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    Post by MabNoodle on Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:08 pm

    «Welcome to Enthrall»

    The Guild--

    Enthrall is a friendly, family-type social guild that does not like trolls or drama llamas.
    We talk in guild chat and help out members with Generation quests and the like, so you should, too >:U!
    To apply, simply press the "New Thread" button to in our [[Application Section]] and write a little bit about yourself. Also put in an application at our [[guild stone]] or find us on the guild list. We'll meet up with you in-game to hang out so we get to know you before accepting you~ Most of our members are given nicknames (which are food/drink-related), so be forewarned~ :3

    The Forum--

    It'd be great if you could be active on the forums because events/news will be posted here. It's also a good way to learn about your guildies~ However, please refrain from "double-posting" without reason; this isn't Nexon Forums-- this has an edit button! xP

    The Rules--
    • Be respectful to your guildmates. Jokes are fine as long as the other person sees it as one.
    • If anyone feels uneasy because of another member, Noodle and Viv will put their serious faces on.
    • Mods are don't ask, don't tell. "Game-breaking" mods are a no-no, but visual ones are fine.
    • (Raft) Glitchers... are not appreciated.
    • Guild chat is not the place to hold long, thought-out rants. There are forums for those.
    • If you quit and want to rejoin, we'll give you a chance.

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