Asagi's journey chapter 11


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    Asagi's journey chapter 11

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    While Kalduil examining the entrance to the sealed lost library of Nara,as he examining the entrance he saw some humans investigating the site,He asked:"Artemis i thought you said this Sealed catacombs library was populated and guarded by gargoyles ?" Artemis told Kalduil that their might be another faction seeking certain information about lost arts of magic,and possibly seeking lost relic,when Kotaro & Tadakatsu returned from looking for another entrance to the Catacombs,Kotaro reported that those men have an emblem labeled "Nirvana" and they seem to have the entire area well secured but they dont see any gargoyles besides humans guarding over the place.Artemis beginning have suspicions as that guild was rumored to seizing and experimenting fomors,he began to worried what have Nirvana done to the gargoyles that in habits this area.Kalduil looked at Artemis,he asked:"Are you ready to fight once again ?". Artemis looked at Kalduil,then let out an sigh,he wished that he could avoid further blood shed but he told Kalduil that it would be interesting to fight against their own race,he adjusted his glasses then carefully set down his large case then he opens it revealing an long Katana in its white sheath with gold plated linings.Kaduil was surprised that Artemis have not only brought his master's sword,he even packed up his old scythe from the time when he used to worked under his brother,he noticed that he been polished and sharpened the blades edges ,but when Artemis offering his master's Agito,he thought back what his teacher said to him on his last breath:"As my living legacy...use my sword to cut down the darkness that lurks in the path of the brighter age than where we lived in this very time of our life....".Kalduil grabbed on to the sword thinking that what his master would have wanted him to have it since his own master acknowledged himself as his master's legacy,he place his master's sword on his left side of his waist along with his own swords.Kotaro asks Kalduil for a plan of how to get into the catacombs,but he replied:"We dont have much choice but to cut our way through considering that they after something else other than the fomors that inhabits the ruins but we should rescue the captive fomors first then we start investigating the area." After Kalduil review their plans of operations before they can move out,Artemis mentioned that their was an hidden entrance that is a tunnel that leads them into the lost library.They all decided to take the hidden entrance rather than enter into the ruins before they had the chance of disposing the ancient manuscripts and documents for their main objective to find clues about an mysterious wolf like fomor that he saw when he found Asagi.

    As the two Guilds men of Nirvana standing guard at the main entrance to the catacombs,one of them were asking questions why their guild leader send many members to the particular area that their leader seem to be interested about the rumored to have an ancient documents,maps and Relics lies buried with in the lost library of Nara which was guarded by a race of gargoyles that they locked them in a cage with in their camp near by the area that they are excavating and ready to transfer them to the nearest Nirvana facility once they got what they found.When a girl wearing a very dark robe asked the soldiers for the results of their expedition on searching for the documents deep with in the lost library.The soldiers reported that they have excavated an worn out tomes that are written in fomorian language,they mention that they spotted a large picture of a large ancient fomor that the gargoyles seems to have been worshiped over centuries.

    When Artemis pointed at the waterfall to notified the others that they are almost arrived at the hidden passage entrance,Kalduil ordered everyone to be ready if the Nirvana guild had set up an trap for any intruders or other factions on gathering information.After they readied their weapons,they saw an wounded gargoyle coming out of the hidden passage,the gargoyle saw Kalduil's group he tries to turn back into the cave but he herd the soldiers from Nirvana approaching towards him,he exited out the tunnel and attempt escape from being captured by running the opposite direction from Kalduil's group but his wounds were deep which caused him unable to fly away,he realized theirs no ways of escape so he braced him self for the inevitable fate forced upon his race.When a group of 4 soldiers from nirvana got out of the cave,they were ready to capture that fomor suddenly they saw a man wearing a white tioz armor appeared in front of them knowing that they are interfering with their duties to capture every fomor alive and he demanded him to kindly step away from the fomor but the he stood his ground for the fomor.As the soldier's patience running thin they draw their swords and gave him an final warning to step aside or face an dire consequences that the blue cosmos will unleash upon him but he still remained silent until he said:"Sono inochi, Kami ni kaeshinasai !".The Captain of the group didnt like the reply from him,he decided to order his troops to kill him but when his companions came to assist him,the captain of the group recognize the person in white robe is Artemis.Before Kotaro & others begun to attack Kalduil told them that he had enough about how humans came across ruining lives of other races other than them selves,he ordered Artemis and others to protect that gargoyle,then Kotaro insisted that he & Tadakatsu to fight along side with him,but Kalduil told Kotaro & Tadakatsu to locate their camp and rescue the captive fomors that held prisoners from the Nirvana guild.Both Kotaro & Tadakatsu understand what Kalduil is thinking,since he knows that he is capable of handling a small pack of power obsessed thugs with out using his swords,he & Tadakatsu took their leaving to carry out the orders given by Kalduil knowing that he is worried about the captive fomors.

    When the captain of the group ordered one of his troops to call for reinforcements and alert their troops in the main camp to be on full alert,but his action were thwarted by a wall of fire that appeared behind them and blocking their path to backtrack to the main force and saw Kalduil emerging from the flames had his red katana out of its sheath,he was amazed that he manage to move faster than the wind,now he knows his sword is infused with powerful magic,he began to show signs that he wanted to kill the wielder then take the sword for himself.Kalduil looked at him fiercely at the captain's eyes,he know the look of the captain's eyes that those are fomorian eyes,he wondered if Nirvana did some kind of experiments on their own soldiers turning them into a monster or something beyond the bounds of a normal human capable of.Knowing something isnt right about the captain he switch hands with the red katana to his left hand then draw his blue katana from his Left waist with is his right hand from where his red katana's sheath is wrapped around his tasset,he rather be fighting all out than going limited force.

    When the captain ordered his men to attack,they advance towards Kalduil with their weapons ready in hand,they surrounded Kalduil trying to flank him from every direction.As they flanked Kalduil in every direction,one soldiers charge towards him planning to attack him with a two prong attack,when one of them swing his sword downwards but was parried with his left handed katana fallowed by a slash with his blue katana splitting his foe from chest and waist.Then the 2 soldiers that stood behind Kalduil as they attempt to avenge their fallen comrade that been slain by Kalduil,the both of them charged towards him while his back is turned.As Kalduil changing back to his normal stance and knows the enemies that are behind him are attacking him,he switch his left handed sword to reverse grip then thrust it when one of the soldiers got close to him,thus impaling him through the body then flames started to blazed out of his body.When the other soldier saw the cruel way of killing his foe,he jumped high enough over the burning corpse of his comrade and swinging his sword downwards towards kalduil.Kalduil realizes he doesnt have enough time to pull out his sword,he let go of it then gently pushes the corpse down.Then he kneel down and swiftly put his sword side ways above him to parry the strike with his blue katana while one hand is on the back part of the sword as his palm of his hand is covered by cloth around it to avoid getting frostbite from the effects his sword.When the blow was parried and for a brief moment he breaks off the deadlock by pushing his enemy's sword and throwing off balance,then he swiftly swings his sword around back to where he originally faced.Artemis watching and be on ready to disobey Kalduil's orders no protecting the gargoyle and be ready to assist him when he is in trouble.The Gargoyle didnt understand why are humans fighting against their own kind,then Artemis told him that Kaduil wanted fomor to let go of their hatred towards humans and work together to create a new era that both humans & Fomors share hardships together.

    As Kaduil stood up,pulls out his red katana out of the corpse from his enemy,he looked at the general with eyes in deep fire with in it.The General was enraged by the lost of his men,that were slain by a human who opposing their plans to wipe out the fomors along with the city called Gensokyo.Enraged by a single man's actions on killing his men and rebel against Nirvana's objective,he asked Kalduil:"Why must you fight against your own race since you are one of your own kind!?" After when Kalduil put his blue katana back into its sheath,after he put his blue sword back in its sheath,he pulls out the sword from the charcoal corpse of his victim then he turned to the leader of the group and said:"I rather fight against you people who shows cruelty to the fomors other than their own the human that never learn to accept other race as their equal even though people like you are causing much more pain to the lives others.For me i fallow my own way of freeing the fomors from the clutches of human corrupted ways of method for world peace and share it to this world together despite their differences of races but enough fancy speeches,its best that you high tail and escape with your life."

    After Kalduil gave him his speech,he began to burst out laughing and began telling that he's mad to trying to make peace with the fomors even though they invaded their homelands.Suddenly his eyes began to glow red as blood,wings of a devil thats covered in blood burst out of his back,his body to began to cover by black fur that is black as night,when he finished his transformation he ignorantly announced:"You think that the Nirvana guild were just taking fomors to slavery ? We nirvana were only capturing fomors and use them to enhance us humans to Obtain greater power than a fomor!"

    After what the leader of the group said to him,Kalduil catch on what Nirvana been doing with the captured fomors,he looked at the Demi fomor human with a fierce look at him then said:"Throwing your humanity for more power huh ? That just proofs that you are nothing than a weakling who cares nothing more than power."When Kalduil sheath his red katana and decided to draw out his master's sword which is placed in between of his personal swords,despite that the sword is much longer than his sword and weight a little more than his swords.He griefs on what have humans have become just to crave for more power which bistowed from taking lives of fomors.Kalduil puts up his fist up towards his face while wielding the sword along with in his fist then immediately swing his sword to back to his side then suddenly his sword suddenly burst out in white aura around with in the blade and he whispered:"Agito".The Demi Fomor human laughed at Kalduil as he wont back down to fight against his own kind,he widen his wings as he is prepare to charged at him and ready to kill Kalduil with his own bare hands with out the use of his sword.As Kalduil move his blade to his lower left stance for their attack,then they charged towards each other,as both of them clashed through each other,after when Kalduil clashed by his foe with his blade had been swung in sideways in front of him but Kalduil only suffered some injuries on his left shoulder while his foe pauses for a brief moment,he turned around with a large wound that runs up to his shoulder with blood leaking out,but his wounds were quickly closed and recovered.As he boasting that he is invincible but was interrupted by Kalduil when he Stabbed his Shouren sword with his left hand by reverse grip with out turning around and stab with his sword into his wound before it can fully heal and he was impaled by icicle that stabbed through his organs then through outside of his body. when his eyes were blinded by power before he died he asked:"what am i lacking to be strong like you?".Kalduil replied:"Because you threw away your Humanity ,and lost sight of yourself...." As his foe smiled when he realized that he was blinded by the sheer power and lost the sight of his own will,he thank Kalduil for realizing tossing away humanity is a sign of weakness as the cost for power...

    When his foe's body drops down to the ground,Artemis asked if Kalduil for his condition but he replied:"Its just a scratch,no need to worry about me."When Artemis saw blood leaking out of his left side of his shoulder,he readies bandages to cover the wound but he insisted to treat the gargoyle first than himself,Artemis examine the wounds on the gargoyle as he examined they were not fatal but when he looked at Kalduil's his wounds might been more worst compare to the gargoyle's so Artemis deny Kalduil's suggestion and start treating his wounds then began treating the gargoyle's wounds after he treated Kalduil's possible deep injuries.After when Artemis tend the wounds,the gargoyle dont know how to thank the humans for helping him and attempted to save his relatives from the grasp of Nirvana guild even when told his companion to treat the wounds on the gargoyle other than himself.The gargoyle told them:"if your looking for the tomes,im afraid the nirvana's had seem to excavated them before you arrived,but i manage to smuggle this book this book from them,it seems to be about the swords that you wield sir Kalduil."The Gargoyle given Kalduil the book that labeled Book of the five rings,as Kalduil flipping through the pages of the book he noticed that the book was missing about few important pages which involves techniques of the katanas but when he reads the message on the last page of the book which saids:"if you wish to find my sword bring those five flowers that symbolizes: Earth,fire,ice,light and darkness then bring them to my grave and you shall be tested to proved to be worthy enough to inherit my legacy.."After Kalduil finish reading the book of the five rings,he give the book back to the gargoyle but the gargoyle insisted that book is a token of his appreciation for saving him and his kind.Kalduil ask if the gargoyle to guide them to the ancient paintings and library halls of the ruins,the gargoyle told him that he doesnt need to ask to be guided but he says as a gift for doing whats right for his own people and not to treat them as a fomor but as equal.

    While at the camp of nirvana,both Kotaro & Tadakatsu were scouting through the camp from the distances,he saw an large cage of gargoyles all imprisoned together.As Kotaro discussed with Tadakatsu the plan to throw in a surprise attack on the camp before they take drastic actions to use the captives as a living shield or threaten to executed them.Tadakatsu grunted in agreement on the surprise attack,Kotaro told Tadakatsu to draw the guards away from the camp.After they go through they're plans,they move out to set they're plans into motion to rescue the captives from the life slavery.

    As the mysterious girl wearing a jet black robe,she order her men to began transport the cargo to they're headquarters but before one of the cargo able to moving out,the chains that bounds the horses and the carriage were severed by a man with an Naginata spear.The woman in the black robe saids that he was a fool to interfere with the affairs with nirvana,and order her men to bring Tadakatsu's head to her.While Tadakatsu drawing the guards attention away from the carriage full of imprisoned gargoyles and they were in chains with a ball of weight on each of they're legs.Before Kotaro attempt to pick the lock to freed the captives an arrow was shot besides his face which grazed him on the cheek,he turned around and saw an Female Elven archer with guild emblem different from Nirvana's,Kotaro was disppointed that his plan didnt turn out how he wanted then he draw his great sword then brace him self to fight back.

    As Kalduil carrying a torch to venture into the dark caves along with Artemis and guided by a gargoyle,he was amazed by the foundation of the ancient ruins which was once a town.Kalduil examined the remains of the skeletons that is besides him as he looking at the ruins from the cliff but it appears to be a human but the skull had an 3rd hole on the fore head of it,he asked the gargoyle if there was another kind was living in these ruins but he sadly replied he found those remains before they settled in the ruins.Artemis began to wonder if there is another species of fomor or humans that used to lived in the ruins centuries ago,he even got curious about the torches with blue flames,as he wondering he began to think the place might be haunted or sealed for a good reason.The Gargoyle told Artemis not to be alarmed since they lived in the ruins for a decade and they never had anyone exclaimed about of ghosts or anything suspicious about,except for one door with weird symbols on it but its not fomorian language or any other form,he even mention that one of the door in the ruins that pushes you off if you touch the door or any attempt to open it.Artemis began to gotten curious about the door and said:"Kalduil i dont think Nirvana might have not gotten through that door and what even inside that door might have the answer we seek.".Kalduil accepted Artemis's suggestion but before they can advance the gargoyle stopped them from moving further towards the ruins and told them:"Are you two mad!? what ever the reason that door was sealed must be something really bad and it must have reason that it was heavily protected by a barrier of some sort!".Kalduil patted him on the shoulder and tell him:"Dont worry if something happened to us,i want you to head to gensokyo but we can handle what ever behind that will you guide us to that door ?"Despite the fear of the door that was magically sealed for a reason,he will guide them to the door that he mentioned.

    As they approach towards the entrance of the ruins,Artemis was completely enthralled abut the ancient civilization of the area but Kalduil told him to focus on what the reason why they came to search for clues about Asagi and the Fomor that he caught a glimpse of it.

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