Bundle of Updates. [Warning: Long]


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    Bundle of Updates. [Warning: Long]

    Post by Geluberserk on Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:40 am

    Love is in the air!

    To spread the love this month, a new gachapon has been released! Sick of seeing no new items within Erinn? Not to worry! Starting from February 23rd to March 15th the Valentine's Giftbox has been released to the item shop. The Valentine's Day Gift Box will hold two separate gachapons within it. When opened, you will receive 1 White Chocolate Giftbox and 1 Dark Chocolate Giftbox. Both boxes will have a couple of new items that were never available in-game. How's that for a Valentine's Gift?

    Here's some of the rewards that can be received from the two separate gachapons!

    Dark Chocolate Giftbox

    Andris Wing Staff
    Valkyrie Shield
    Hebona Robe
    Permanant Combo Card Coupon
    Heart Glasses
    Cute Raccoon Tail Set(M/F)
    Formal Eluned Alchemist Set

    White Chocolate Giftbox

    Crow Scythe
    Barbaric Fox Scythe
    Hypno Glasses
    Nao Coin
    Wave Sweeper(Fine)
    Gold Chain Armor(Fine)
    Marshal Dragon Fang

    Please note that the Cute Raccoon Tail Set and some of the arrows/bolts are not yet translated. This issue will be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you.


    Winter Wolf Character Card: Explore Winter Wonderland in Style!

    Explore Winter Wonderland in Style!

    When you think of winter, you don’t usually think of high fashion but Mabinogi is about to change all that! Introducing the adorably chic Winter Wolf Character Card! These snuggly Character Cards include a beautifully fur-lined ensemble! You get a fashionable wolf hood, matching boots and cozy mittens to keep you safe from the elements, while still looking fabulous! But wait! It doesn't just end there. Once the card is purchased, you will receive a title. What title you ask? There can only be one title fit for these fashionable clothing. The Fashionogi Leader title of course!

    Cuddle up with the Winter Wolf Character Card from February 23 to March 15, 2012!


    Potion Love Events

    Share the Love

    Starting February 23rd to March 15th, in-game events will be back in Mabinogi!

    To start off, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day late with the Valentine's Day Event. It's never too late to share the love!

    Log into Erinn to start the event and obtain a quest to go see the Commerce Merchant Nunu. He will then ask you to bake a Chocolate Cake for him. Bring the cake back and receive a Gesture Coupon as well as a special Math Dungeon Pass. While in the Math Dungeon, you will have a chance to have another Gesture Coupon drop.

    The Gesture Coupons allow your character to have two new gestures in the game!

    Ready to propose to that special girl/boy in-game? Use the two new gestures "I Love you" and "Propose" to display your affection!

    Falling behind? Participate!

    Another event that will be taking place the same time as the Valentine's Day Event is the Potion Party Event! Running from February 23rd to March 15th, the Potion Party event will allow you to catch up to friends!

    Log into Mabinogi to receive a Potion Party Coupon. One coupon per day (Real Time). Use your Yellow Wing to teleport to Caravan Joe. However many coupons you have collected will determine which Potions will be available to you.


    Potion Party Giftbox
    Sweet Potion Party Giftbox
    Superior Potion Party Giftbox
    AP Potion 5
    AP Potion 15
    AP Potion 30

    Enjoy your life in Erinn!

    Technical Difficulties with Yahoo! Email Accounts

    Dear Mabinogians,

    We are currently experiencing difficulties sending emails to Yahoo! email addresses. This is affecting the following processes:

    Resetting passwords
    Changing e-mails
    Logging into locked or deactivated accounts
    We are working with Yahoo! to resolve this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

    -The Mabinogi Team-

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