Asagi's journey chapter 12


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    Asagi's journey chapter 12

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    While Reina & Leanna helping Asagi walking to the infirmary to let her recover but when they enter the infirmary,Reina told Leanna to report to Steam during her mission.Before they can enter,Yukimaru fallowed them quietly and told Reina that Leanna messed up during the rescue even though she was behind the bandit leader's back unnoticed,even though she could either sneak behind him and knock him out nor blast him from behind but Moridae beat her to it but directly where he is facing towards Moridae along with the hostage.When Reina got the idea why did those two were arguing but Yukimaru suggested that she'll take it from here and help Kana with the tour for the guests that are visiting.Reina carefully let yukimaru lift Asagi by her shoulder,when Reina ran off to help Kana,Yukimaru introduced her self to Asagi.As Yukimaru carefully opening the doors to the infirmary without making Asagi fall down as she supports her to the closest bed to let her sit down.After she settle Asagi down on the bed and she told Asagi to try not to take what Mori said is too offensive consider that he lost his family to the fomor raid thats 10 years ago when he was about 10 years old even the age passed by he still holds the grudge on the fomors but the guild leader said that he needs to learn to forgive them then she even said it doesnt seem to working out pretty good than it is doing more harm on the guild's reputation consider the amount of complaints of the mission involving fomors always coming from the clients even though Yukimaru never gave in the full report but kept the stream of complaints from Steam but as others gave in the full report of the accepted tasks including the complaint and the argument that she witnessed today.As Yukimaru lets out an sigh,she then began to wonders why Steam let him into the guild in the first place since the fact it was suppose to help both humans and fomors on various tasks but always have an complaint coming from both type of clients,but Asagi didnt say anything then Yukimaru told Asagi that she'll get Tera to check up on her injuries.

    When Yukimaru exited the infirmary,she saw Mori waiting outside of the infirmary,he told Yukimaru that he really means it on what he said to Asagi about she being a filthy half breed of a fomor.Yukimaru told him that she doesnt mind adding that to the report to the guild leader.As they are arguing with each other,Asagi herd everything as they arguing each other from a distance behind the doors even though she felt regretted that she tried to defending even though she thought it was a misunderstanding on the first impressions.Asagi even herd Yukimaru is defending her even though Mori still dont believe her and keep saying she'll eventually stab every guild members of the guild in the back,but even though what he said to Yukimaru then she said:"I know you dont like fomors but she still part human,what gives you the right to brand her as the ones that Slaughtered your family and wipe your *village* off the face of the world with out a reason at all !? I know Asagi is not one of those fomors would do it in cold blood,she maybe different but she at least have humanity too.Unlike you whose nothing like a spoiled brat who thinks all fomors should have been wiped out through the face of the world and been spoon fed by the guild leader even though that he's the one taking more stress on sorting out the complaints coming from your actions !". After Yukimaru before she walked off on Mori,she told him that he would make a better guild member in Nirvana than being in this guild and then she walked away from him.When she is no where to be seen through the hallways,he grunted and punches the wall with his rage from what Yukimaru said to him,he quietly said:"Filthy run away girl..."

    After Leanna gave in her report to Steam,he sighed then told her that she is to be dismissed.When Leanna left out of Steamb's room,he took off his glasses and began to think what he should do with Mori considering the fact there have been complaints when ever he gave him the requests for him to do especially the fact the guild doesnt make much gold lately,he began to think that he shouldnt have attempted to help him relinquished his past but as he think about it,he began to think if Asagi would do a better job than Mori consider the incident from yesterday then he got curious about her combat skills since shes more than meets the eye consider that she looks gentle but either she has a split personality or it was instincts made her killed off the kidnappers non other less she might been trained for combat.After he thinking for a while,he decided to make plans to see her potential but he have to wait for her to fully healed up since she have reopened her wounds.

    As Steam taking a stroll around the porch of the castle with many thoughts about Nirvana's plans and the missing fomors happening every once a week consider the fact they have no clues or traces of the kidnapper,he thought of letting Asagi taking on the investigation of the missing fomors since she might have dog or wolf senses of tracking on something that normal humans cant sense.He looked at the blue skies thinking that what would his lord do if he was still alive and in charged of the guild...

    When he reenter his room,before he was able to take his seat at his desk,he herd someone knocking at his door,he sat down and told the person that is out side of his room to enter.When Kana enters his room and she reported him that a ship from Del Monta that is on the way to Gensokyo to request permission to docked in Gensokyo in order to disembark two guild members of Oberon from Del Monta that are on they're way to Nekojima for vacation and they request your permission if they could request a boat to Nekojima and requesting the ship to stay for three months.After he herd what Kana told him,he asked:"Was the message came by owl from the ship that sailed from Del Monta is requesting my permission to docked in Gensokyo ?".Kana nodded and awaits of his message to be delivered for the ship thats on the way to allowed to be docked.After Steam herd the message he told Kana that he approves of Oberon's request.Before Kana to send an messenger owl to the oncoming ship,she asked Steam why did he approved the request of letting two guild member visiting gensokyo,then Steam replied:"I know that i am taking a risk that those two guild members might plotting something with this message but on the other hand we hardly get people from other continents to visit Gensokyo,so if anything happens I'll take any responsibilities for my decision.Im sending you and Vania to keep an good eye on those two since we have one incident from yesterday but also give them a good tour and make sure they dont cause any trouble to the people.".

    While on the ship thats sailing onwards to gensokyo,as the captain writing down his sailing logs,then he herd someone knocking on his door,after he finished writing down his sailing log then afterwards told the person who is knocking on his door to come in.When the person came into the captain's quarters,he greeted Shinzo,when he how many days will they arrived to Nekojima,but the captain told Shinzo that the ship will be on the way to Gensokyo because they're destination is being in charged by an Guild called W.A.F.F.L.E.S. so he went ahead to send an owl requesting permission to allow Shinzo and his girlfriend to disembark even requesting a boat to Nekojima but he apologizes for that they can only disembark them on Gensokyo then told him that the ship will be arrived with in a week or so depending on the weather and the wind conditions.When Shinzo herd that they are heading to Gensokyo,he was surprised that Nekojima is under a guild's territory,so he kinda wonder what he should tell Nicole about that they are heading to Gensokyo instead of nekojima on there vacation.When Shinzo was about to leave the room,he saw Nicole eavesdropping on what Shinzo & the captain of the ship were talking about in the end she told Shinzo not to worry since they could look around Gensokyo unless Shinzo doesnt mind,but Shinzo insisted that they should get they should be heading to Nekojima as planned,Nicole still doesnt mind to walk around on land for few hours in gensokyo.

    While Asagi laying down on the bed,waiting for Yukimaru to bring Tera to treat her reopened wounds,as she gazed at the ceiling of the room then deeply thinking about her past but the more she think about it the more painful it is to remember anything,she had a vision of her self in front of an brigade armed with crossbows aiming at her but she cant see the man's face that is in front the firing brigade.As she trying to figure out the vision that she had but then she decided to forget about it and think it was just her imagination.She began to wondered why she doesnt feel anything after she killing the ones that kidnapped her,as if she began to feel like she killed them without any remorse or any hesitation like an tool that kills with no emotions nor reasons of killing people,but then she realized that she have to do it to get back to her friends or to the place she now called home.She been wondering about the past for a while and considering her life in Gensokyo since the guild leader was kind enough to take her in.While shes waiting for Tera to check,she began wondering whats taking Yukimaru so long to bringing him to the infirmary.After a while she lost the patience on waiting for Yukimaru to bring Tera,she got off the but when she tries to stand up to felt slight pain from her ankle,knowing that she can only walk before putting more stress on the ankle,as she snuck out of the infirmary,she look both sides of the halls,making sure Yukimaru or Reina are on the way,then she took a sniff of the air and caught a scent of sweat thats not far from where the infirmary is.She even herd alot of noises coming from the corner of the halls,so she got curious of the sounds and to see what is going on while shes on the way towards the scene,she always making sure no one saw her walking around the halls even though she needs to be in bed to recover her injuries,even if they dont have a scent she could still pick up the sound they make even the faintest one.

    As Yukimaru wondering around the castle looking for Tera,but she couldnt find him anywhere of the castle,when she saw Vania sitting in the cafeteria gazing through the window with something deeply in her mind,she didnt wanted to bother Vania since she is thinking about something then she herd Reina who possibly talking with Stephanie through the halls,now that she think about it,she remembered that Reina have bit of knowledge in the art of healing and maybe she might able to use her arts on Asagi so she run up towards Reina since she was right around the corner of the hallway but when she ran towards the corner of the halls,she ran into Tera making him dropped an bucket of water with submerged crabs.During the accident caused by Yukimaru when she bump into Tera as he was preparing a meal along with the help of Reina as she carrying the box ingredients to mixed in with the rice,Tera was quite upset about how hard was it to carrying the bucket of filled with submerged crabs as he leered at Yukimaru while hes being pinched by crabs after they made eye contact he then began to feeling the pain from the crabs pinching him from multiple places of his body.As Yukimaru & Reina trying to remove the crabs as they clamped on Tera's fingers and certain places of the body.After the event that was caused by Yukimaru making Tera dropped the bucket,Tera began scolding her about her suddenly pop out of the corner of the halls and making him dropped the bucket filled with submerged crabs even though he have to use two hands to carry it due to weight of it and it doesnt seem to have a handle to carry it easily to it.Soon after Yukimaru apologizes to Tera for running into him and making him dropping the bucket filled with crabs,he told Yukimaru that healing arts only smoothens the wounds of the subject but not to close the wounds then he asks Yukimaru to help him with the cooking then appoint Reina to another task of changing the bandages on Asagi.After Reina given the box with various vegetable along with some raw meat,she mentions that Artemis went out with Kalduil for some exploration.When Reina mention the name of Kalduil,but she took off before she can even ask who is Kalduil.Then she turned to Tera and ask him about Kalduil but he told her that he never met him since he went out buying food for tonight's dinner and lunch for the guests.As she even recall asking Reina to help with Kana with the tour,Tera told that he saw Reina running in the halls asking him:"Have he seen Kana anywhere with in the guild castle and told her that he seen her coming out of the Steam's room then even asked her to help him with the groceries.".Yukimaru began to wonder who's in charged of the tour for the guests....

    While in the guild's dojo,as Bryan teaching some of the kids basics of the swords when the teacher ask if it was good idea to teach kids,Bryan replied :"As long as the kids are having fun and besides its for them to decide if they wanted to be a warrior or something else consider the fact its they're decisions after all."As every one of the kids looking at Bryan with they're eyes telling him that he became the kid's role model even some of the kids saying they want to grow up to be strong like him even though they sparred with Bryan after a while since they never landed a single blow on him since he parried every swings.When he saw most of the kids are tired and exhausted,he he asked every one:"who's hungry ?".Then he saw a girl peeking through the door way towards the dojo,he thought it was a spy of Nirvana and give chase to her,when she saw him dashing towards her direction,she tripped before she can run from him,but when he caught her,he noticed it was Asagi but he doesnt see Reina or any one with her,he noticed that she snuck out of the infirmary.Bryan asked:"You been watching me sparring a bit with the kids right ?" She nodded quietly and ask Bryan to not tell Reina or Yukimaru that she have sneaking around the guild castle and not resting. Bryan doesnt know what to do with her since she been sneaking around,before he can drag her back to the infirmary,the kids starting to gather around,when they all saw Asagi,they began to ask questions about her health,knowing they all worried about her well being,Bryan ask if she wanna join the tour since she never been around the guild castle.When she herd Bryan's offer,her tail began to wag around and gladly accepts his offer,as Bryan helping her getting up on her feet,he told her to stay with him other wise Reina would be really mad if she discovered that she been walking around the halls alone while still in recovery.

    When Reina entered into the infirmary,looking at the empty bed that seems like someone got off the bed recently and left,as her eye left eye twitches as she is furious since Reina told Asagi that she needs to rest but she never listens,she even raises up a fist as if it was hard to tell a dog to stay put for an hour and have to resort to put a leash on her.she let out a sigh and ran out of the infirmary to look for Asagi even praying that she didnt went out to the town of Gensokyo.As Reina prowling through the halls,looking for Asagi in every corner of the room even in Steam's private stash of instant ramen packs,when she left out of Steam's room,she saw Steam right next to her with his eyes having the intention of killing her asking:"Did you take any of my stash with out asking me .....?" .As Reina shuddering at the tone that he ask Reina,she shook her head side ways telling him that she havnt touch any of them,when he got the reply from her ,he reverted back to his casual self and ask what is she looking for,she replied that she been looking for Asagi since she wasnt in the infirmary,then he told that she was last seen in the cafeteria with Bryan and the kids,when Reina herd that Asagi went to join the tour with the kids,she run off to drag her back and she may have to put a leash on her until she is fully healed.

    After Yukimaru served the lunch while Tera cleaning up the kitchen,as Yukimaru eating besides Asagi and leering Bryan as he enjoying his lunch,she asked:"Why did you drag her out of the infirmary knowingly that shes still an injured guest of the guild." But Bryan told her that she is the new member of the guild,even though shes new to the guild,she doesnt have her own room yet but he recalls that Yukimaru's room does have alot of room so he gonna ask Steam for letting Asagi being Yukimaru's roommate but she objects to Bryan's idea since she uses the extra space to practice magic even to master some of the dark magics,he told her that its gonna be only for couple of days or few short months before he can talk further,Asagi said that she'll sleep with in the infirmary until Steam able to get her a room of her own.As they enjoying they're lunch while the kids and they're teachers enjoying it,Bryan telling Yukimaru that she have really good qualities as a warrior,consider she doesnt sit around when she is still injured,while Bryan conversation with Yukimaru that mostly involves that she have knack for an warrior,even though Asagi isnt paying any attention to those two,she staring at Vania as she sitting across where she is and right besides Bryan also seem to pay a little attention to him,Asagi try to start a conversation with her but she doesnt know where to start.Before Asagi can say something,Vania asked about how she able to keep check of her tail since it wags around when Vania asking her a question,Asagi dunno how to answer to the question but she told her that sometimes it has a mind of its own,then she mentions she doesnt like people touching her tail,Vania gets the gist of what she replied since shes obviously part dog or wolf since the tail is much sensitive part to them,she even asked:"Doesnt it bother you while your asleep like hitting or touching certain places of the body ?".Asagi told her:"It doesnt seem to bother me since im used to it..". As she told Vania that it doesnt bother her while shes asleep consider the fact she gotten used to it since birth,knowingly that she suffer amnesia but she is amazed how much will power to walk around even covered in bandages,she asked if Kalduil have refreshed any memories about her past self,she told Vania that she only refreshed a little of it then she mentions that she also remember how to wield a sword but some of the experiences though.When Bryan herd Asagi remember how to wield a sword,he immediately gotten interests to see how good is she with her swordsmanship,but he cant drag her to the dojo since she's still recooperating,then she mention to Bryan that she manage to escape and killed off the kidnappers alone,after hearing from Vania he gotten more interested about her skills.Afterwards Vania told Asagi that Bryan really interested in fighting strong warriors and told her to becareful when it comes to fighting him but he does find fighting and swordsmanship is his favorite sport,she even mention that Bryan have a fetish for swords which he did took interests with her sword that she had when she was found unconscious,then she remembered that Bryan is holding her sword that she originally had,Bryan told her that Kalduil took it back since he entrust it to her.

    Afterwards Asagi told them that she doesnt recall when did Kalduil entrusted a sword to her,then she wonder what was her relationship between herself with Kalduil,as she wonder about Kalduil until Bryan told her that Kalduil is her teacher that taught her the ways of bushido.They herd Mori said:"Did Kalduil taught you how to sit like the dog you are or are you his precious little pet ?" After hearing what Mori said about Kalduil,Bryan stood up from his seat and walk up to Mori then punches him in the face telling him :"Kalduil is a honorable warrior,he wouldnt done anything that perverted since she able to kill off the kidnappers alone,so why dont you just grow up you crybaby and be a man or want us to fight it out to see who is right with they're answers?" As the kids are rooting for Bryan when they are about to fight,then Asagi reminded him hat he shouldnt let the kids see the fight since it will damaged the reputation of the guild,when Bryan was reminded that he was suppose to be incharged of the tour for Kana,he issued Mori to a duel tonight at the dojo but if he doesnt come to the duel then he accepts that hes an crying ignorant coward who cant accepts the future generations and better off as an guild member of nirvana.When Mori gotten back up on his feet,he asked:"Why would you bother to defend her since shes not human at all,above all what interested you fighting your own kind than fighting against fomors !?". Bryan simply replied that he find it much boring against fighting fomors,and even he enjoys the challenge of having to fighting legion of human warriors before him rather than a pack of fomors. Bryan even asked:"Mori why did you join this guild in the first place since you always ended up causing more harm to the people rather than helping them huh ? Is it because that Steam took pity on you when you were a kid ? Whats your reason of your joining because of that ? Did a fomor took your tongue ? Also when will you grow up become a real man so I dont have to hit you with pair of kiddy gloves all the time since your nothing but a pathetic crybaby whos holding down the entire guild with your constant offending and insulting others!" But Mori didnt replied as he biting down his lips then he run off when he was verbally harmed by Bryan.When Mori left the scene,the kid cheer for Bryan but he was slightly ticked off since he insulted the one he wanted to defeat in an honorable duel,then he told Vania and Yukimaru to show the guests around around the castle for a while as he gonna go to the dojo doing some training,but Vania asked Bryan of where to start for the tour,after Bryan think for a moment and suggested Vania to start with the guild's personal hot springs since its almost time for the guest to return to the school.Before Bryan was about to head for the dojo,Asagi thanked him for stood up for Kalduil and told him that some how deep down inside feel much grateful,but Bryan told her that he doesnt like people insulting an honorable warrior.

    When they were getting ready to continue the tour with the guests,Asagi asked Yukimaru about why Mori called her an Runaway girl,but when Yukimaru herd what Asagi said,she told her not to talk about it,but Asagi insisted since she herd the entire argument with Mori,when he said it behind Yukimaru's back even though she was some distance away from the door though,Yukimaru was surprised that she even herd the entire argument.Yukimaru told Asagi that she ran away from home since her parents hardly care for her and knowing that she have been practicing magic since she often done alot of damages,so when her parents were discussing things about her,but when her sisters tell them that they should abandon her since she have been causing alot of trouble even they called as a witch since they never have touched magic,Yukimaru herd the entire conversation and ran away from home with out even telling them.Asagi was shocked to hear that she ran away from home but Yukimaru told her that she was better off this way since who knows what worst they can do to her if she stayed at home,she wouldnt able to make friends and to have a home within Gensokyo.

    Before they can continue onwards with the tour,one of the teachers told them is time for the kids to head back to the school so Vania guide them back to entrance of the castle.When it was time to leave,the kids were sadden the thought to leave but they all wish well for Asagi's health when they get back.After Vania left the cafeteria along with the guests,Asagi wondered about what made her popular with the kids,Yukimaru said to her:"Perhaps they find you pretty unique since your different from all fomors that we see everyday,not to mention you look almost like a human but with a tail and those dog or wolf like ears."Asagi replied:"I guess but...I get the feeling im gonna get tired of hearing those words eventually even I get kidnapped just for some larger sum of payment from Nirvana !" When Asagi mentioned Nirvana's payment,she asked:"So they are getting payed just by kidnapping fomors huh ?" Asagi replied:"Yeah,I herd it back in the restaurant while we were getting something to eat before showing me around but I was unable to help her even i cant remember how to fight and wasnt even able to fend myself when i got kidnapped ..." When Yukimaru patted Asagi on the back telling her:"You did what you could it cant be help since your suffering Amnesia right?" Asagi still blame herself that it was her own fault that she got kidnapped and troubled Reina then she herd Reina's voice saying to her:"You dont have to bash on your own self just on that incident,it cant be helped since I did underestimated them since I didnt know one of them was in the shop as others are waiting for the perfect timing on it,but that event did did a nudge on your memory right?" When Asagi saw Reina,she knew that she is going to be in alot of trouble for not resting up,but when she look at Reina's smiling expression,Asagi got a sinking feeling coming from her smile.

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