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    Post by Laqueus on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:00 pm

    Harro everynyan, how ah you? Fine sankyuu. My name is Kevin, but I also go by Zucchini, Trap, and/or Laqueus.

    Why I would like to join Enthrall?
    I found out about this guild while guild searching on Mabination. Not only was this guild a small family type guild, it has a lot of people from Sheep; so this guild is perfect for me.

    About me in-game:
    I'm just a normal TTL 17x human that's been playing since OB. I've been focusing on magic due to witnessing Noodle's proness and wanting to be like her :|. Been thinking about becoming an Alchemist/Mage hybrid once I get R5 MM (Currently R6). One more thing is that I'm a trap and I'm trying to model my character after the Queen of Traps, Maria -Points at avatar-

    About me IRL:
    I'm a 5'7ish 16 year old Blasian (Black/Filipino). Currently a 12th grader in home school. Been home schooled since starting high school due to not being satisfied with my classes (lolregularEnglishinsteadofHonors). I'm somewhat a stereotypical nerd who watches anime, play video games, and play sports. I'm usually quiet and shy, but I become a lot more louder when with friends, whether it's IRL or online.
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