Asagi's journey chapter 9


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    Asagi's journey chapter 9

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    In the Cafeteria,Kalduil and Reina were finish eating the bowl of udon with soft fried tofu in it,Reina said:"You know Kalduil,if you dont let Asagi remember anything she'll wont be able to keep you alive in her memories even though She is your daughter and a part of your legacy of your life,I know your trying to escape your past mistakes and the fact is whats done is done right? so we move onward for a brighter future.Kalduil looked away,then told Reina that Asagi is not his daughter but only a pupil that his brother told him so but he even treats her like a daughter of his own and wanted her to live her live as a normal girl than a path of swords.Then Reina slams the table and Said to Kalduil in a furious tone:"If you are like a father to her then why did you bother teaching her everything you knew.Are you just gonna let her suffer trying to remembering you even though she probably in alot of pain to trying remember the ones she cares most!?" Then she furiously left the cafeteria leaving Kalduil alone in the cafeteria,thinking on what he should do next since his pupil in gensyoko.....

    While Ryan staring at Asagi with her eyes closed on the pillow,as Ryan looking at Asagi sounding asleep,he slowly slip his hand out of Asagi's grasp with out waking her up.After Ryan slips his hand off from Asagi's grasp,he looked at her thinking how cute when she is asleep then he remembers that he had to take the bowl back to the kitchen,so he picked up.Before Ryan can leave the room with the bowl,Bryan laughed and said:"Shes in love with you,Ryan" After Ryan herd what Bryan said about Asagi falling in love with him,he told Bryan that they're just friends then he asked Bryan:"What made you a dark knight?" Bryan answered:"Lets just say i made a very terrible deal.Ryan looked at Bryan looking all worried until Bryan told Ryan that he doesnt want to use the power of the dark knights armor to protect the people of Gensokyo since he doesnt have control of the power of the armor and was afraid to get close to her,knowing that he might hurt her or worst.Shortly after Bryan had a conversation with Ryan,they both herd that some one is coming into the room.When the door was opened,they saw Kalduil entering into the room,Kalduil asked Ryan to clean the dishes and plates in the cafeteria.Ryan walked out of the room with the bowl in his right hand.When Ryan left the room,Kalduil sat in front of Asagi on the direction sleeping on the bed,he rub on her head softly,Asagi turned to face the other side of the bed while still asleep,tears starting to drip from her eyes,he knows that she is struggling to remembering who she was before she lost her memories.Bryan looked Kalduil with a curious look on him as Kalduil looking at Asagi asleep,he ask Kalduil about what his relationship between him and Asagi,then he said:"When the time is right,I shall recover the precious thing that she lost and a part of me that i lost."Then he left the room quietly with out saying a word,Bryan didnt understand what Kalduil said out of no reason then he decided to get some sleep and thinking about training to fight him when the time comes.

    While Kalduil walking through the hallway,he passed by Kotaro leaning his back on the wall.Kotaro was looking at Kalduil while he passing by him with a worried look on him,he asked him:"whats wrong Kalduil?" But Kalduil was thinking about what has Reina told him while he was eating in the cafeteria with her,then he suddenly asked:"Are the Memories that you trying to cast away are the parts of yourself that you dont want to see again ?" Kotaro was quiet when Kalduil asked him a Sudden question out of nowhere but he answered:"Memories are everything thats part of you and the person that you loved most will live on within you by heart."After Kalduil herd Kotaro's answer,he thanked Kotaro for what he told him then he thought it will be rude to wake someone from sleeping and figured that he should get some sleep for the strength he needs to conquer his fears for his past mistakes.

    As the day went by while everyone slept after the incident with Bryan going out of control.When the sun shines over Asagi"s face and woked up,she excited to see around the large city of Gensokyo.When she struggling got up the bed,she noticed Reina coming through the door with a large amount of dresses,she told Asagi that Kana is mending her clothes that she was originally wearing when they found her unconscious then she noticed that Bryan is awake while still laying on the bed and looking at them quietly.Reina dragged Bryan off the bed then kicked him out of the room and told him:"You should known better of not to look at girls undressing !" then she slammed the door in front of him.Reina turn to Asagi and gave her a single pill of medicine then told her that pill is a medicine to supresses the pain from her injuries also mention not to over do it after taking the medicine otherwise she will reopened the wounds that she is recovering from.

    After Bryan got kicked out of the room,he wondered what's so bad about curious of whats going on when he woke up all of a sudden,then he saw Kalduil approaching towards the room that Asagi and Reina is in.Bryan told Kalduil to wait outside while Reina dressing Asagi up for the tour around Gensokyo.When Kalduil herd what Bryan told him,he saw a familar man wearing glasses wearing a white robe with a book in his hand,he said:" i guess you escaped death too huh Artemis ?"Artemis chuckled,he asked Kalduil to join him for a cup of tea and catching up to old times.Kalduil nodded and began to fallow Artemis through the hallways together.

    As Asagi thinking of choosing which dress wear during tour around gensyoko either the white yukata dress or selina dress,while Asagi cant decide on what to wear til Reina picked out the Yukata dress and told her to wear this for the day.After when Asagi put on the selina dress,she ask if Ryan can join them for todays tour in Gensokyo,Reina agree that he can come along ,they both agreed and began showing her around the guild castle while looking for Ryan.While Asagi looking around the entire castle of W.A.F.F.L.E.S.,she saw Ryan in front of dummies with a large bulky rifle in his hand,but when he fires which lets out a large stream of light to all in its path,after the fog of dust cleared away,Asagi greeted Ryan after he tested a new weapon.Then Ryan starting to saying alot stuff about the "Temjin Rifle",as he continues on,Asagi starting to think that he actually cares more about the weapon than her self then Ryan told Asagi that he wont be coming to show her around gensokyo.But Asagi made a face saying that she is very disappointed of Ryan when he will show her around today,she walked away from Ryan with an angry expression on her face while her eyes are closed.

    While Reina rushing through the halls and look through window to see whats going out side with the loud boom,she saw Asagi walking away from Ryan in frustration,she guessed that they Argued or had a bad conversation between each other,then she called out to Asagi.When Asagi herd Reina is calling her and ask if Ryan is coming along.Asagi looked at him as he firing the rifle and said:"Im sure that hes enjoying himself right now so lets get going then !" When Reina thinking what Asagi told her,she thinks the relationship might ended really quickly than she had hoped around those two.Knowing that she is all upset about Ryan,she knows whats a good place to cheer her up on during the tour.Reina realized that every one in the guild castle have left the building,she presumed that everyone went to stroll around gensyoko and she hoped others join to give her a tour.When Asagi poked Reina,she realizes that she was thinking too long and told her that they should get going,then Asagi nodded and left through the hallways then out the front doors.

    As Reina and Asagi walking around Gensyoko,Asagi was amazed of how lively the entire city with both Fomors and humans talking to each other casually as equals,she was surprised how alot of the buildings has balconies on each and making a wide Pathway with both buildings facing each other along with cherry blossomed trees in between the direction of both sides of the buildings is facing towards.Reina asked if Asagi wanted to have something to eat before they visit other sections of the city,Asagi nodded,then Reina pointed out the a restaurant filled with both humans and fomors eating inside and out side of the building.When the both of them sat down in the restaurant,a little black cat walking on its hind legs with blue eyes and a little apron wrapped around the lower waist of it and it asked:"How may i take yer order nyaaa~?" Asagi was staring at the talking cat,wondering if W.A.F.F.L.E.S teaches cats to do amazing tricks,the Reina explained "that those cats are from an island that called nekojima,i did a mission there once with Vania the objective was to taking care of poachers tended to take over their territory by force and making them slaves,so pretty much after all the trouble most of the nekoians moved to gensyoko for a better way of life." Asagi was completely amazed the story that Reina told her about the nekoians,when she look at the waiter of the restaurant,Asagi stare at the nekoian for a brief period when Reina ordered something out of her menu,then she snapped out of being dazed by the cuteness of the Nekoian waiter,she ordered what Reina had ordered from the menu.Reina said:"You wanted to hug that neko right ? but i gotta say i did hugged em cause they re so adorable little breed but just be careful that they dont scratch you while hugging em."Asagi was embarrassed that Reina knows that she was thinking of hugging that nekoian waiter,She asked what did Reina ordered.Reina told her that she have ordered Tempura udon,she even mention that the Nekos are good at making best seafood.

    While Asagi and Reina having a conversation with each other,two men wearing gray colored robes one of them said:"Think that girl seems like she could fetch alot of gold if we bring her back to our leader ?" The other man replied:"I am not sure about that girl but i would think our guild leader will reward us with a large sum of gold for the bringing her back alive,so we should wait until the perfect moment to bring her back to our guild.So we just have to fallow them then capture her when that W.A.F.F.L.E.S. member isnt looking."The both of them drinking they're tea which the waiter gave them,one of them mumbled:"What kind of fool would unite us humans with these filthy fomors."Every Humans and fomors glaring at them when they all herd that man mumbled and insulted history of they're king who united two worlds in harmony even Asagi looking at them.Asagi looked at them like they are suspicious in every way they looked,and she thinks those two are plotting something bad.Asagi looked away,the food they ordered are ready arrived and had been put on the table.

    After Reina and Asagi finish with they're bowl of udon with the tempura in the soup,a waiter neko gave Reina the a paper saying the price to pay for the services of the restaurant,Reina gave the neko the amount of gold and told him to keep the change as a tip for the good meal and services.Asagi was amazed of how good the shrimp tempura was even though she doesnt like sea food.Reina got up from her seat and told Asagi:"We should get going before it gets late in the city."Asagi nodded,got up from her seat and stay close to Reina while the two men in gray robes looking at her as they pass by them on the way out of the building.When they exited the restaurant,Reina suggested that they should go look around at the Neudaiz district even though Asagi is not familiar with the places in Gensyoko.

    As Asagi and Reina walking through the city of Gensyoko til they saw a large mountain through the straight streets,Asagi stares at the lake with buildings and crystal clear water surrounding a large mountain with a shrine on top of the mountain.Reina looked at Asagi as she stares at the mountain through the lane of buildings in the Neudaiz district,she explained that the mountain in the center of the lake lies a white dragon who slumbers in the mountain and the one protected Gensyoko from a blink of destruction centuries ago during the hatsu era after the fomors wars,rumor has it that the fomors were afraid of the Genma because they were far more superior than the fomors,and even in history records even the both human & fomor ancient documents never mentioned to them.Asagi was fascinated by the history lesson from Reina,she noticed alot of the citizen of Gensyoko rowing their boats catching fishes from the lake with fishing net,she stares at the mountain in lost of thought until Reina dragged her to a nearest building with a with a large window showing clothes through it by the left side of the entrance.As Reina dragging her into the building she told Asagi to buy some clothes since she will be living in the city of gensyoko as a member of the guild of W.A.F.F.L.E.S.

    While Reina and Asagi looking through the shop with a wide verity of clothes that the tailor are selling in stock,Asagi saw Kana sitting by the table,and repairing some clothes,she asked:"Whose clothes are you repairing ?" Kana stopped mending then looked at Asagi and told her that the clothes shes mending was Asagi's clothes,Kana also mentioned that she will have it in her own room and fully mended by tomorrow in the morning.After Asagi had a conversation with Kana,she herd Reina calling Asagi to try on the clothes she picked out for her,when she looked at the clothes,then she thinks it would look nice on her.Reina guided her to the dressing room to try on the dress.After a short moment passed by,Asagi came out of the dressing room wearing the clothes that Reina took it out of the shelf,She told Asagi to stand in front of the mirror to see how she looks in the dress,when she looked at her self in the mirror,as she looks in the mirror she saw someone looks exactly like herself but when the person turned around it was actually herself covered in blood and making eye contact with her lifeless eyes looking deep into Asagi,as she is in shock her self covered in blood with a sword polished in blood and standing on the an corpse pile of civilians and children.After a while as she stood in fear of her reflection,Reina asked:"Asagi whats wrong ?" As Reina trying to get her attention as Asagi staring at the mirror for a while as she shivering in fear,when she looked at the mirror but she didnt see anything unusual other than their own reflection from the mirror,Reina wonder if Asagi just had a vision or something horrible to remembered before she hit her head from a strong impact.Shortly after Asagi calm down,she looked at the mirror and saw only a reflection of her self wearing the kimono that Reina picked out,she sighed in relief that what she saw was a hallucination,then she looked at her self wearing the dress,she told Reina that she liked it.Reina told to change her clothes back to the Yukata,while she waits til she changed her clothes and purchase the clothes for her.

    After Asagi finished changing her clothes,she began to wondering the person she saw was a hallucination,or just memories of herself when she looked at the mirror during that moment,she shook her head telling her self that she just tired from the tour.She grabbed the clothes as she exiting the dressing room,she saw Reina at the Cashier ,waiting for Asagi to finish changing her dress,when Reina greeted her and told her to come towards where she is waiting.Reina gave the cashier a check with the amount of gold for the kimono and the cashier folded up the clothes and put the clothes in a box then given it to Asagi.After They made their purchase from the shop,and exiting the shop,then they greeted three men from the nirvana guild with their weapons readied in their hands but before Reina could ready her twin daggers,one of them tossed a smoke bomb in front of her.When the fog of smoke is cleared away,not only Asagi is missing she only saw her recently purchased clothes on the floor.Kana ran out of the store and asked Reina what happened,she told Kana to go around Gensyoko but Kana told Reina that she forgot her equipment.Suddenly Reina realizes that Kana was wearing her civilian clothes,she told her to suit up on her armor and look for the kidnappers.An Shadow lancer came by to look at the crime scene,he asked Reina about the situation of the scene,Reina told him about what happened on the scene,then ordered him to close all gates on all routes of leaving Gensokyo and not letting one caravan through those gates,then the shadow lancer salutes her then leaves to tell the gate guards to close every gates.

    While Artemis & Kalduil having tea and catching up for the old times they missed during the times in Zolda,Artemis told what he has discovered during the time he cooperating with W.A.F.F.L.E.S guild,he said that the Princess of Zolda might be an Chimera that was made for war in the a guild called the blue cosmos.Kalduil told him that he herd rumors that they combining fomors they captured from a near by villages and began to combine them by amputating parts of them while they were alive and conscious.While Artemis and Kalduil thinking what are the blue cosmos actions,Artemis ask him to join the guild and help them since Kalduil has 2 members of celestial knights of Zolda including himself would make a biggest change in through out the world.Kalduil replied that he not only have 3 paladins including himself but he reminds Artemis that he was one of the Celestial knights,then suddenly Artemis slammed the table telling him not to remind him about what he did wrong with one of the failed experiment on a new level of magic,then they both herd someone loudly knocking at the door,Artemis opened the door and saw Reina panting for her breath saying that she ran alot.Reina told Kalduil that Asagi has been kidnapped by a guilds men called Nirvana.Artemis was shocked to hear that she was kidnapped,he ordered Reina to find Vania,Ryan and Kana to conduct a search party through out the town,then Kalduil got up from his seat and told Artemis that he will track down Asagi alone while Reina's group will search through the city.When both Reina and Artemis left the room,Kalduil sighed and mumbled:"Here we go again even though its been about 10Years and you still getting kidnapped then again you cant help it since you dont remember how to fight right?"

    While Reina and her group looking for the kidnappers through out gensokyo,but when Kalduil look at the docks from the distances of the buildings,he realizes the only path for the kidnappers to smuggle Asagi out of Gensyoko would be by hiding her in a cargo of the ship,he looked at the members of W.A.F.F.L.E.S. discussing where would kidnappers would leave the state,He went towards the dock with out letting the members of W.A.F.F.L.E.S. noticing where he is going.

    Inside one of the warehouse of the docks 6 men in gray robes were planning that they would make escape of the country by sea after some of their scouts told them that all gates leading out of Gensyoko were heavily guarded by both Fomors and humans.While they left Asagi all tied up,gagged, and being watched by one of the kidnappers,he keeps giving the looks on Asagi while she is tied up,he began to looking down her skirt.Asagi is defenseless as she shrouded in fear,She began to having flash back of her being taught on wielding a sword,until the man removed the ropes around her mouth,as he was about to kissed but suddenly Asagi bite down very hard at the mans neck til it bleed out a pool of blood and ripped out a large piece of his flesh,then the man died from a fatal injury that caused by Asagi.She spit away the torn flesh without tasting the blood,crawl backwards towards the mans sword,she began cutting the ropes by using the swords bladed edge.When the ropes were cut off,she began untied the ropes on her legs with her hands,she pick up the corpses sword and looked down with out any remorse on her face,then she sudden feel some pain on her head feeling many part of her memories came rushing in as she only remember how to wield a sword but nothing about herself that still lost then she think that now is not the have the time to remember and have to focus to use her remembered skills to escape from the ones that kidnapped her.When Asagi herd footsteps approaching towards the room shes in,she hid behind the crates with the sword she took.When one of the gray robed saw the lifeless body of one his comrade,before he able to draw his sword and alert others,Asagi charged in from behind him then slashed him in 2 splitting the man separating the torso and waist.After Asagi cut one of the kidnappers comrades,she grab another sword from the corpses waist,she looked at the door where the man recently came into the room,when she kicked the door out of her way,she saw 4 men wearing in Gray robes,but all of them spotted her from the loud bang came from the door and readied their swords,as they gaze up on her face with those lifeless eyes they could tell that she is serious.Asagi looked at her enemies in front of her,she charged in and tossed her left handed sword towards on of the men,but he failed to deflected the sword that was tossed towards him and was impaled into the wall,when the other man looked at his comrade being killed from one shot,by the time he looked back,it was too late when he caught a glimpse of Asagi in front him,he screamed out in an agony of pain when Asagi thrust her left hand through his abdomen then pull out her hand,covered in blood of the victim.

    While in the docks,Kalduil was looking through every warehouse,he was about to go look at other area in Gensokyo,until he herd a man's scream in agony coming from one of warehouse.He then trace the source scream,and immediately rush his way towards the scene knowing that Asagi biting one of the kidnappers on the arm in self defense.He stood in front of a warehouse that was abandoned for years from the look of the foundation and stone that was used for it,event the large doors were very rusted,pushed one of the large doors aside,when he enter into the abandoned warehouse,he saw Asagi covered in blood then he noticed she killed 3 of the kidnappers and she was in a deadlock with her sword with one of the man from Nirvana.After when both of them back away from the dead lock of their weapons,Kalduil noticed that Asagi is really worn out and was about to pass out in exhaustion.As she panting in exhaustion then kneel down on her sword,knowing that she reopened her wounds that were in recovery and her sight slowly fading darker and darker.When the man in gray robe was about to deliver the finishing blow to her,a man in white coated armor appeared in front of Asagi saving her by Parrying his sword strike,pushed his sword back making him losing balance then fallowed by a diagonal slash with his Red katana,upon the cut of the sword the kiddnaper's body began to split with the smell of burned flesh after when he sheathed his sword.

    After Kalduil saved Asagi from the clutches from death,he turned looked down at Asagi as she trying to get up on her feet using the sword as a support to help her getting up.When she got up on her feet she looked at the face,then she began to feel dizzy from the amount of blood she lost,she try to get a good look of the man who saved her as her vision starting to gone darker by each seconds,when she made eye contact with the man who saved her,she lost her consciousness but the man broke her fall when she lost consciousness.

    While Kana,Reina,Vania and Ryan looking through the city of Gensokyo for Asagi and the kidnappers,they saw Kalduil carrying unconscious Asagi on his back also blood been dripping out of her sleeves.Everyone rushes towards Kalduil side while Ryan feels guilty that he should have come along with Reina and Asagi for the tour then walks away unnoticed by others.Kalduil told Reina and others what happened when she was kidnapped.Then they rushed her into the Guild Castle's infirmary,when they reach in the Infirmary,Kalduil put her on the bed carefully.

    While in the infirmary,Reina,Kana and Vania told Kalduil to get out of the infirmary,while Kalduil left outside of the infirmary he saw Ryan looking down on the ground as he walking through the halls,Kalduil noticed that he felt down that he fail to make a promise with Asagi,he didnt said anything when he passed by Kalduil then into the infirmary.Kalduil wondered if he should say anything to Ryan to ease his sorrow but he deicided to pay a visit to Artemis's office.

    Meanwhile inside Artemis's office,he was thinking if Asagi was born natually or the work of an expelled guild member of W.A.F.F.L.E.S,he remembers that he was reading reports of fomors turning up missing when a girl named Azkedeliia joined the guild then later in few years during the presentation of the Sakura magic Institute.When it was Azkedeliia's turn of the presentation she brought out an chimera with body parts of the missing fomors in the pass days they went missing,everyone that watching the presentation was completely furious on what stunt that girl pulled,even the previous guild leader of W.A.F.F.L.E.S. was upset after seeing what she has created secretly when she never came out of the basement that always locked so tightly,then he announced:"You,Azkedeliia shall be Exiled for the creation of an abomination and taken the lives of our future generations who lost their hatred on our ancestors wars therefore one step into gensokyo will sentence you to Death !" When she herd her own leader announced that she will be exiled from Gensokyo,she was completely furious,she charged towards the man who exiled her with her sword drawn out of her sheath,but Steam suddenly appeared behind her,he grabbed her arm and twist it behind her back then pushed her down to the floor.While she was struggling to get Steam off her,then she order her chimera to kill him,but when she realized that her chimera is already been killed by the guild members of W.A.F.F.L.E.S. ,before she can say anything Steam point his Kunai knife towards her throat and ready to slit it.Steam looked at his leader asking if he has given permission to execute her,but his guild leader insisted that she must be exiled from gensyoko for the rest of her life.His Guild leader ripped off the shoulder emblem from Azkedeliia's shoulder and order Steam to throw her somewhere that she will be long forgotten and forsaken.

    While Artemis focus on thinking back when he was the founder of Sakura magic institute,he herd someone knocked on his office doors,he told the person who was knocking to come in to his office.When Kalduil entered his office,he noticed something that bothers Artemis drasticly,he asked:"what seem to be bothering you?" While Artemis is thinking,he told something has happened in Gensokyo in 3years Ago when Asagi both went different ways when she was the age of 16,he mentioned that Asagi might be a humanoid chimera that she was created by the exiled guild member of W.A.F.F.L.E.S. Before Artemis can point out a clue about Asagi's lineage and origin of birth,Kalduil mentioned that he saw a Wolf like fomor with symbols on its body when he found Asagi when she was a infant.Both of them were confused by the facts they saw during the pass times of their lives,then Artemis got curious about a wolf like fomor with symbols around its body,then suddenly he remembers that he saw drawings of it on the walls of the sealed library located in the ruins of Nara then he mentions in that library that is heavily guarded by Gargoyles that attacks and kills anyone who comes close to the sealed Library.Kalduil suggest that he and his paladins will investigate the sealed library but he request to bring Artemis along to gather information to look into the lost library in Nara.But before Kalduil leaves the room,Artemis asked:"Is their a possible way to removed the Armor of darkness with in Bryan ?".Kaldul replied that he will find a way to removed the armor with out killing him and suggested to look long forgotten documents to removed the armor even though he had high hopes to save him from the clutches of the darkness within him and him dont want to see the tragedy that he suffered happened to him when he was about to get married,he bows to Artemis then leaves the room.When Kalduil left out of his office,Artemis open his desk drawer on the right side of his seat and took out a small cylinder vial with a crimson crystal that is red as blood.Artemis recalls that he found the crimson crystal in a room but inside the room was a sea of blood soaked in every corner of the room,he began to wonder why their was a crystal on the floor,then he realized that she made crystal out of the Fomors blood then told the Alchemists of Sakura Magic institute not to use the crystal for any purpose until Artemis research what it does and began to think about what was that fiend was hoping to achieve by taking the lives of the fomors that were missing.Artemis took out an locket with picture of a women smiling by his side,he began to wonder will she ever forgive him for what he had done long time ago when he was working on a new type of magic that he lost control over it,as tears running down on his cheeks he only wished that he never attempted from the start.

    Meanwhile in the infirmary Asagi woke up,when she turn her head to the right she saw Ryan sitting by her side,but before Ryan said anything she turn around to the other side of the bed with a angry look on her face and ignoring Ryan. Ryan was upset that she was very furious that he didnt come along with Reina for the tour.When Ryan herd Asagi snoring out loud,he got up from his seat,he looked at Asagi with a look wanting forgiveness from her then he left out of the room.After Ryan left the infirmary Asagi stop pretending to be asleep,she began thinking about the man who saved her when she was about to be killed then she began to feeling pain from her head when alot of her memories rushing in as she tries to remember that man.As she grows tired from trying remember that person's name and her relationship between that man,she closed her eyes then began to fall asleep....

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