Asagi's journey chapter 8


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    Asagi's journey chapter 8

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    At out side of the castle,Bryan constantly hitting a training dummy with his great sword,as he swinging his sword at the dummy thinking how Kalduil keep avoiding his attacks so easily,then he herd some one said:"Well now getting all warmed up for our duel ?" Bryan stopped hitting the dummy,turned around and saw Kalduil watching him training,he asked:"Why are you here ?" Kalduil told Bryan that he will be staying at the castle for the day,then he vanished and appeared in front of Bryan,fallowed by a thrust kicked him sending him flying towards the wall leaving a large crack on it,and said:"Lets spar with each other since I,ll be staying here for the night,are you ready to be Judged by the fists of god?" Bryan looked very interested in sparring with Kalduil in the middle of the night,he requested Kalduil to draw his sword and fight him rather than using his own fist against him.Kalduil smiled after hearing his request,he draw his sword,and told him:"Try not to get burned by this." Bryan looked at his sword,then he noticed his sword is identical to Asagi's sword but different color,he was wondering what he meant "try not to get burned",then he noticed kalduil vanished again,and appeared in front of him again,Bryan parried his many of his attacks despite differences in size with his sword,and beginning to feel a very hot air emitting from his sword.Even though Bryan is in dead lock with they're weapons,Bryan is getting pushed back slowly by just one hand,he asked:"Such Strength,which makes you more interesting to fight !" Kalduil smiled,and said:"I am honored to fight you in full force when the time comes!" Then the both of them back away from each other after the dead lock,Bryan asked kalduil:"Wait all this time your fighting me at half of your full power !?" Kalduil nodded,he put his sword away then he told Bryan:"Maybe some day I will show you the path of light within your heart clouded by darkness. A man of honor such as you Bryan,should not sub come to the power of darkness within you thus I shall purify you when the time comes."Bryan didnt have a clue what Kalduil is telling him,then a thought come to him,and asked:"Kalduil ! You are a true Paladin am I right !?" Kalduil Answered:"Maybe... or maybe not... Someday the truth shall be revealed when I decided to show you." then he walk off laughing.Bryan was really certain that Kalduil is definitely a knight of light from the pure and such powerful feeling coming from Kalduil,then suddenly Bryan fell to his knees,feeling in agony of pain,his face beginning to be covered by dark life form,his whole body began to covered by darkness,then he let out a howl in agony.

    Everyone in the castle herd the scream and began to rushes towards the scene,Ryan stood by Asagi's side even though he herd scream from out side,trying to protect her from what monster will break through the doors,he readies his gun then told Asagi to stay in bed while he watches over her,when Ryan about to leave the medical room,Asagi said:"Please be careful Ryan and come back safely too." Ryan nodded then leaves the room,and he began to think about her,then he rushes towards outside.When Ryan arrived at the scene,he saw Everyone fighting against a dark knight with red glowing eyes,but they were no match against that knight in armor of darkness who is howling in agony,Ryan looked at Stephine who just standing back looking at the dark knight in tears,seeing Stephine crying ,Ryan realizes that fomor is actually Bryan who transformed into a Infra black,a being who fuels by all negative energy inside the human body.Ryan was about to shoot him but he hesitating afraid that he might actually kill Bryan with a single shot,he pointed his gun down and too afraid to see Stephine's reaction when he fires his gun,then he turned around and saw kalduil walking towards the scene with two other men along with him.Kalduil told the other two men to jump into the fight when he is in trouble,both of them nodded then he pointed up into the sky then pointed towards Bryan in a Dark Knight's armor and said:"Armor of darkness,you shall be purged from that man's soul and trouble him no more for I am the sword of the heavens! You shall be sent back to the depths of hell from where you been forged !" After Kalduil had said,the Infra got kalduil in his attention,then he rushes at Kalduil with his duel swords.While Kalduil standing watching as Bryan sprinting towards him,he draw his katana and rushes towards him.Kalduil told Ryan and Stephine to step away from the zone.Stephine was heart broken as she watches Kalduil and Bryan fighting each other,she beginning to think that Kalduil might actually kill him.When Stephine cant take much more on watching Bryan taking a lot of injuries from Kalduil's attack,She rushes towards Bryan side when she saw Kalduil about to deliver the finishing blow on Bryan. When Kalduil about to stab Bryan with his katana,Stephine stood in front of Kalduil,he paused looking deep into her eyes even though tears dripping down he cheeks,Kalduil asked:"Why are you stopping me from easing his suffering ?" Stephine didnt answered and continued looking at Kalduil .Then Kalduil said:"You love him so much Am I correct ? He is a very blessed man to find a girl that loved him even though he becomes a monster.Stephine is it ? I promised you this.If anything goes wrong while removing the armor of darkness within him then you can kill me and you have my word to do so." Kalduil put away his sword into its sheath and watches Bryan transforms back to himself,then he told Stephine:"I will find a way to extract the Armor without killing him during the process."

    Kalduil put his sword back into its sheath,he looked at Vania and Meharu who are injured while calming Bryan down.Kalduil watches as Stephine crying on Bryan"s unconscious body,then he remembers when Cecilla was crying on him when he got hurt badly during a duel,then he looked away trying not to remember his past.Ryan noticed he also got a painful history,then he remember that he promised that he will come back to Asagi"s side and he run off into the castle.Kalduil saw Ryan rushed into the castle,he got curious and he fallowed him into the castle.While Reina and Tera healing everyone who was slightly injured from restraining Bryan from going berserk,Reina saw Kalduil fallowing Ryan into the guild castle,she asked Kalduil's men to help Tera bringing Vania,and Meharu to their rooms,then she went to fallow Kalduil into the castle.

    While Ryan making his way through the hallways of the castle,he saw Asagi struggling trying to walk,then he rushes to her side,seeing her in pain while trying to walk towards the scene when Bryan turned into an monster.Ryan broke her fall,he asked her:"Why did you get out of bed since you should be recovering!?" Asagi looked like she was about to cry again,then she told him:"I was worried about you Ryan.I feel like i couldnt bare to lose a friend." Ryan was actually surprised that she called Ryan:"Her first and only friend" then he patted her on the head.While Ryan patting on Asagi's head,then he told her:"everything is gonna be alright no need to get so worried okay?" Asagi nodded after hearing what Ryan told her.Kalduil stood at the corner of the hall way listening to the conversation between those two,he thought to himself that he should let Asagi be,since she is happy with everyone in this guild and best she doesnt remember the tragic day of his kingdom.When Kalduil about to leave the scene,he saw Reina in front of him.Reina asked Kalduil:"What is your relationship with Asagi ?" Kalduil said:"We should talk somewhere else since theres a couple needed a moment alone,so we'll take it at the rooftop of the castle."

    While at the roof top of the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. castle,Reina asked:"What is your relationship between you and Asagi ?" Kalduil replied:"I'm just a traveler who happen to know her." Reina was kinda upset that Kalduil told her a lie,she was about to show her the picture that she found in Asagi's clothes,then Kalduil said:"Something better off not to be remembered and move on without looking back even if you dont Remember any of it." Reina didnt get why did he say that all of a sudden,but she knows that he doesnt want Asagi to remember anything,then she bow to Kalduil then leave,then she ask :"Kalduil you didnt have dinner yet right ?" Kalduil herd his stomach growling,Reina told him to wait at the cafeteria then she left.Kalduil began to think if it was the right thing to let Asagi doesnt remember anything and let her live as a normal girl in Gensokyo,then he make his way to the cafeteria.

    While in the Infirmary,Ryan and Asagi are staring at Bryan unconscious,across where Asagi's bed is facing to,she asked:"What happened out there?" Ryan didnt answered,fearing how will she react that Bryan is a dark knight,he told her:"He fell down the stairs that's all nothing serious." When she herd what Ryan told her,she giggles finding what he said is funny then she herd her own stomach growled,she was embarrassed that her stomach growled so loud.Ryan told her to wait in bed while he goes to the cafeteria to grab some food for her,then suddenly Asagi grabbed Ryan's right hand when he was about to leave the room,Ryan looked at Asagi while she is holding his hand.She told Ryan that she doesnt want to be left alone with Bryan in the room,she even told Ryan that there is something very bad feeling coming from him.Ryan thinking what is he gonna do since Asagi wont let go of his hand,then Ryan saw Steam entering into the room,Ryan asked if he can watch over Asagi while he getting something for her to eat,before Ryan leaves the room,Steam asked:"I'm guessing Bryan suddenly transformed right ?" Ryan nodded,he asked Steam to watch over him in case he went berserk again,since Steam is the only one able to stop Bryan from berserking in his infra form.After when Ryan left the room,Steam wondered when will Bryan will lost his sanity to the armor of darkness within him,then he knows that he has Stephine by his side all the time and loves him no matter what he becomes.Asagi staring at Steam wondering if something really happened outside,then she saw Stephine entering into the room with a sad look on her face,Asagi asked:"Is everything alright Stephine?" Stephine looking very depressed,she replied:"It's nothing,i"m just worried about Bryan that's all" she sat by Bryan"s side looking at him with a depressed look on her face,she asked Steam:"Is there really a way to help him from all of his suffering ?" Steam replied:"I"m not sure but.... There is only one way which might kill him if the process turned to failure...." Stephine was shocked that the only way to ease Bryan"s suffering is a very dangerous ritual. Asagi looked at them while they were talking,she didnt have a clue what are they talking about,and she out loudly think that must be a super rash on Bryan"s back bone,then Steam staring at her with a look telling her:"your immature."

    While Ryan at the cafeteria,he saw Kalduil sitting in a chair with his arm laying on the chair's arms while his head resting on his right hand and looking at the city of Gensokyo from the window that only have screen to block the winds,he was holding a locket in his left hand.Ryan ask Kaldui:"Have found a way to help Bryan right ?" Kalduil told Ryan that the only way to save Bryan only matter if he have the will to fight his inner darkness or be consumed by it,when he consumed i have no choice but to kill him to ease his suffering."After Ryan herd what Kalduil told him,then Ryan got curious about the locket that kalduil was holding out,when Ryan was about to asked,Kalduil told him:"Somethings better not knowing from someones history."Ryan noticed that he is a Warrior with a broken heart but with a will trying to moving on with his own life.Kalduil said:"So I am guessing your in love with Asagi am I correct ?" Ryan replied:"We're just friends okay and how did you know her name ?" Kalduil laughed,then he said:"Lets just say I happen to Over heard your conversation between you and her in the hallways.You know,I used to be like you when i was young like you Ryan.When i was about your age I dont know how to express to my feelings to a girl i fell in love with."Then they herd plates shattering in the kitchen behind the counter,Kalduil and Ryan rush towards the scene.When they arrived at the scene,they saw Reina on the floor with a fragments of the plate with food on it,Kalduil noticed that she tripped by the wet surface in the kitchen.Kalduil told Ryan:"Can you help Reina walk back to the cafeteria ?" I,ll cook something for us to eat." Ryan nodded,he helped Reina got on her feet and walk out of the kitchen,when Ryan about to leave the kitchen Kalduil said:"Dont tell anyone who cook this okay?" Ryan didnt get a clue why he said that,then Reina told Kalduil that she was sorry that she drop Kalduil's meal when it was completed.But Kalduil didnt mind the fact she dropped the meal,then he started cooking.

    While Reina and Ryan sitting at the cafeteria waiting for Kalduil finish cooking,Reina told Ryan that Kalduil might have something to do with Asagi's memories.After Ryan hearing what Reina was trying to tell him that Kalduil is actually hiding something and rejecting to help Asagi to remember anything.The both of them thinking what could Kalduil trying to hide from Asagi and preventing her to remembering anything.While they were thinking about what is Kalduil hiding from her,Then Kalduil came out of the kitchen,put down three bowl bowls of udon with soft fried tofu in the soup to everyone who's gonna eat it,then he gave them a pair of chop sticks to them and told them to eat.After Kalduil told them to eat,Reina and Ryan took one string of udon with there chopsticks that Kalduil have cooked for them,after they tasted it,they were amazed by how delicious of how he cooked it.Ryan took his bowl,he got up from his seat and told kalduil that he wasnt hungry.Kalduil looked Ryan as he leaves the cafeteria with his bowl of udon,then he thinks that he's gonna give his meal to someone else to try it his cooking,so he didnt mind what Ryan have on his mind and continue eating his udon with Reina.

    While at the infirmary,Steam left the room after Kana told him that he has an important meeting.As Asagi waiting for Ryan to come back with her meal,she was getting a very bad feeling from Bryan which made her tremble,then she saw Stephine crying right besides Bryan.Asagi have been staring at Stephine crying,she began to wonder did something bad happened when Ryan went out side,then she decided to asked Stephine about what happened out side.Stephine replied:"He suddenly change into a Infra Black all of a sudden then everyone trying to calm him down but they all got hurt because of doing so" When Stephine mention Infra black she didnt know what she was talking about when he turned into one.Before she can ask what Stephine what she meant by what she have told her,then she thought that should ask her since she looked not in a good mood to talk about it,she couldnt bare to ask her anything that might hurt her feeling.As Asagi stare at Stephine crying,she told Stephine to get some sleep and hopefully that he will be good as new tomorrow in the morning.Then suddenly Stephine shout at Asagi telling her that:"he still wont be fine,almost every six weeks he transform into a Monster against his own will,he will attack any one in this guild that is why I'm the only one I"am can calm him down!" Asagi was suddenly look depressed when she got scolded by Stephine,she became silent after she shouted at her and she was also afraid that she will get scolded again,then she herd Stephine apologizes to her.Asagi let out a sighed in relief that she didnt mean to scold at her all of a sudden,she knows that Stephine loves Bryan very much,then she saw her getting up and she told Asagi:"Thank you but your right,he will be fine in the morning." She wiped off the tears off her face ,then she bow to Asagi telling her "thank you" and left the room.

    After Stephine left the room,Bryan opened his eyes ,then he sat up on his bed,he looked at Asagi and told her:"Thank you for telling Stephine to get some sleep other wise she be here all day." Then He looked at Asagi into her red innocent eyes,he asked:"Your not a fighter are you ?" When Bryan asked Asagi,she asked him why he suddenly asked.Bryan replied:"When we found you unconscious at the beach,You had a sword on your left waist so I think your holding that sword for someone right?" Asagi tries to remember that she was holding a sword,then she shook her head tell him "No".After she shook her head then she suddenly starting to feel alot of pain coming for her head and starting to seeing a man wearing a pauldron chain mail smiling at the end of the dark hallway,she try to reach out to him then she realizes that she being dragged away from him,she tries to reach out to him and realizes that she was visualizing a part of her memories.Bryan watches as she started cry when she couldnt remember anything about herself,he told her:"get some sleep Im sure it will come to you when you wake up." Asagi told Bryan that Ryan still havent came back from getting her meal from the cafeteria.

    After a short period of time,Asagi waited for Ryan to return from the cafeteria,she decided to get ready to sleep then starting to smell some food approaching towards the room.She sat back in her original position and quietly awaits for her meal.When the door was slowly opened,Ryan came into the room with a bowl in his Left hand.Asagi figured that he had to walk slowly other wise he will spill the bowl of soup or noodles and she even see steam coming out of the bowl,then he put the bowl on top of the small drawer next to where Asagi's sitting on the bed along with pair of chopsticks on the bowl,he pulled out a chair and sat next to her.When Ryan put down the bowl,Asagi examined the food that Ryan put on top of the small drawer next to her,she took one sniff to it and she like the aroma coming from the bowl.She grabed the bowl and chopsticks then starting to eat the the udon that Ryan gave her.While Asagi is eating she asked Ryan did he made this for her knowing the taste is very familiar.Ryan looked into her red innocent eyes,then he told her a lie saying that he cooked it for her.Asagi smiled when Ryan told her that he made it just for her,then tears starting to dripped down on her cheeks as she finish eatting the udon.Ryan grab the empty bowl from her then put it aside.He began to wonder why is she crying while eating,he was speechless then told her that she should get some sleep.Ryan adjust the pillow for Asagi and slowly putting he back down on the bed.When Ryan was about to leave the room with the empty bowl with him then suddenly grabbed Ryan's left hand and ask him to stay by her side until she falls asleep.As she hold on to Ryan's left hand while his right holding the bowl,she looked at Ryan with a worried expression on her face.Ryan sighed when he looked at Asagi,he asked:"Why do you want me to be by you side ?" She answered:"I feel much safer when your around here..."Ryan put down the bowl back on top of drawer next to her and sat down next to her while she is holding his hand tightly and not letting it go.

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