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    Post by Ruyho on Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:55 pm

    Well.. I used to be in the guild Gemini, a very old guild, but then later on disbanded, but I was one of the best player in that guild, yet I'm still weak, but I'm getting stronger quickly.

    I'm a monster hunter fan, love using the hammer, and Vindictus sometimes, I'm a Karok main, and love clashing bosses, like Colru (If you play Vindictus and high level, and know what it is, you'll understand.) for an example:
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    And I play Minecraft, and I'm the ban hammer of my friend's server, which I know him irl, and it's a popular server in PMC.

    I sometimes do pixel art when I'm bored.
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    And yes, I play DFO (Dungeon Fighter Online) and pretty sure Laz plays it too.

    I was hacked once, not sure how, but Nexon pardoned me, and gave me 200k NX, that's right 200k NX.
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    And my current status of DFO is.. I'm a Monk, level 70, awakened already, and can solo Ghost Train on King's road without any deaths, along with pretty awesome avatars, but not full clone avatars, but I'm one of the best Monk players.

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    Well.. not sure if I'm lucky really, but yeah.

    I'm Steve, or Steven, but lots of people call me Steve, and I'm quite a nice and cool person, and I'm pretty sure some people in this guild knows me.

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