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    Mabinogi Live Chat - Tuesday, June 21

    Post by MikeHo on Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:57 pm

    Q: Any chance for alchemy ovens on homesteads?

    A: It’s definitely possible, but we believe that the Alchemy Ovens is one of the incentives/reason that drives traffic into Tailteann.

    Q: Would it be possible to remove the black fomor scroll requirement for Control of Darkness? As of right now it is much weaker than the other races' transformation specials, and having to pay 1000 gold per use just makes it that much more worthless.

    A: We’ll look into this request and see what the Content Team has to say. They will need to see the numbers (How often the skill is used) and determine if rebalancing is required.

    Q: Are we getting the de-personalize cash shop item?

    A:Once all the necessary planning figured we will determine a date for when item/feature will become available. ETA: maybe July or August.

    Q: Are we getting the pet trade medal cash shop item?

    A: Same as answer before, once we have the necessary planning complete we will announce its release date.

    Q: Are we getting the expired enchant renewal cash shop item?

    A: This item will not be released anytime soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Q: Any word on whether we'll see more action in g15 than we did in g14? Preferrably with less RP missions starring boring characters?

    A: G15 will have a unique battle system that will be different from the previous generations. No more theatre missions, G15 will be a LIVE environment progression.

    Q: Are we ever going to see any mainstream quests even close to the difficulty of g11 again? 'Cause g11 was awesome

    A: As you may know, there’s a huge level difference between Mabinogi KR and Mabinogi NA. In order for us to differentiate the level difficulty we need figure out the level distribution for NA Users. We’ll continue to tweak around the difficulty and hopefully get that “Sweet Spot” that everyone can enjoy.

    Q: How much will dragons cost (I can't wait XD)?

    A: Fire Dragon: 16,100
    A: Thunder Dragon: 16,900

    Q: And will we EVER get an Ice Dragon? We're getting Thunder and Fire, so why not Ice?

    A: We’ve tossed around the idea, but there’s nothing in development.

    Q: Does this update fix the shadow crystal use error (shadow crystals no longer add bonus to mission)?

    A: We’ll look into this issue and report the all the necessary information to DevCat

    Q: Will this update eliminate the ability for hackers/glitchers to crash the servers at will, duplicate items, sneak into other players shadow missions and buy items from shops for 0 gold?

    A: No, not at this time. We’re still investigating the issue, once we have enough information we will begin an action plan.

    Q: Will this update also include a Hackshield update to eliminate hackers by-pass and thus their ability to use Mabipake to gain access to the GM panel as well as other critical abilities? (yeah, I know this is impossible to expect of Nexon)

    A: (No answer was given)

    Q: why are you nerfing the golems windmill skill down to r5?

    A: We believed that the Golems were way too strong. A user can easily complete a dungeon with the golem alone and that’s not how we intended it to be.

    Q: how will the size of golems be affected, will a higher rank summon golem skill increase the size now?

    A: The size will only affect the Windmill range and its size is determined by the Clay Alchemy Mastery rank. The strength of the golem is determined by Alchemy Mastery.

    Q: will existing players be able to get the special enchanted armors that new players are now getting on level 100?

    A: Only new players will be able to get the enchanted clothing armor. You will receive a quest at levels 10, 20, 40, 50, 70, 80 and 100, completing each quest will award an enchanted clothing armor.

    Q: Do the new Exploration booksfrom Voight I saw mentioned in the update offer titles?

    A: There are new titles but there are new exploration books that will award Composing Rank 6, Composing Rank 5, First Aid Rank 6 and Musical Knowledge Rank 4.

    Q: Are you going to fix the weapon shop in Tara? The view is totally messed up, and you can only see less than half of the shop.

    A: DevCat will fixed the camera angle issue in the July Patch.

    Q: Also, in regards to the armor and the Level 100, is that total or current level?

    A: Total Cumulative level.

    Q: May you please reformat the screen appearance? (It would be nice if some stuff would look smaller and take less screen space.

    A: (No answer was given)

    Q: When can we expect the release of the new area East of Dunbarton?

    A: We will be releasing Port Cobh in the July Patch

    Q: Will there be some renewal to sales prices for items in NPC stores/ NPC Repair Costs?

    A: There’s are no renewals in the works for sale price changes

    Q: Can we get alchemy ovens in our homesteads? It is really inconvenient to have to go back to Taillteann anytime we need to make crystals or synthesize/fragment/convert metals.

    A: It’s definitely possible, but we have to weigh out our options and see if this will cause any problems.

    Q: Can we get a white herb patch for the homesteads? Seeing as how they're needed for spirit hearing water for g3, forest golems, spirit liquer, and white paint, it's a shame that you really only get them from peaca or herb pets if they feel like helping you get them.

    A: The White Herb is not going to be available for Homestead. It’s the rarest herb and it should only be available in dungeons and the Herb Pig. We don’t want to lose its rarity by making it available in Homestead.

    Q: Why is there no production or life skill destiny? Skills like weaving and blacksmithing are bad enough as it is, why must we also have to deal with low point values in training?

    A: We believe that the LIFE Skills should be the base that differentiates people.

    Q: Will the level 100 armor be per account or individual characters that reach 100?

    A: Per Account and total accumulative level needs to be 100.

    Q: My main question is will a system like dungeon fighters new blitz point system be added to mabinogi to reward players for playing longer? (Double AP or 2x Exp)

    A: We haven’t thought about it, but If it doesn’t require art resource it’s definitely possible.

    Q: Will vindictus transformation attack skills for transformations or something like it be added to mabinogi to make transformations not just a Buff for the character?

    A: DevCat will look into this idea and propose it to the Design & Development team.

    Q: Will We get more events like Double AP or Double Exp Events more often in the future or will we Ever see Imps Dream land Event again?

    A: NO DOUBLE AP, but double exp event is definitely possible.

    Q: Will Nexon obtain the rights to bring the Fullmetal Alchemist equipment and costumes to NA?(There are MANY fans in the US who love this anime, and, in general, most of the people i know on mabi are anime fans)Please consider it!

    A: We ‘re positively reviewing the idea, but with our current user base it’s very difficult. If we get more people to play we might be able to get enough resources to get the licensing for FMA.

    Q:Will new land areas, or Towns be added in the furture to Uldah?

    A: There will be a new area called Port Cobh and it will be available sometime in July.

    Q: Will flight abilities be added to areas like Tir Chonel, Dunbarton, and many other world map zones that do not currently have it?

    A: Unfortunately no, when the area was developed the idea of flight in those area’s wasn’t considered.

    Q: I'm a tailoring/smithing guy. Is there going to be a possible way to tailor/smithing all of the equipments? (like Tailor a Trinity wear for example)

    A: We will be adding many more new Manuals and patterns and its definitely possible to have all the equipments.

    Q: Is there going to be a way where in Homestead we can get an Ore Pile?

    A: No we haven’t thought of implementing this item/prop, If we did players would never leave their Homestead.

    Q: Which events from previous Years that will return?

    A: We’ll be asking you in a future post; Whats your favorite event, and we will schedule an event of your choice sometime in the future.

    Q: Probably been asked already, but: Will we be getting flight zones for the rest of Uladh anytime in the near future?

    A: Unfortunately no, when the area was developed the idea of flight in those area’s wasn’t considered.

    Q: Will the extra skill bar be disableable? Because I don't really need it, and I already use the 1 - 0 keys to manage my pets (summons, unsummon, sit, come, bag...)

    A: Yes, but that option will be available in the next patch.

    Q: How much of a higher rate can spirit weapons be repaired after this update? Will it be possible to repair it 100% without having to buy spirit repair potions?

    A: Its 100% repair rate as long as you have the same weapon at a 100 weapon proficiency

    Q: Will there be a double rainbow event anytime soon?

    A: Yes, it’s definitely possible.

    IRC Questions

    Q: Will there be a combo package for both dragons

    A: Not at this time

    Q: There's a gate behind the Tir Chonaill Church, up against the west wall... any plans to make it lead somewhere neat? :D

    A: It will open up to Port Cobh, available in July!

    Q: Will there be a extention the homestead to add Dungeon Homesteads? like a player created dungeon (with major restictions of corse).

    A: There's nothing planned or in the works for this idea.

    Q: When will we get more skills and what skills/type of skill is it going to be?

    A:In G14S4 you will be getting tons AND even something you all been waiting for... :D

    Q: Will we see Rabbie Hardmode in the future, if so, when?

    A: Yes, its possible but we dont have a set date for when it will be available.

    Q: What happins after G16 does it go back to the main story line or what?

    A: We have tons of new content being released but its definitely a possibility that we will return/continue the old storyline.

    Q: Are there any plans that any new instruments will be added?

    A: Perhaps Brass in a higher range? There's nothing in the works for new instruments.

    Q: What enchants will be on the level 100 armour set?

    A: You're going to have to play and find out, but there's a prefix and a suffix added to the armor.

    Q: Are there any gacha updates?

    A: Yes, we have a new gachapon called Independance Day Gachapon.

    Q: Will the WASD movement also include using the Q and E keys for camera positioning, or will A and D be used to turn the camera and turn the character?

    A: You Map the Hotkeys using the system game options, any other available keys can be mapped to different keys.

    Q: Also, are there any new alcemy skills possibly coming out in the near future?

    A: We dont have anything in the works for new alchemy skills.

    Q: Are you guys going to release the pet tokens?

    A: Yes, will be releasing the Pet Tokens, but in a later time.

    Q: What are these new songs that are going to be sold in tara? are they better stats? less stam and mana usage?

    A: There are new special music books that will be sold at the NPC: Briana.

    Q: Will any of the old limited time pets ever be available again?

    A: Yes we will have an event during OCT, that will release the limited time pets.

    Q: Is Broken Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly Fan available in Barri normal dungeon?

    A: No, its limited time only and its not available in-game. its going to be available in the Soldier Gachapon list.

    Q: What is this "The lost story of Golvan" is now playable?

    A: Its the unpublished story of Shakespeare.

    Q: How is the Theater mission Fortinbras Being changed?

    A: The monster wave was shortened to 8.

    Q: Any chance we'll have seating, like garden benches, for homesteads?

    A: There's nothing in the works, but I will definitely pass the idea along to DevCat.

    Q: Can elves wear the dragon rider armor?

    A: Yes, all races can equip the Dragon Wear Armor!

    Q: Which specific elite shadow mission drops the Battle Mandolin?

    A: It will be available in Soldier Gachapon in July!

    Q: The events are going to hold more prizes, or are the drops going to be more rare like the recent hot-air balloon event?

    A: Yes, we will be releasing 2 new events that will have even better prizes than the Hot Air Balloon Event.

    Q: When will Viseo Flight Cap with Badge be released?

    A: It will be available in Fashion Gachapon in August

    Q: Krin: Hello! I was wondering when we'd be getting fishing dan, or if there were any plans about it at all?

    A: Yes, we literally discussed it right now, we'll get back to you sometime this summer.

    Q: Will there be features in Homesteads that make use of the vast empty fields that surround your homestead area? Like the ability to link your area next to that of a friend, creating a group of homesteads, for example?

    A There's nothing in the works but a community surround Homestead would be a nice idea, ill make sure to pass that along to DevCat.

    Q: Will there be a war sword or avon sheild event soon?

    A: No, because thats a mainsteam exclusive item.

    Q: Why are the dragons about the same price in nx when they have so many differences?

    A: We feel that the fire dragon is more superior than most of the pets in the shop.

    Q: Will r1 Alchemy Masters be able to use basic alchemy without the need for crystals this patch?

    A: No, Crystals will always be required when using alchemy skills.

    Q: Are there any new items in the end chest of the new theater mission?

    A: You can obtain Combo Cards

    Q: any chance of new musical instruments in the near term? Some traditional Irish ones maybe?

    A: We'll have a poll and see what type of music instrument you guys want... and maybe we can get one out for you guys in the future.

    Q: Will production equipment such as carpentry workbenches, cooking stoves, or permanent campfires be able to be added to Homesteads at any point?

    A: There's nothing in the works, but its definitely a possibility.

    Q: Is mounted dragon combat damage calculated the same as mounted tiger damage?

    A: Yes

    Q: By lv100 armor, do you mean lv100+ total level, or current level?

    A: Its only available for Beginners(Total Level) and you will get an enchanted armor piece at levels: 10, 20, 40, 50, 70, 80 and 100

    Q: Krin: Is the battle mandolin actually released? I believe you guys said it was but is that actually true? o3o and where does it come from?

    A: There might have been some confusion about the availability of the Battle Mandolin, but we'll make sure its added in the Solider Gachapon (July)

    Q: With the recent release of uncapping spirit weapons to level 50. A lot of players have reached or are very close to the elvel 50 cap. Will there be an uncap on spirit weapons again anytime soon?

    'A: Its definitely possible, once we see the numbers, we will definitely increase the spirit weapon cap higher.

    Q: Will mobs in the Tir area get better pathfinding too, or will it be just player characters?

    A: There was no AI pathfinding fix, it was mostly implemented for player characters.

    Q: Will we be getting a new event with this update?

    A: Not this update, but in the next content update.

    Special G15 Info

    NxHime: We have a special surprise for you guys tonight!
    NxHime: And he will be sharing some information about Generation 15!
    NxHime: He will be posting under Kazo so don't be scared!
    NxKazo: Hello guys!
    NxHime: Haha I'm sure they say hello too XD
    NxKazo: So G15 will be based on The Merchant of Venice.
    NxKazo: We will be having a new island region named Velvas.
    NxHime: Whoa :O
    NxKazo: Some of the fomor had a changed of heart and live together with the people of Erinn on the island.
    NxKazo: And as a parting gift for all of you...
    NxKazo: Mabinogi NA will be receiving the Shadow Bushin Skill in the G15 update. :)



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    Re: Mabinogi Live Chat - Tuesday, June 21

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    MikeHo wrote:
    NxKazo: Mabinogi NA will be receiving the Shadow Bushin Skill in the G15 update. :)

    Shadow Bushin :O Looks and sounds cool, kinda OP though... confused
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    Re: Mabinogi Live Chat - Tuesday, June 21

    Post by Sushi~ on Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:38 pm

    Yay new places to visit~

    I love it when there are new sights to see Squealblush

    And I'm glad they're giving the option to remove the 2nd skill bar. I got used to summoning my pets with those keys..

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    Re: Mabinogi Live Chat - Tuesday, June 21

    Post by Echo on Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:31 pm

    Now Mabinogi's going to be populated by narutards QQ

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