Asagi's journey chapter 10


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    Asagi's journey chapter 10

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    Back in the continent of Uladh in the city of Del Monta,inside the oberon's guild castle's hall ways...As Shinzo thinking about the day when he lost is sister,he felt guilty about how Asagi felt liked she been betrayed by her own brother,as he lost in thoughts until Nicole called him,telling him that Yurka had a message to give to him.When Nicole looked at Shinzo looking completely depressed,she hugged him then told him that Yurka let them go on a vacation together considering the suffering from the loss of his only remaining family member,then she showed the world map of Erinn to Shinzo,they began thinking where to visit while they're on vacation.As Shinzo & Nicole planning their vacation spot,Shinzo got curious about the eastern continent labeled Gensokyo.As Shinzo looked very concerned about that continent he picked out,Nicole told him:"...I'm guessing your not giving up looking for her right...? But the possibility of her drifted to that island is highly unlikely.." But Shinzo ignored her opinion about that her sister is still alive,as he starting to think about it until Nicole suddenly slaps him.As she bursts in tears then begin shouting to Shinzo saying:"Why do you keep bother looking for her knowing that we did'nt found her body around the area !?".Shinzo looked at her then told her:"We were at Delphine castle which was farthest west in the continent of Udlah,so it most likely she drifted to that island's shore and--" Before Shinzo continuing what he is saying,he apologizes to Nicole,then he promised her that he would stop trying to find his sister knowing that she obviously dead from that day.He looked at the map once more saw an small island near Gensokyo called Nekojima,he asked Nicole about the Island called Nekojima.Nicole wipe the tears off her eyes,she told Shinzo about an rumor that island is full of cats that can talk,walk and cook food exactly like humans and they are really friendly to humans even if they're fomors nor other creatures living in the realm of Erinn.After Shinzo herd the rumors,he hugged Nicole then told her to pack up every they needed on their vacation to Nekojima and ready a ship to be sailed to Nekojima.

    While Gensokyo's guild castle of W.A.F.F.L.E.S. in the infirmary room where Asagi is asleep,Kalduil entered in the infirmary,he sat down by Asagi's side,he began to think about what Reina told her yesterday when they were in the cafeteria.After he thought through everything about what both Reina and Kotaro said about that he been running from his past mistakes that he was afraid to look back,he decided to wake Asagi up from her nap,but she replied:"I'm not Hungry Ryan,now leave me alone !" Kalduil let out a sigh,then he said:"Not even the food cooked by your only friend and teacher that you thought who was dead years ago?" When Asagi herd a very familiar voice,she feel like that she herd it long time ago,she turned to the other side of the bed,she only recognized the armor that the person is wearing,an white colored Tioz armor.She stood up on her bed then look at him,when she looked at his face,she doesnt know why she was crying when she saw his face,she felt deep down inside of her is really happy but she doesnt remember much about him,so she asked:"Who are you?" Kalduil told his name to Asagi,he asked:"You really dont remember me?"Then told her:"I was your teacher who taught you many things and your only friend when you were a little girl when no one wants to be your friends." After Asagi herd what he had told her,she shook her head saying:"No".Kalduil told her,his own name,he looked at her thinking what he should do to help her to remember everything,until she Asagi patted him on the shoulder telling him:"Im sure,i will remember everything eventually but...."As she paused trying to finishing what she was thinking not to tell Kalduil about what happened about when she was being dragged away from him in a dark hall way,then Kalduil pet Asagi on the head telling her:"I know your going through hell to remember me but remember this Asagi..Remembering your past friends means that you are still recovering that friend who is waiting for you deep with in those shattered fragments of memories,not matter whats the cost long as it doesnt cost your life to recover that friend with in you,that person will always be close to your heart forever.." Asagi having some smoothing memories when she was sick in bed as someone sat by her side telling her some important lectures along with Stories,then she suddenly herd her stomach growling.

    As Steam examining the scene where the kidnappers were ironically killed by their own hostage,he ordered his Fomorian troops and soldiers to seek out any one in this city that are wearing gray colored robes with a symbol of an Axe with wings on it.As he examined the scene,he began to wondered why they would kidnapped Asagi in the first place,he realized many recent fomors starting to show missing as he trying to remember something happened years ago in the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. guild but he count recall much on what happened during that event happened 6 years ago.As he look down at those Nirvana guildsmen corpses,he knows that they are attempting to drive the world back into the war that ended in truce.As he examine the scene,he saw some troops from the M.R.A.F otherwise known as: Multi Rescue active force,he began to wonder what is their leader of that force came to investigate the crime scene,he asked the president of that force:"Corina mind if i asked you what are you doing in W.A.F.F.L.E.S. involved incident ?" She replied:"I just came here to see if the hostage is being questioned by your guild members." Steam told her:"The hostage is currently resting in the guild castle,anyways if you want to ask her questions or worry about her stop by tomorrow if your worried about the hostage."Soon after Steam left out of sight along with his troops,Corina ordered her men to search around for evidence around the scene of event.

    While in the hallways of W.A.F.F.L.E.S. guild castle,Kalduil carefully carrying a bowl of udon that he cooked for Asagi,when he reach the infirmary doors,he carefully let his left hand carry the bowl as his right hand opens the door.As he enters into the infirmary,he saw Reina undressing Asagi while Kana was holding bucket of water,but when Everyone turned and looked at Kalduil as he holding a bowl of udon he personally made for Asagi.Both Kana & Reina told Kalduil to get out of the room while Asagi was screaming knowing that Kalduil is looking at her while accidentally went into the room without knowing that they were cleaning the blood off her body,then he slowly walk backward and closed the door.While he was waiting out sided,he face palmed with his right hand thinking that something he shouldnt have seen when he entered the infirmary without knowing that Reina & Kana were cleaning the blood stains off her.He began to wonder if Asagi gonna call her own teacher a pervert,then he thought that he should have knocked the doors before entering into the infirmary.As he waited out side of the room,he began to felt the bowl of udon begun to getting colder as he waits to enter,then he saw Bryan passing through the hall ways with a sword in its sheath and he was gonna barge into the infirmary.Kalduil told Bryan that he shouldnt barge in the infirmary then he asked:"I assume your planning to give Shouren back to Asagi ?" Bryan looked at Kalduil with a question on his expression then he looked at the sword that he is holding he asked:"You know this sword's name?"Kalduil nodded then told him :"I gave that sword to Asagi when she was the age of 6 during an fomor's attack before the truce." Then Bryan was surprised that he knows Asagi when she was little then he asked:"Are you Asagi's Teacher right ? Kalduil nodded,then he noticed that Reina stepped out of the Infirmary,she asked:"Uh Kalduil that bowl of udon is for Asagi right ?" He nodded as a response,then he gave the bowl to Reina telling her that he will be leaving by tomorrow,then he ask Bryan to give Shouren back to Kalduil knowing that Asagi wont be fighting while she is still in recovery from her reopened wounds.

    Reina came into the carrying the cold bowl of udon,she carefully passed the bowl of udon to Asagi as she is sitting up on the bed.Asagi looked at the bowl of udon then asked :"Did Kalduil made this before you two came in ?" Reina replied:"Yeah,i guess he waited patiently while we were cleaning the blood stains on you.."They stared at each other for a minute,then she asked:"Did Kalduil help you remember anything ?" Asagi replied:"Only a little then again...i still really dont remember alot about him but I felt like he's more than someone i can remember...."When Asagi is a sleep after eating her bowl of udon that Kalduil personally cooked for her,Reina picked up the bowl and began making her way to the kitchen to clean up the bowl.

    As soon as the daylight began to rise up,Kana began to change to her casual clothes,when she finished changing her clothes then she herd someone knocking at her room's door,she opened the door and saw Steam outside of her room and he reminded Kana to be the tour guide for the oncoming guests from school for the day.She let out an sigh then she saw Bryan walking down the hallways with a pair of wooden blades,she noticed that he is carrying one extra wooden blade since he usually wields a large one but its about the size of her katana,she thinks that he is gonna spar with Asagi even though she is still in recovery from her reopened then she ran after him attempting to stop him on his plan to see if Asagi really capable of fighting but Bryan stopped in his tracks then told Kana that he will be offering some sparring lessons from him personally to the students that will arrived later in the day.Bryan told Kana that Steam received a message from Yukimaru,Leanna and Mori,telling that they be returning to Gensokyo with in few hours.

    As Reina walking down the halls with a case with an red cross labeled on it,she began to walk her way through the guild castle making her way towards the infirmary.When she entered into the infirmary,she saw Asagi trying slowly to get off the bed with out reopening her wounds,Reina secretly watches her trying to stand up on her feet with out helping her but When Asagi stood up on her feet,she looked directly at Reina then asked her:"Do you have a pain medicine i can burrow for today ? cause i want to have a look around the castle all by my self just for today."Reina came into the infirmary and told her that she shouldnt rely on the medicine then even scold at her telling her that she still need to be in bed.When Asagi stared at Reina,she asked for the where about of Kalduil,Reina told her that Kalduil left Gensokyo before the sun's light shines the city.Before Reina could said anything else she watches Asagi as she walking towards her perfectly fine,she let out an sigh and remind her not to run around the guild halls even to be careful but with one condition:She have to be watched over by Reina where ever she goes around the halls.When Asagi herd that Reina will be fallowing her every where she goes,her dog ears points down even made a sad look with eyes like a puppy on her look then asked:"Can i look around the castle alone..?" Reina flinched a little and trying to resist from falling into her cuteness then she said:"No excuses Asagi !"

    When a pack of children walking through the large front garden of the guild castle as they fallowed their teacher in a single filed line,both Kana & Bryan greeted them,they began guiding an entire pack of children that are mixed with two Separate races of both humans and fomorians through every rooms around the guild castle it self along with Bryan supporting Kana with the tour.As they showing the the visitors from the Gensokyo Otoha academy,as they were giving them the tour of each room of the castle,they saw Asagi walking around the porch with Reina fallowing her from behind,Kana asked:"Shouldn't she be in bed ?" Reina explained to Kana about that Asagi wanted a tour around the castle since she will be living in gensokyo as one of the member of W.A.F.F.L.E.S. When Reina finished explaining,the children began to gather around Asagi,as they looking at Asagi,their minds began to filled with questions just by looking at her ears,eyes red as blood and her tail.Asagi asked Bryan what she should do in her current situation,he replied:"Why not let them touch your ears since they are highly curious about your mixture of your looks." Asagi was nervous about letting people touching her dog ears and tail so she kneel down slightly to let the kids able to touch her dog ears,when of the kids touched one of her ears,her ear flicked around and she began to wagging her tail around.After every children get a closer look at Asagi,she stood back up and one of the children ask her questions about her parents or where she was born,but Reina told them that shes suffering amnesia then told them that they found her drifted on the beach with serious wounds inflected upon her body,she also mentions that she is still in recovery from her wounds and refrain from doing any rough movements to preventing reopening her wounds.Before Kana can asked both Asagi & Reina to join them on the tour of the castle then she herd people shouting by the front gates of the castle,so Kana rushed to the scene along with everyone including their guests fallowing her.

    While one of the girl having an argument with her teammate about that he injured the client's son for casting an lightning bolt while the hostage was being used as a shield by the leader of the thugs.While the girl with violet hair wearing an eye patch over her left eye,just watches them arguing about who's right and wrong on what they're opinions on how to do the mission more successfully,then she saw Kana with everyone were watching the scene that they were causing as well before she can greet them,she saw one girl with wolf ears and a tail walking towards the cause of the scene.Kana greeted Yukimaru then asked:"whats with the argument between Leanna and Mori today ?" Yukimaru told her that Mori fired an lightning bolt while the client's son was being used as a shield by the leader of the thugs which caused the person they suppose to rescued to be paralyzed for couple of days or months.But when Asagi trying to break the two members that are arguing,but suddenly Moridae pushed Asagi aside as he arguing with Leanna then said to her:"Stay out of this Filthy half breed!" When Asagi counldnt keep her balance,she fell down to the ground,as she struggling to get back up on her feet,she saw blood coming out of her sleeves then began to feeling pain coming from her ankle.After Mori pushed Asagi aside,then he suddenly got slapped by Reina telling him that he shouldnt have pushed Asagi and reopening her wounds.Reina asked Asagi if she was alright,Asagi told Reina that she only have a strained ankle,Reina helped her getting up on her feet then request Kana to help her but instead of Kana helping out,Leanna told Reina that she will be helping her out since Kana is occupied by giving the tour their guests then she glared at Mori and told him:"You dont deserved to be one of us W.A.F.F.L.E.S. guild member with your deliberate actions..." Asagi told Leanna that it was her own fault that she tried to get in between their conflict,after Leanna herd what Asagi said to her,she & Reina began helping her back to the infirmary.

    When Reina & Leanna went back inside to the castle,both Kana & Bryan staring at Mori along with the children were leering at him with their expression saying that he is the bad guy,as Mori was looking back at everyone til a child came close to him then kick him at his knee then the child ran back towards Kana and others.Kana said:"Maybe you should be a little nicer to everyone than just poking peoples worst spots from now on..other wise Steam would have no choice but might revoked you from the guild if you keep up that streaks of complaints or more of your Deliberate actions involving injuring civilians,and by the way that's our newest guild member that you pushed down."

    Before Kana can continue the tour with Bryan's support with the tour an owl flew by and dropped an scroll into Kana's hands,as she reads it then she told Bryan to take over for her as she need to deliver the message to Steam.After Kana left to deliver and urgent message to the guild Leader,Mori asked Bryan if he can help but Bryan turned down his offer due to the scene when he pushed Asagi and with a large aura of hate coming from the children's eyes then watches Bryan lead the kids and teachers to the dojo while Mori stood as everyone left him in the courtyard all alone,then he looked at the guild castle thinking:"Why would a filthy half breed would join this guild....".

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