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    S> Armors, Clothing, Jewels, and Weapons

    Post by Aerodith on Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:04 pm

    As you can tell from my thread title that I am practically having an Inventory Cleanout. The thing is that I haven't played Mabi for a long time and I kinda want to start over so I am selling majority of my stuff to save up for new equips and to just have more space. Send your offers to me in-game by noting me (IGN: Aerodith of course) or post your offers here and I'll try to respond to you ASAP. Here's the list:

    Long Swordsmanship School Uniform (F); Dura. 12/12; Prof. 3(76.4%)
    Color(s): Metal is purple and the dress is purple also.

    Blessed Goggle Cap; Dura. 7/10 (The durability will vary since I am using this equip now)
    Color(s): Hat and goggles are purple.

    Cuirassier Helm w/ Strong Enchant; Dura. 7/7
    Color(s): light silver

    Rose Plate Armor (Type P) (F); Dura. 20/20; Prof. 5(13.2%)
    Color(s): Black stockings; orang metal and skirt.

    Blessed Daby Scotts Plaid Wear for Women; Dura. 12/12; Prof. 11(52.1%)
    Color(s):Purple scarf and skirt; light brown jacket.

    Dragon Fang; Dura. 21/22 (The durability will vary since I am using this weapon now); Prof. 5(1.0%) (Same goes for proficiency)
    Color(s): Handle/Hilt is Dark Purple; Edge of blade is a light purple; and blade is black but sometimes it would appear dark green 0.o

    Dragon Blade w/ Good Enchant; Dura. 6/12; Prof. 42(18.6%)
    Color(s): White silver blade and dragon-winged part. The hilt/handle is black.

    Joker Pumpkin Head; Dura 5/5
    Color(s): ....Orange of course -_-....and I know its out of season lol.

    Kirinusjin's Half-plate Armor; Dura. 13/15 (The durability will vary since I am using this armor now); Prof. 19(70.1%) (Same goes for proficiency)
    Color(s): The metal is black (all parts) and all the cloth is dark purple.

    Jasper - 2.17cm
    Aquamarine - 1.75cm

    Stone Gargoyle's Glowing Pauldron
    Other Info: If you are looking for the other parts, I am glad to help run the dungeons with you and a party. Just contact me

    Okay so for all the equips that I said would vary on the durability, I would be happy to repair them for you (by Edern or Simon of course). Also if any questions, contact me ASAP or reply on thread. If you need a picture, just ask and I'll post it. Thanks for your time. I will keep this list updated.

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