.
    [16:41] <+NXpsyKOsis> What's it like at the Nexon headquarters?
    [16:41] <+NXpsyKOsis> It is a very FUN atmoshpere where creativity, team support and Nexon players are out key focus
    [16:43] <+NXpsyKOsis> Will Skill Training Potions be in any future gachapons?
    [16:43] <+NXpsyKOsis> Please clarify
    [16:44] <+NXpsyKOsis> Lyrika asked: How big is the Mabinogi team?
    [16:44] <+NXpsyKOsis> Were a tight-knit group of hard working, fun, and unique individuals
    [16:44] <+NXpsyKOsis> kumasan asked: Will there be a double rainbow event soon?
    [16:44] <+NXpsyKOsis> Look for it coming REAL soon
    [16:45] <+NXpsyKOsis> Hanamahone[Alexina] asked: what is the progress on the multiple hotkey bars?
    [16:45] <+NXpsyKOsis> NxK is currently working out all the "kinks" and hopefully it will be implemented soon.
    [16:46] <+NXpsyKOsis> Khenta asked: If NxKazo and NxBoo got into an epic GM battle of epic proportions across multiple worlds and multiple games.....who would win?!
    [16:46] <+NXpsyKOsis> I don't think the servers would handle such a Battle (:7
    [16:47] <+NXpsyKOsis> Notblades69 asked: What's the new revampred service supposed to be like?
    [16:47] <+NXpsyKOsis> We will discuss this in a later time
    [16:47] <+Sabina> Korgan asked: What are your favorite classes in Mabinogi?
    [16:47] <+NXpsyKOsis> Code asked: What will the "Revamped" Premium Service consist of? We would actually like to know what we are voting on.
    [16:47] <+NXpsyKOsis> We are in progress of working this out soon.
    [16:48] <+NXpsyKOsis> Jasect asked: Do any of you play mabinogi in your spare time
    [16:48] <+NXpsyKOsis> of Course
    [16:49] <+Sabina> Kittiles asked: What do you guys do for fun? :D
    [16:49] <+NXpsyKOsis> Viven asked: have you ever thought of bringing the old service back?
    [16:49] <+NXpsyKOsis> No we are very happy with the current service and are currently looking into the future and not the past
    [16:49] <+NXpsyKOsis> lmoa asked: hi
    [16:49] <+NXpsyKOsis> Waddup (:7
    [16:50] <+Sabina> What I do for fun eh? I like to go shopping for large and fluffy bears...
    [16:50] <+NXpsyKOsis> asdf asked: do the top 3 items out of one poll get implimented or the top 3 of all polls?
    [16:50] <+NXpsyKOsis> Each section will have a top three
    [16:50] <+NXpsyKOsis> Tatsuho[Mari] asked: Any news of new skills upcoming in mabi?
    [16:50] <+NXpsyKOsis> There will be some new implementations you will just have to wait and see.
    [16:51] <+NXpsyKOsis> omNomNom asked: Are you's considering brinning over hairs and character customization options over from the korean servers?
    [16:51] <+NXpsyKOsis> We try to keep as close to the Korean service as we can
    [16:51] <+hime> but retain some individuality to best cater to our audience.
    [16:52] <+Sabina> What would your DREAM premium character card be? and will you buy me one? ^.^
    [16:52] <+NxKazo> Lume2 asked: is there a way for me to mute all the ppl joining the channel msgs?
    [16:52] <+NxKazo> you'd probably get a better answer from the Mabi World Staff. :D
    [16:52] <+Sabina> Rilakkuma Premium Cards for all!!
    [16:52] <+NXpsyKOsis> cargon asked: will there be an arena like rabbie's that allows falcons/giants?
    [16:52] <+NXpsyKOsis> There haven't been any discussions at this time
    [16:53] <+NxKazo> xkirex asked: With the release of Vindictus, does this mean the end of Mabinogi is coming?
    [16:53] <+NxKazo> of course not!!!! I honestly think we're doing better...imo!
    [16:53] <+NXpsyKOsis> Falcondae asked: Will anything be done in terms of the housing issues that are going on in Ruairi?
    [16:53] <+NXpsyKOsis> We are currently loooking into this and many other malicious issues, and are working dilegently to prevent them.
    [16:54] <+NxKazo> Terror1976[Mari] asked: When is the expected date for g14s5?
    [16:54] <+NxKazo> G14S5 will be part of the G15 content, which will be available this fall.
    [16:54] <@Kadalyn> @ Lume2 it's in the settings section of the web chat, something like mute joins and parts
    [16:54] <+NXpsyKOsis> CaptainKong asked: I love pirates and all of the pirate gear on mabi; however, I find myself still longing for more! What does the nexon team plan to do to quench my piratey thrist for gear and treasure?! Pirate themed event maybe? :D
    [16:54] <+NXpsyKOsis> Pirates are cool! We will keep this in mind and hold it in consideration
    [16:55] <+NXpsyKOsis> Hanamahone[Alexina] asked: cake or pie?
    [16:55] <+NXpsyKOsis> Pastel tres leches
    [16:55] <+NxBoo> cakepie
    [16:55] <+NxBoo> is better
    [16:55] <+hime> Just cake.
    [16:55] <+NXpsyKOsis> Tatsuho[Mari] asked: Can you give us some teaser or hints to upcoming content or events?
    [16:55] <+NXpsyKOsis> Its going to be Great!
    [16:55] <+hime> Baked fruit is weird.
    [16:56] <+NxBoo> Baked fruits?
    [16:56] <+NxBoo> What the...
    [16:56] <+hime> that's what pies are... baked fruits.
    [16:56] <+Sabina> mmmm
    [16:56] <+Sabina> Baked fruits!!
    [16:56] <+NXpsyKOsis> Loza asked: I'm fairly new in mabinogi, and I really don't care about what I'm wearing (call me a freak) nor do I have one of those weapons with a spirit... Will you release events with more practical prizes, like the bull pet (awesome prize!) and less rare clothes/ego food in the future?
    [16:56] <+NXpsyKOsis> We try and keep the items rare and varied in order to accomidate different kinds of players
    [16:57] <+NXpsyKOsis> thedoctor asked: what is the new revamped service going to be?
    [16:57] <+NXpsyKOsis> We are working on this.
    [16:57] <+NxBoo> Radhop-Mari asked: What's a fun stress reliever for our hard working GM's?
    [16:57] <+NxKazo> zeroligtning asked: Does the Rapier come with any additional skills like the Lance?
    [16:57] <+NxKazo> The Rapiers have new attack animations, but thats about it... no new skills
    [16:57] <+NXpsyKOsis> Nappa asked: Whats the scouter say about his power level?
    [16:57] <+NXpsyKOsis> Over 9000 of course
    [16:57] <+NxBoo> Yelling at Sabina and saying everything is her fault. :)
    [16:57] <+NXpsyKOsis> Ryk asked: How often do you all play the game?
    [16:57] <+NXpsyKOsis> EVERYDAY (:7
    [16:58] <+NXpsyKOsis> Hanamahone[Alexina] asked: are there any office traditions?
    [16:58] <+NXpsyKOsis> New guy buys first Round
    [16:58] <+NxBoo> ^ Lying... Doesn't play on Saturday ~ Sunday
    [16:58] <+Sabina> ;~;
    [16:58] <+NXpsyKOsis> : Tatsuho[Mari] asked: Favorite Deserts?
    [16:58] <+NXpsyKOsis> ALL
    [16:58] <+Sabina> Trout flavored ones psyKOsis!
    [16:58] <+Sabina> Don't lie!
    [16:58] <+hime> Do you like dogs? >> Yes, I do actually. I like cats too but I am allergic to them. :c
    [16:59] <+NXpsyKOsis> Sonavabish asked: What is the worst scenario that has happened to the Mabinogi team?
    [16:59] <+NXpsyKOsis> all of it is good
    [17:00] <+Sabina> How about what Kazo slaps you around with fishies??
    [17:00] <+Sabina> I think that's pretty bad D:
    [17:00] * NxKazo slaps Sabina around a bit with a large trout
    [17:00] * NxKazo slaps Sabina around a bit with a large trout
    [17:00] * NxKazo slaps Sabina around a bit with a large trout
    [17:00] <@Khenta> !!!!!!!
    [17:00] * NxKazo slaps Sabina around a bit with a large trout
    [17:00] <+NXpsyKOsis> Haha slap
    [17:00] <@Khenta> NxKazo!
    [17:00] <&Majikaru> You'd better be careful with that!
    [17:00] <@Odin> !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [17:00] <@Korgan> D:
    [17:00] <@Khenta> Remember what happened to NxBoo
    [17:00] <+NXpsyKOsis> Yeah
    [17:00] <+NxKazo> :D
    [17:00] * Odin charges up rank 8 kickball
    [17:00] <@Korgan> Trouts are dangerous, man.
    [17:01] <+NxKazo> he went home
    [17:01] <+hime> [16:39] How are your days like <3 Do you have fun while working? >> Our days can be quite busy from planning the next event or preparing the next update. We have day to day responsiblities and then have to manage any live issues that occur. Fun? Yes, most days are fun because for the most part we like doing what we do.
    [17:01] <@Khenta> We do not need a repeat of that..
    [17:01] * Khenta raises hand out of turn.
    [17:02] <@Khenta> Can I ask a question? :D
    [17:02] == mode/#mabinogi [+f [10j,10m,3n,5t#b]:10] by Majikaru
    [17:02] <&Majikaru> Too late
    [17:02] <&Majikaru> They left
    [17:02] <+hime> Depends if we want to answer it :)
    [17:02] <@Odin> I think you should have asked it a little while sooner Khenta
    [17:02] <&Majikaru> Except hime D:
    [17:02] <+hime> lol
    [17:02] <@Khenta> hime!
    [17:02] <@Khenta> Do you love us!!
    [17:02] <+Sabina> :O
    [17:02] <+hime> Of course I do.
    [17:02] <+hime> Most of you.
    [17:02] <@Khenta> and Sabina?!
    [17:02] <+Sabina> Hmmm
    [17:02] <+hime> Hahaha, she has to think about it!
    [17:03] <+Sabina> Lol!!
    [17:03] <+Sabina> No way!
    [17:03] <@Khenta> But but but....
    [17:03] <+Sabina> I do XD
    [17:03] <+hime> Do you enjoy working with the staffs in Nexon Headquart? << most of them hahaha
    [17:03] <@Khenta> LOL
    [17:03] <+hime> What.
    [17:03] <@Khenta> hime is going off the script!
    [17:03] <@Khenta> jk
    [17:03] <+hime> you're the best! and tell Sabina she's awesome too :D >> How sweet!
    [17:03] <+hime> What is one of the funniest facepalm moments any of you have had that none of the other gms will let you live down? =D >>
    [17:03] <+Sabina> Yay!
    [17:04] <+hime> I'm thinking.
    [17:04] <&Majikaru> Quickly, we're getting ditched D:
    [17:04] <+hime> You're not helping :D
    [17:04] <@Odin> They're afraid Ferghus is going to break them
    [17:04] <@Khenta> Who cares! It is the loyal ones that matter!
    [17:04] <@Odin> He broke a lot of questions today
    [17:05] <+hime> Doh.
    [17:05] <@Odin> Of 121 questions asked
    [17:05] <@Odin> Only 89 were delivered
    [17:05] <@Odin> and even fewer were actually answered successfully
    [17:05] <&Majikaru> over 2/3rds
    [17:05] <@Khenta> are fired...
    [17:05] <@Odin> Well
    [17:05] <+hime> Oh Ferghus.
    [17:05] <+Sabina> Awww we got ditched D:
    [17:05] <@Korgan> Odin's fault for hiring Ferghus of all people.
    [17:05] <@Odin> His question handling rate is as good as his repair rate
    [17:06] <@Odin> Hey
    [17:06] <@Odin> It worked!
    [17:06] <+hime> Thank you for joining us today folks!
    [17:06] <@Korgan> :3
    [17:06] <&Majikaru> s'okay we still have many people
    [17:06] <@Odin> Ferghus had to prove me wrong
    [17:06] <@Odin> lol
    [17:06] <&Majikaru> Okay, are we ready for -m?
    [17:06] <+hime> I know it was a bit rough and we'll work on improving it the next time.
    [17:06] <+Sabina> Definitely! Thanks everyone <3
    [17:06] <@Khenta> Thanks for coming hime!
    [17:06] <@Korgan> Banhammer is at the ready. xD
    [17:06] <+hime> I'll be here for a bit.
    [17:06] <@Khenta> Thanks Sabina!
    [17:06] <@Kannaa> :3c
    [17:06] * Mugenai|Neko hugs Sabina
    [17:06] <&Majikaru> Thank you for coming~
    [17:06] <@Mugenai|Neko> :3



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