*UPDATED* PvP Tournament Brackets



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    *UPDATED* PvP Tournament Brackets

    Post by MikeHo on Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:49 am

    Due to recent server instability issues, the remaining matches for Tarlach and all participants on Alexina have been rescheduled. Tarlach and Alexina will have the first round completed on February 1st, at the same times listed below (4:00 pm Pacific for Tarlach, 5:00 pm Pacific for Alexina.

    -Round 2 will be held on February 2nd.

    -Quarter Finals will be held on February 3rd.

    -Semi Finals will be held on February 4th.

    -Finals will be held on February 7th.

    The timeframe for the above schedule will be the same for each server:

    Mari - 2:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM Eastern)

    Ruairi - 3:00 PM Pacific (6:00 PM Eastern)

    Tarlach - 4:00 PM Pacific (7:00 PM Eastern)

    Alexina - 5:00 PM Pacific (8:00 PM Eastern)

    Greetings, battle-hardened Mabinogians!

    We are happy to announce the brackets for each server. The first two rounds will take place Monday through Friday in Channels 1 and 2 of each server. For specific times, please check out the matchups below. All following rounds will be held on Channel 1. Participants will be notified via email regarding which channel to which they should report. Make sure to check Junk and Bulk mail folders and add emails from nexon.net to your safe list.

    Spectators who wish to see the battles unfold, gather just east of the corn fields in Emain Macha.

    Mari - 2:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM Eastern)
    Necrojoker vs Reyallen
    nessamarie12 vs Stazz
    Timovechkin vs bigbomb5
    Falconlord vs Code2008
    Tookies vs Rinzukii
    Nator vs Montjuleant
    Enfeeble vs Keita
    Copious vs Chrissyx3
    clocketer vs Kintoz
    CPTFalcon vs Sirrobinhood
    Vindr vs THEEHULK
    Owntrolf vs Kidtisan
    logan5464 vs lightincrest
    Hurrokun vs Pixe
    Tykan18 vs Blazingstars
    Styx90 vs Luna424

    Ruairi - 3:00 PM Pacific (6:00 PM Eastern)
    Tiger vs Borunks
    kinatara vs VIkka
    Waterclaw vs philolson
    Libera vs Northic
    Icecaptain10 vs Kiroshumo
    rageup vs XIAMBIX
    Xmault vs genizis
    Memoris vs Hellgiant
    Whiteblade23 vs Babylink
    Scarletrange vs Ayoke
    Blade409 vs Dragonav724
    Neoxas vs alejan
    Richiesin109 vs Darky1126
    Skout vs Grubber
    jeremyford vs Saix7
    notjerl vs Go0

    Tarlach - 4:00 PM Pacific (7:00 PM Eastern)
    Enel vs Dreamis
    shamo4 vs Sirinji
    Fiyah vs Megapm
    Haseo13 vs claymashu
    Domoo vs Brazilian
    Insho vs metalbitcold
    Lastgodz vs Zony250
    ryukx vs lampert
    Zeld vs azns
    Thedale vs Kiyoshi69
    Eclectric vs Nanary
    Damkun vs Icemaster12
    Shiftix vs Marthian
    liquidblue vs brightmoon1
    Guangxin vs Captainscot
    Jwnchoi vs Commitment

    Alexina - 5:00 PM Pacific (8:00 PM Eastern)
    Shona vs Akeal
    VBCG vs Jonathan
    Drawinq vs Freedanny
    xxkelmaxx vs Swissedtoast
    Recurve vs exiletwice2
    Demonbiscuit vs Yodanny
    kartheus vs kiake
    darocky vs Sabbles
    Fnord vs Soratakuechi
    Sayian vs Merith
    Zlatka vs Forgotten
    Billykane vs Aclurace
    Spartan075 vs zero46
    Heidelberg vs Polaris
    Knightmehre vs loveofgoth
    Eddward vs gotrunck

    Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.



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    Re: *UPDATED* PvP Tournament Brackets

    Post by Beefie on Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:05 am

    im rooting for Rinzukii :).... i like how CPTFalcon,Nator, and Rinzukii are double the totals of half the people there.



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