Applications Have Come to a Pause. [2nd COMING)


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    Applications Have Come to a Pause. [2nd COMING)

    Post by Geluberserk on Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:20 pm

    By my title, I do not mean that we will no longer take applications, but just understand that acceptances/interviews will now be stalled due to the friends list issue going on currently on Mabinogi. As a result, we can not add/delete anyone from the guild. This is just a reminder for those that are still waiting to be accepted. Thanks for applying, and we hope Nexon fixes this issue soon.

    Friends list and guild list have been fixed, so applications are open!

    Due to the mishap on Nexon's website, they had written that you would be able to manage a guild with Normal Service. This is not true, you need VIP. Anna (our lead) has already purchased Normal Service, and doesn't plan to purchase VIP until her current Service runs out (which is completely reasonable). Unless some unforeseen event occurs, applications have come to a pause. Please note that you can still apply, all this means is that your acceptance (or denial) will be delayed. Sorry for any inconveniences. Hope to see you new recruits in Enthrall!!

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