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    Choose Your Destiny!

    Post by MikeHo on Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:36 pm

    One of the wonders of Erinn is the way we can develop many different types of skills without sticking to one set path. This has allowed us creative freedom to build our characters and define ourselves the way we wanted.

    Hamlet will introduce the Destiny System. This gives you more of an opportunity to specialize in a particular fighting style, but doesn’t change the underlying game mechanics. It merely provides a generalized guided path through which you can follow a particular course for a specific kind of fighting style.

    Your choice of Destiny determines which skills you will specialize in. It will also affect the skills and stats related to that class. It also offers you a considerable bonus for development related to that destiny. You will gain double the EXP for related skills and stat categories!

    Alchemist - Mana, Stamina, Alchemy Specialization

    Fire Alchemy Mastery
    Clay Alchemy Mastery
    Transmutation Mastery
    Wind Alchemy Mastery
    Water Alchemy Mastery

    Warrior - STR, Combat Specialization

    Sword Mastery
    Axe Mastery
    Blunt Mastery
    Leap Attack

    Magician - Max MP, Magic Specialization

    Fire Mastery
    Ice Mastery
    Lightning Mastery
    Magic Bolt Mastery
    Magic Bolt Combination

    Ranger - DEX, Ranged Combat Specialization

    Crossbow Mastery
    Ranged Attack
    Magnum Shot
    Support Shot
    Crash Shot
    Arrow Revolver
    Mirage Missile
    Final Shot
    Critical Hit

    Choosing a destiny doesn’t mean you will be locked into a particular specialization, though. You can certainly stay with one destiny or experiment with hybrid. The choice on how you play is completely up to you!

    What Destiny awaits you?



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