Blacksmithing extras


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    Blacksmithing extras

    Post by Beefie on Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:13 pm

    Im currently at a blacksmithing rank were i have to make alotta heavy armor. So im sellling them.

    • Melkas are a little ugly(i think) but perfect if u want cheap armor. im selling 6 def, 3pro, and 18 duri Melkas for 25k or the materials to make it(about 20 common leathers and 20 iron ingots). Ill try to make the color u want it i dnt already have the color.

    • I also make Plate mail sometimes. Its a nicer armor with better looks, 10% PDs, 6 def, 3pro, and 23 duri. I normally sell them a bit higher at 300k+. If u want this armor without the huge price tag, u cld always gather 20 braids, 30 fine leathers, 40 iron ingots, one fine fabic and one siren's bat wing mask for me :)

    pic of my melkas:

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