Asagi's Journey chapter 1


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    Asagi's Journey chapter 1

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    An World thats in war for years and centeries between Fomors and humans an Never ending war... this is how one girl changes the World....of the never ending war between Different races....

    At the edges of the forest covered in snow.A great knight goes by the name Kalduil who is a man with a great senses of honor,as he Wiping the sweat off He Mumble to himself:"How long this war will last ?". He Ordered his men to take a break for setting up Camp then He herd something.He Thought he was over worked,But he herd it again and its not far from where the camp is.Kalduil : "I Guess Im not over worked after all,Ok you two come with me we,re gonna scout the area !" The guards were complaining when their break started few short moments ago and didnt even have time to sleep after they traveled very far from they're home city of Zolda.They go grab they're equipments,then they Fallow Kalduil to the Forest.As they Scout'ed the area,They wondered why Kalduil was Too Serious and edgy about the surrounding area.As they look around,They herd a Child crying.Kalduil said quietly:"It came from over there but stay on Guard !".Both Soldiers replied:Yes Sir! as they went to Check the Crying.They found a baby child crying Covered in Blood And they saw a wounded Fomor walking Away.The soldiers Plan to Pursue it and kill it,but Kalduil stopped them and ordered them to Stop and fall back.Kalduil picked up the child.As the two soldiers are arguing about letting a Half breed fomor in to human society,Kalduil told them :that Every Children are Treasures to us and its a Sin to damage those treasures,As Kalduil Examining the child that its a baby girl with Wolf ears,Wolf tail, eyes red as blood and Hair color is white as snow ,an moment of silence pass by ,They herd Battle horns From distance but it wasnt they're battle horns,It was the fomors are approaching towards the camp.The two soldiers Told Kalduil to get out of here and go bring that child to his king.Kalduil Told them to Come back to camp with him to defend.The Solder said:"You have Some thing to worry about ,Go Before they reach here and Kill that child.Kalduil:I dont Want you guys die for this child But also a Sin for me to Left my men to fight while protecting this child !.The 2nd soldier Said:Dont worry I got his back,But you cant truly fight with 1 arm Thats holding a Sword and hold a child at the same time right ? As Kalduil With a Hesitating Expression on his look He went back to the camp and carrying the child along the way.As the two soldiers Ready they're swords,One soldier said:Least this will be worth it than Dying for my Kingdom...As the 2nd soldier replies:Least i got some thing else to die for since That child might end the war In the future.

    As Kalduil running back to the path he came.a soldier ask: where are the two men you brought and Why theres a child on your hand ?Kalduil was catching His breath,then He said: Get the troops Ready for combat! The Soldier asked: why since we got the camp all set.Kalduil Told them what they found during the scouting and told them to Bring back up the the two Soldiers holding the Army of Fomors approaching.The soldiers are looking at each other,They Shout: "TO ARMS and time to Die and fight for our Kingdom !!" Kalduil looks at his men with a Depressing Look and Looking at the child , all he hear is her crying,he said:dont worry... i will protect you with my life and i will Die trying to get you to my king...As he turns to look Around One of his men Asked:Why we had to fight While General Had to Bring that Child to our King ? All of his troops wondering why. Kalduil Replied:I know we all wanted to end this war But after a long centeries of Blood shed,We been given the opptunity for a Fomor to live in human culture.If we dont Get her to Our king,there will be No end to this war and the fate of humanity.As the soldiers looking at each other,One soldier get his spear And ready his Weapons others fallowed and armed.As Each Soldiers Got they're weapon and Facing towards Kalduil,They ask What are your orders SIR ? Kalduil looking around He said:Go Give them Reinforcements And Come back Alive ! All of the soldiers Bowing towards Kalduil then they began sounding the war drums and charging towards the forest.Kalduil Got on The throughbred,he said:....Forgive me... even though i wont beg for your forgiveness but its for the future of humanity....He rode off on the horse as fast as he can carrying the Child towards his kingdom.As the Kalduils brigade charging towards the forest but they were ambushed they fought hard as they can despite the soldiers wounds are deep they willing to holding out long as they can for kalduil and the child.....

    the battle went on for hours,All of Kalduil's troops Are dead.A Fomor Wearing a armor thats pitch black with eyes that glows red, he looks around he saw a Near dead soldier.As the Dark armored Fomor picks him up and ask him:tell me ... where is the child and i,ll grant u the power to live.... The soldier Looked at Him,He Bite his tongue off and spit the blood at him.The Dark knight wipe the blood off his face,He Crushed the soldier's head like a Grape.He asked one of his Fomor troops:are there any survivors ? the Fomor soldier replied: Nope we killed them all like u said sir.The Dark Knight Fomor Look Very Furious about the news that One of fomor gave him,He draws his sword and killed him.As he look up the sky He begining the grin and Evil laughing.Every Fomor was staring at him and eventually staring at each other,and with the Faces saying: Is he that demented or a Nut job to be our leader....

    As Kalduil Rode fast as he can while holding the child,The wind was freezing as he riding fast,All He Heard as the Child Crying As he Heading to his home,He look at the Child with a Worried look.Kalduil:"Hang on...Please hang on...I know its hard to bare Please... Dont Die...."As he looking at the child,His face was Very worried and Afraid that the child dies before he Reach to deliver the child to his lord. He looks around his surroundings to make sure hes not lost after a long Ride the horse,When he looks a head He saw His Kingdom that he serves and rode towards it.

    When He Reach the Main gate of the castle,He shouted the Gate Keepers to "Open the Gates Hurry !" The gate keepers heard what kalduil Orders and began Operating the switches that opens the huge gates.As the Gate opens,Kalduil Rushes Towards the castle,passing through the Town, then eventually reaches at the Catles Gates.He look up,he thought him self that He Acidently Back tracked at the main gates.
    He Thought to him self:"Oh great brother.... Why u had to make the front Door of the castle identical look to the Main gate....

    He Ordered The Castle gate keeper to open the gate.the soldier Ask him to State his Business and whats the Urgent Business with the king.Kalduil trying to Explain but the Guard just got the message from the king, and told him,that he can pass and enter Kalduil looked Concern about what the king will decide her fate,and wonder will she have some one to watch over her as a Daughter,He thought to him self that if no one care for her,he will take full responsibilty for he Dismount his horse,He try not to drop the child and carefully getting his foot on the ground.He Look at his King in Discern expression,he walk towards his king.

    As a moment of silence when Kalduil and the king made eye contact.The King got off from his throne,and With a Curious look on his face.He asked Kalduil why:"he brought a child here,and what happened during his Mission.Kalduiled Explain everything to his king about how he found this child and why was he the only one survived".The King let out a sigh,patted kalduil on his back and Took the child but he was smiling as he holding the child.The king told kalduil:"My son always wanted a little sister and his Birth day is tomorrow too!"

    Kalduil asked what for his punishment for Left be hind his entire brigade to Bring a Half Fomor Child.When the king herd what Kalduil asked,He told him there will be No Punishments.But Kalduil Still Insisted that he still wanted to atoned for His sin for Leaving his comrades behind.As the king Staring at his face,He Sighed and told him that:"There will be no punishments".Kalduil asked why he doesnt get his punishment for leaving his troops behind.The king told him:" He fufilled his son wishes so there will be no punishments"

    As Kalduil walking towards the door and He turned around telling:" thank you... Brother Tsurugi...."

    when Kalduil Left the Throne room,Tsurugi looking at the child,wondering what kind name would he give to his Daughter as he heading to his room,He suddenly Thought up a name for his daughter and her name is Asagi...After he Name his daughter,He looked his daughter but her face was Crying,Then he smelled Something exactly like Rotten eggs.He hurried to his room when he open the door,the Queen was Tailoring clothes for his Son's Birthday,She turned to Tsurugi and look at Asagi.She Asked:where did you find her and why was she covered in blood ?

    Tsurugi explained every thing to his Wife , he entirely forgot to change her until Asagi Cried.A Breif Moment pass by Tsurugi Suddenly remember to Changer her diapers.After changing her Diapers She Still crying,As those two try to calm her down,His wife suddenly thought that Asagi was Hungry.After they fed Asagi,She quickly went to sleep.Tsurugi were Discussing about taking Asagi as they're Daughter,as a princess too,The Queen Agreed to what ever Tsurugi do and told him : what ever path you choose i,ll fallow the path you choose....

    The king and queen hugged each other,the queen continue Tailoring the new clothes for his son as a birthday present.Tsurugi went back to the throne room and began to wondering if he done the right thing for his kingdom,As he wondering he asked: Have i done the right thing for my kingdom brother ? Kalduil came from behind the pillar and told him:I dont know but it is the best possible choice for her.As those two Discussing about Asagi,They herd a door opening,they told each other not to Tell His Son about Asagi.As the door opens,Kalduil give the Formal greeting to The prince.The Prince told Kalduil to stop giving him the formal Greeting.Tsurugi Said:I know how u feel Shinzo but Would be Very disrespectful if some one greet you like a nobody right shinzo ?

    Shinzo Replied back to Tsurugi:but dad i know about the formal greeting every day but i Get tired of seeing people kneeling and praising him everyday.Kalduil and Tsurugi looked at each other,they under stand how shinzo felt for the 7Years of special treatments and same old praises.They discussing about Plans for Shinzo's birthday party,Shinzo got curious about his Birthday present for this year.Kalduil and tsurugi looked at each other,they nodded at each other and told him:"This year birth day i fufilled one of your wished but i cant show you til its your birthday". When Shinzo herd what he said,he was excited to see his little sister and Imedeately went to his room and Do the tasks given from his school.

    After a few hours,shinzo look out the window and saw the bright full moon in the sky,he wondered to himself that he is getting a little sister that he wanted so much or an Armor for his Swordsmanship.He went to bed and sleep with full excitement.As he a sleep,Tsurugi open the door slightly and Sighed happily as his Son sleeping with excitement about his birthday party,He close the door quietly and heading back to his room,as he went in to his room,he saw his wife was laying on the table asleep with completed Starlight robe for his son,he walk towards the small bed which was formerly Shinzo when he was about her age,He looking at Asagi and thinking about how will his son react when he see her.Tsurugi turned towards the Balcony,looking at the moon,he looked down the balcony and Saw Kalduil Sitting under the tree and looking moon.Tsurugi walks away from the balcony and make his way towards the courtyard.As Kalduil laying down and looking up with a troubled look on his face,he Herd and saw his brother approaching and asked "what seems to be bothering you brother ?" Kalduil Sighed and told him"was that a neccessary Tribute for one child ?" Tsurugi Sighed,Patted his brother back and told him:"At least you done whats right" As Tsurugi Sighed and told Kalduil:"Brother If anything went wrong during Asagi's childhood or classes.... I want you to Teach her every thing you know.kalduil asked with a puzzled look on his face and asked:"Even combat and survival ?" Tsurugi looked at Kalduil with a serious look and Nodded.

    As the night Went by,the sun rises as the moon Decent,As tsurugi woke up, he knowticed Asagi was missing from her small bed.As Tsurugi Panic'ed looking around the room.His wife came in the room with Asagi covered in towel,Tsurugi Turn around and Sighed peacefully and Went to the lobby to set up his son's Birthday party.As time went by and the skies with a plain field of blue.Shinzo woke up,Rushes off his bed,brush his teeth,dressing in his old Favorite robe and he rushes off to the lobby.As Time went by,all the guests enjoying the buffet , talking and Tsurugi Dressing up for his son's Birthday party while his wife dressing up Asagi for the party,as they finished dressed up, they begin walking towards the lobby of the castle.When Tsurugi and his wife holding Asagi,when they arrived at the lobby,the guests congratulates Tsurugi,When every one staring at The queen as she holding Asagi.

    Tsurugi tell the entire guests:that Half breeded fomor girl will be my Daughter,if you do have trouble dealing with this Buessness with me ! The guests looking at each other,they resume what they were doing,after a few long minutes Tsurugi asked:"where is the Birthday Boy " ? After few more Minutes,Shinzo arrived at the Lobby catching his breath,he looked around most of the guests were gone but most of the food were eatten by the guest but few Slices of cake were left.Tsurugi asked "What took you so long to get to the lobby?" Shinzo was catching his breath and told him:"Next time dad Leave a map or DONT make rooms thats identical !" every one laughed at Shinzo.Shinzo looked embearested from every ones laughing,he Went to see his birthay presents,as shinzo unwrapping gift,He saw Kalduil relaxing his back on the wall,he walk towards Kalduil and asked him to take him as a pupil.Kalduil looking at Shinzo in his eyes and said:"i dont take any pupils..." When Shinzo Herd what Kalduil said. He felt upset but he was Rejoice when He remember Tsurugi said: "i had fufilled one of your wishes" when he recall what his dad said. He rushes towards his dad.He asked his dad:what did u got me this year Dad ? Tsurugi look at shinzo and turn around and looks at his Wife,Shinzo looking at what his Dad is looking at.He looked at his mom,He saw His mom holding Asagi.

    A brief moment pass by when Shinzo been staring Asagi.Shinzo was kinda Shock and Happy too but he didnt expect his little sister was gonna be a Half breed.A Breif moment of Silence pass by every one was looking at Tsurugi and his family staring at each other.Shinzo was Spacing out with a Shocked and surprised look on his face,His mother walk towards Shinzo while carrying Asagi,As his mother lower down to let Asagi to get a closer look to her Older brother.As Asagi looking at her mother,she turns to shinzo and wagging her tail,She Poked him.After Asagi poked shinzo,he fell down with a thud,Every one panicked.

    Shinzo was dreaming,He Dream of Having his own castle,army and being the all mighty Swordsmen and eventually he Dream of Seeing an Army of giant imps,He woked up and noticed his mom left him laying on the couch with Asagi sitting on him and making funny faces with his cheeks and laughing out of fun.Shinzo Staring at her as she playing with him,he sighed and put his Hand on forehead,and looked at Asagi but when she made a Sad face and started crying,he noticed his Favorite robe was Wet and He said:"Cant this Birthday gets Any worst...."?

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