G15 - Metal Kit (Credine Upgrade) Kit



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    G15 - Metal Kit (Credine Upgrade) Kit

    Post by Kenero on Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:40 pm

    Source: http://mabidata.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=862

    Metal Toolkit Enhancement is a new way to power up your equipments in G15. Unlike the enhancement introduced before, this new method
    allow you to upgrade all the different equipments you have (except robes). This means that even your armor, glove, or hat can be upgraded.

    When you use a toolkit to enhance, your item will get a random 1~3 effects and the enhancement will also give you a rank of enhancement ranging from 3 to 1 with 1 being the best.

    The toolkit comes in 3 different type: Common, High Grade, and Credihne. And here is the difference:
    Common: Can only be used on item that has not been previously enhanced by Metal Toolkits.
    High Grade: Can only be used on item that has been previously enhanced by Metal Toolkits, will give you the same number of effect as it has before. e.g. if the equipment had 2 bonus effects, it will give you 2 when you use this kit on that equipment, no more, no less.
    Credihne: Similar to High Grade, except it may increase or lower the number of effect on the equipment.

    So, basically, High Grade and Credihne are used to re-enhance the equipment if you don't like what you got the first time and unfortunately both are cash shop items.

    Now let's talk a little bit about the effects. The effect comes in 2 type, pure increase and level enhancement.
    Pure increase would be like +3% crit, +15 dex etc.
    Where level enhancement is quite different. For enhancement it powers up the said skill by a particular %.

    For example, a level 20 enhancement for smash at rank 1 would be 500% x 200%, which is 1000%, such that your dmg output modifier for smash is now 1000% instead of 500%.
    The basic break down of the level enhancement is something like this:
    Level 1 105%
    Level 2 110%
    Level 3 115%
    Level 4 120%
    Level 5 125%
    Level 6 130%
    Level 7 135%
    Level 8 140%
    Level 9 145%
    Level 10 150%
    Level 11 155%
    Level 12 160%
    Level 13 165%
    Level 14 170%
    Level 15 175%
    Level 16 180%
    Level 17 185%
    Level 18 190%
    Level 19 195%
    Level 20 200%

    Here's screenshot of Level 19 Enhancemented Arrow Revolver o_O...

    Now, remember the rank for the enhancement? It is a scale of limit to the upgrade level one can receive. The scale is this:
    Rank 1 Level 1~20 Enhancement
    Rank 2 Level 1~10 Enhancement
    Rank 3 Level 1~5 Enhancement

    This is the balanced value after 7/28. Prior to the date, the enhancement level have been over 20, even to the 100s.

    Beside the skill enhancement effects, some of the effects offers are also pretty unique, such as increase range weapon range, allow human to use Charge Skill without shields or increase Skill Training Proficiency etc...

    Last thing to note though is that different equipment will give you different effects, or example, the allow human to use Charge Skill without shield effect is an enhancement effect on 2hand weapons, you won't get this effect on bows.

    *Yes, the toolkit can be used on accessory, head gear, spirit weapon, fomor weapon, foot wear, armors/clothing, gloves.

    *As of 8/12, a new update has introduced the Metal Tookit Recovery Kit, which function similar to the Artisan Removal Kit that will remove the Metal Toolkit bonus from an item completely. And it would seem that the recovery kit is sold in Fomor NPC Shops. (Currently also being given out in event from defeating the Giant Co... I mean Giant Rooster*)

    Metal Toolkit Recovery Kit: Allows player to remove the metal toolkit upgrade complete with 100% success chance. However, cannot be used on items that have not been upgraded with the metal toolkit.

    Translation: Poor man's way of getting effect they want?

    This topic serves the purpose for me to collect, and you to view, the notes I've collected on Metal-ware Toolkits. Since this topic is far from complete any additional infomation would be loved:

    [SIZE="4"]What are metal-ware Tools?[/SIZE]

    In g15 nexon added the new item, metal-ware Tools. These kits allow you to modify your weapon at a random chance. The original Item itself allows you to do this once to one item. When you use it you will gain 1-3 bonuses to your equipment. For Nx you can buy the high grade kit (Yellow), and the Credihne Kit (Red). The High grade kit allows you to reroll, but keep the same number of upgrades while the Credihne allows the chance for an additional bonus to be added (up to 3 max).

    When you use High Grade and Credihne Kits, there is a chance to rank up your equipment. Your equipment starts off at rank 3 when you first use the kit, and goes down to rank 1. As most upgrades have a max level of 20 the levels you can achive by ranking up your wepaons are as follows:

    Rank 3 : 1-5
    Rank 2 : 1-10
    Rank 1 : 1-20

    Now that the general idea of a tool is stated. My note are focused on the upgrades themselves. Each upgrade can fit into a group of General or for equipment only.


    Stat Increases
    level 1-10: +1 to stat per level
    level 11-19: +2 to stat per level
    level 20: ??? to stat per level


    Min/Max Attack Increase
    level 1-10: +1 to min/max attack per level
    level 11-19: +2 to min/max attack per level
    level 20: ??? to min/max attack per level

    Attack Speed Increase

    Apparently each level adds 1 to the attack speed bonus, as level 10 grants you that special. Need more information on it.

    Element Endowment

    There is no info on this as of yet...


    No info...


    No info...


    No info...


    Movement Speed Increase

    This one is a special case, only maxing out at level 5.
    Level 1 - ??? movement speed Increase
    Level 2 - ??? movement speed Increase
    Level 3 - ??? movement speed Increase
    Level 4 - ??? movement speed Increase
    Level 5 - +50% movement speed Increase


    No info...


    No info...


    Chance to gain a 2nd item.

    No info on it, but apparently it matches the final upgrade on alot of tools, which allows the user to gain a 2nd material when gathering.

    Production Speed Increases

    This one is another odd case. It did not activate for me, despite being level 12, until after I upgraded my tool for speed. I guess it stacks to your current speed modifications already, or it's a bug with the kits. The rate at the speed increase per level is hard to tell, but I hope this video will help determine...

    The video above was made with a gathering knife with full upgrade for speed + level 12 gathering speed increase. Also note that since I live in the US the production speed is kinda...slowed to to lag. (if a kr player uses it, you can barely see an animation before success).

    Anyway If there are any notes people would like to add, please let me know. I'll update this as I continue to collect notes on each upgrade. Until then...



    Level 20 gives you +1000 extra range on bow... see how far it hits?


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    Re: G15 - Metal Kit (Credine Upgrade) Kit

    Post by MikeHo on Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:23 pm

    Lol nice! Expensive though.



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    Re: G15 - Metal Kit (Credine Upgrade) Kit

    Post by MabNoodle on Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:46 pm

    That gathering knife is ridiculous, man :L If I had a knife like that... all the sheep ever would be bald.


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    Re: G15 - Metal Kit (Credine Upgrade) Kit

    Post by aquwin on Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:45 pm

    heh, if i had that gathering knife....well all the sheep in qilla are already bald cause of me...but it'll make weaving so much easier

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    Re: G15 - Metal Kit (Credine Upgrade) Kit

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