Blaze Trails with Fire Horses!



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    Blaze Trails with Fire Horses!

    Post by MikeHo on Sat May 07, 2011 5:02 pm

    Flames seethe from beneath their metallic armor. Cracks in the glinting armor somehow hold the burning inferno contained within and shape the licking flames into the body of a horse. A glance at these fiery steeds would make you think that being within even a few feet would cause one to burst into flames. And yet, they are cool to the touch. Fire Horses, the newest steeds to come to Erinn, are now available in the Web Shop! Pick up your very own Sunburst Shire, Nightshade Mustang, and Ethereal Mist War Horse today!

    From the very moment a Fire Horse is summoned, its presence is known to all enemies as it comes to its master's side in a fire storm. This fire storm knocks all enemies back and away. Upon mounting these fiery steeds, riders will gain access to two special abilities: Flame Dive and Running Boost. Flame Dive is a powerful area of effect attack that knocks back all enemies in the surrounding vicinity. Running Boost is a passive ability available to the Fire Horses that activates when the horse has been running in a single direction for a set amount of time.

    Indeed, as if these abilities didn't make the fire horses attractive pets, their inventories certainly would. Sporting a massive 6 x 10 inventory, a fire horse can hold quite a lot of its owner's possessions. After viewing the steed's inventory, the owner will note a mysterious box called Flame Mare's Gift. Opening this box will produce one of two items: a Flamerider Outfit or a pair of Flame Rider boots. Wearing these two items at the same time not only makes the wearer look completely awesome, but it provides a Flame Burst Enhancement.

    So are you looking to bring fiery justice to those who would threaten Erinn? You will with a Sunburst Shire, Nightshade Mustang, or Ethereal Mist War Horse! These horses will be on sale for a limited time from April 27th to May 17th.

    A very special thanks to Booz0621 of the Alexina Server for naming the Sunburst Shire, Anya of the Tarlach Server for naming the Ethereal Mist War Horse, and Yuuichie of the Ruairi Server for naming the Nightshade Mustang. Because of a text issue we were unable to resolve by the end of the update, the horse names have remained unchanged for the time being. We hope to have this issue resolved during next week's maintenance.



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