Mabinogi Live Chat - Thursday, September 1



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    Mabinogi Live Chat - Thursday, September 1

    Post by MikeHo on Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:26 pm

    [16:27] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> hey everyone, welcome back to the chat... this is charles from the Mabinogi team... thanks for joining us today.
    [16:28] <+hime> Hi everybody and thanks for being here today!
    [16:28] -Majikaru:#mabinogi- (#mabinogi) I guess that means it's time for us to start!
    [16:28] <@Odin> Take it easy wait wait
    [16:28] <@Odin> I'm not ready to start aaaaa
    [16:28] <&Majikaru> Or not
    [16:28] == Kiyobi[CrossplanarMari] has changed nick to Kiyobi[Mari]
    [16:28] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> For your information, Rainbow Joe is a proposed name for an NPC that didn't make it into the game..
    [16:29] <+hime> How disappointing!
    [16:29] <+Sabina> Caravan Joe's twin brother...
    [16:29] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> who is this Caravan Joe that you speak of? Never heard of him...
    [16:29] <@Odin> Okay sorry about that I'm good now :D
    [16:30] -Odin:#mabinogi- We are live at
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    [16:30] <+Sabina> So welcome everyone to our chat! Please be sure to send Hime and I all your questions you would like to ask Rainbow Joe!
    [16:31] <+hime> If you're using a client you can double-click our name to send a message or use the query function if you are on a web client.
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    [16:32] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> May you explain what will happen during the maintenance from beginning to end?
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    [16:32] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Yes, for tonight's maintenance, it is going to be a long one (that's what she said...)... And we do apolgize in advance and ask for your patience...
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    [16:34] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> in tonight's maintenance, we are going to do a thorough check on all our servers and really work to identify problematic areas that had led to the problems over the past few days, weeks and months...
    [16:34] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> ... since that work isn't easy, or quick, we have to allocate such a long time for the service to be down...
    [16:35] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> ... it does suck, because, hey, we want to play the game too, but we will deliver a Mabinogi experience that is more stable and what YOU, our loyal players would expect...
    [16:36] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> ... aside from that, the details involve a lot of technical terms and 1s and 0s... really boring stuff..
    [16:36] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Why is mabi experiencing all of the recent maints? It's getting kinda tedious to lose mabi for the weekends, when most peopleare available to play (school year in all)
    [16:37] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Dakota, yes, it's really a bummer to have had so many maintenances recently... In part, many of them have been to address the unscrupulous activity that has been taken place in the game...
    [16:38] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> ... we wish we would have been able to take care of everything in one maintenance, but we have been unable to do so... and we also had new fixes come in after maintenances were done...
    [16:39] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> ... in the future, we absolutely want to keep the # of maintenances to a minimum..
    [16:39] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Will the house bidding be fixed tonight?
    [16:39] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Bakairu, we were hoping for the fix to be in, but with the recent focus on the server work, this bug will be fixed next week.. thank you for your patience while we addressed this.
    [16:40] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Are you guys planning on making Name,race, or server changing character cards?
    [16:41] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> IIGo, no official plans for any of these changes, however, in the Mabinogi player visit last week, many people requested this and we'd be fools not to consider it or find someway to implement these into the game...
    [16:41] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> ... so nothing planned yet, but we will make sure that devCAT is aware of the request and can hopefully find a way to put these into the schedule..
    [16:41] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Besides talking about maintenances, any news on G15 and any new skills (if any)?
    [16:41] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> G15? What's that?
    [16:42] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Double Rainbow for only the winning server everyweekend seems pretty unfair. Considering A lot of other servers are heavily populated compared to others. Isn't there going to be a double rainbow event that the whole community can enjoy?
    [16:43] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Rein, we want to reward participation and what better way to reward than with Double Rainbow? I do understand your position, and will say that everyone may see double in the next few days..
    [16:43] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> <^^flandre^^> My question is regarding an item - Has the Chinese Moon Festival dress been implemented into NA Mabinogi? If not, will it be added anytime soon?
    [16:44] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> The Chinese Moon Festival dress is not currently in the North American service, but it sounds like it would be a great reward for a future event? We'll try to make that happen for you..
    [16:44] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Will we be getting the Full Metal ALchemist Rebirth cards that Japan has?
    [16:45] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Ah yes, these Full Metal Alchemist cards... these seem to be quite popular... however, due to contractual limitations, we won't see these in Mabinogi North America anytime soon..
    [16:45] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> can nexon take legal action against the hackers causing server crashes and other severe problems like that or have they even considered it?
    [16:46] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Lume2, we cannot comment on any legal questions.
    [16:46] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> This is a bit of a silly question, but there are times where I feel that Mabi suffers from event overstauration. I miss not seeing [Event] when I go to pick channels. What's your opinion on this, guys?
    [16:48] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Kiyobi, I can see where you are coming from, though I had felt that we didn't have enough events over the past few months... and considering that we have all the Back-to-School events this month, it might be a while before you see "Channel 1 " in the list... But hopefully one (or more) of these events will be just what you're looking for!
    [16:48] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Hello, Ive asked this question multiple times and it has still gone unanswered. Will the Wonderland card ever come back to the webshop due to the fact that it was taken off 3 days earlier than stated on the main website?
    [16:49] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> MikeHo, the Wonderland card did go off sale briefly (I don't recall it being taken off 3 days early). However, we don't have plans to bring it back in the near-future. That doesn't mean that it will not come back though... I'll see what we can do about rescheduling this to come back sometime down the line..
    [16:50] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Since this maintenance is going to be the better part of a day, do you plan on extending the premium service for those who have it, like you did recently?
    [16:51] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Thundercross, we will be communicating additional details about this maintenance directly on the news post... please check for updates
    [16:51] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I was wonderinng if there are any plans for new magic skills in the future? thanks for your time
    [16:51] -Odin:#mabinogi- If you would like to ask questions, please use /msg hime or /msg Sabina to send them
    [16:52] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Twilightmage, no, we don't have any plans for new magic skills in the near-future... but we'll see what we might be able to do for 2012!
    [16:52] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Are there any plans to implement Combat Power reading into the game? Even in the form of BOSS-AWFUL- etc?
    [16:53] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Kayl, No, no plans to implement this into Mabinogi.
    [16:54] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Do you guys ever plan on putting the limited pets back on sale again or an event similar to?
    [16:55] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Draagun, we held a Memorial Pets sale in late July... we don't have any plans to hold another Memorial pet sale soon, but maybe later? Nothing is confirmed though..
    [16:56] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> whats happening with the nx compenstion
    [16:57] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> shinobie, the compensation NX was distributed earlier this week to all players who were on our list as having logged in during that period, and their accounts were not under investigation...
    [16:57] -Odin:#mabinogi- Wait! Although the event draws near to a close, the fun isn't over yet! Stay tuned for minigames with the Nexon staff and a chance of unique items!
    [16:58] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> regarding the upcoming double rainbow events, will they have double ap for every level gained or will it be single ap per level as has been said in previous chats?
    [16:58] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Animist, Double = Double... no exceptions..
    [16:58] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Anyays i was wondering... Will NA get cute racoon tail wear anytime soon?
    [16:59] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Tonyz, it's not scheduled right now, but since it is one of the more requested rewards, I'm sure it will be a reward sooner, rather than later..
    [16:59] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> What about the missing character cards and pet cards? Are you any closer to getting them back to the players?
    [17:01] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Ludacryst, based on the questions, it appears that you, and many others, are experiencing this issue... All I can say for the moment is for your to submit a ticket to Nexon Customer Support (yes, the response time might be a while), and the team will look into it when they can... I am sorry that anyone has to deal with this issue; we will do what we can to fix it..
    [17:02] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Are there going to be more hardmode dungeons and more vintage versions for items?
    [17:03] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Cool question... Right now, hardmode dungeons have been discussed, though they are not on the schedule... it's good to know that people would want these and we'll see what devCAT can do to implement them..
    [17:03] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> As for Vintage versions of items, again, this is another item that is not in the schedule, but given that you're asking about them, we will really consider including these in the future..
    [17:04] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> what will be expected ni the revamped premium service?
    [17:04] == mode/#mabinogi [+b *!*] by Korgan
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    [17:04] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Revamped Premium Service, what's that?
    [17:04] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Are their any furthur plans for the homesteads because i know once you get to level 11 and get the stuff you can there really isnt much you can do with it
    [17:05] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Again, this is another item that isn't scheduled, but I do want to see some more attention given to Homesteads... after their introduction in G14, we have left them as-is for a while, and it's time to make sure they get more attention..
    [17:06] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Will you ever bring back the Guild Event?
    [17:06] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Slytiara, we will have another guild event(s) before the end of the year; it certainly has been a while since we have had one..
    [17:08] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Ahh, one more. This isn't a question, but rather something you guys could pass to devCAT devs. You guys did graphical renewals of a bunch of things, like Humans and Giants. But if you look at Old Uladh (the Uladh area before G4), it looks significantly dated when comparing Dunbarton and Tir Chonaill to Iria or Taillteann. A graphical renewal of Tir, Dunbarton, Bangor, Emain,
    [17:08] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> and all the areas in between would be amazing!
    [17:09] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Kiyobi, thank you for mentioning this.... This isn't planned, but it's a great idea and one that will be passed along to devCAT for their thoughts... thanks again for sharing
    [17:09] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Will there be any new super-cool pets in mabinogi? And if there is going to be, can you tell us about them?
    [17:11] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Tonyz, we've actually run out of cool pets, however, devCAT has been working to create more... and we'll see some more; most likely each month, and perhaps even a 2-person pet soon!
    [17:11] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Will you guys ever brignback the Dragon Boat event??
    [17:11] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Dragon Boat event will be back, though we last ran it in May and when it does come back, we'll need to give it a small refresh, especially in rewards..
    [17:12] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> oh and a question for the chat, When is the next PVP tourney?
    [17:13] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> We'll bring this up to our GMs and see when they can schedule it... I'd like to see this again before the end of the year..
    [17:13] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Thanks for coming again!! Now down to the serious business.....are Mabinogi east coast going to get any love from Nexon?! We would like to have some in person events and conferences to voice our opinions too! Is there anything in the works?
    [17:14] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Khenta, we have had very, very informal discussions internally about reaching out to our players directly, especially those that aren't local to Los Angeles, and since the East Coast is where a lot of players are, we would like to meet these players in one way, shape or form..
    [17:14] == mode/#mabinogi [+h wut] by Hana
    [17:15] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> ... we may not have a player event on the East Coast, but we will be reaching out to specific players in different regions in the next few months..
    [17:15] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Hey, do you guys plan on releasing the rest of the Thames Armor set anytime soon?
    [17:16] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Nothing officially, but you'll see it in a future event soon..
    [17:17] <+Sabina> Well, it's about time to wrap up our chat session! Thank you Rainbow Joe for answering all the questions!
    [17:17] <+Sabina> And thank you to everyone who joined us today :D
    [17:17] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Hey everyone, THANK YOU for all your questions. Sorry I wasn't able to answer all of them and as well, sorry I can't be more transparent with all the answers...
    [17:17] <@Odin> Thank you guys too for coming to us all the way from Nexon for this
    [17:17] <@Odin> We really appreciate it
    [17:17] <+hime> There will be a day and time for when we have answers to some of your more burning questions~
    [17:17] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> there really are a LOT of items that are yet to be fully scheduled and getting your feedback helps us to put these items into the schedule for future events and rewards..
    [17:18] <+hime> Here's a fun question I got
    [17:18] <+hime> How long have you been working for NExon anyway? O: I think ive seen you on the forums for about 4 years now, is it fullfilling?
    [17:18] <+Sabina> Go Hime!!
    [17:18] <+NxA_RainbowJoe> Also, thank you in advance for your patience in regard to tonight's maintenance... we will have an improved Mabinogi experience for everyone when they log in on Friday!
    [17:19] <@Khenta> Thank you RainbowJoe!
    [17:19] <+hime> I have been working for Nexon for over 4 years (XD) and like any job, there are ups and down, hehe. But doing what we do is quite fulfilling. (:
    [17:20] <+hime> Thanks for stopping by ^^
    [17:21] <@Odin> Standby for release of mute mode.
    [17:21] <@Odin> Guys take it easy when this comes off
    [17:21] <@Khenta> TAKE COVER!
    [17:21] * Khenta dives.
    [17:21] <@Odin> if you spam it up on me it'll be turned right back on by full automatic
    [17:22] <@Odin> all ops to stations!



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