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    Monday, January 2, 2012

    Post by MikeHo on Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:58 pm

    Dear Mabinogians,

    As all of you are aware, over the past few days malicious players took advantage of many innocent players within the Mabinogi game service, making the game difficult and frustrating to play, which ultimately led to us having no choice but to take Mabinogi temporarily offline.

    We are happy to say that Mabinogi is back online and we understand how important Mabinogi is to ALL of you, as Mabinogi isn't just a game. It's a place to socialize with far away friends; it's a way to explore, be heroic and crush monsters; it's a comfortable space to be creative. And we would like to sincerely apologize for this downtime.

    Over these last few days, the team at devCAT worked to identify and fix these issues. The patience and support from YOU, the Community, has been instrumental in helping out, as the information in tickets, posts on the forums, and even direct contact from the Community has helped out.

    Given that Mabinogi was down for nearly 40 hours, we will provide each player who logged in during this time with the following, to compensate for the downtime:

    1) NX 5,000

    2) 2-Day Extension of VIP/Premium/Inventory Plus Service

    3) An upcoming 2x EXP event(s) that will help you get to where you should be

    In addition, for players who were directly affected by the malicious activity, we will add:

    1) An additional NX 5,000, for a total of NX 10,000

    2) Restoration of your lost items


    As we anticipate that there are more players affected than we've seen tickets for so far, we request that you submit a ticket to Nexon Support (

    In your ticket, please include the following information:
    - Your Account Name
    - Your Character Name
    - Your Character's Server
    - Date of malicious activity
    - Items missing/removed
    - Name of Malicious Character (if available)

    As well, in order to help with filtering, please include the keyword 'MUGWORTS' in the Summary field.

    Please note that restoration of items will take some time, and we request your patience while we go through each ticket in order to properly restore the correct items to your characters.

    We thank ALL of YOU for your support and patience and wish you the best for your Fantasy Life!


    - The Mabinogi Team -



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