Be suave with a Romantic Gift Box!



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    Be suave with a Romantic Gift Box!

    Post by MikeHo on Sat May 07, 2011 4:59 pm

    Celebrating the release of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet into Mabinogi, we introduce the Romantic Gift Box! You'll swoon over the new Lorna and Pan hand puppets! Reenact your favorite scenes from the play with Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt, and Paris costumes and wigs. Miss your chance at some rare character cards from the past? Items such as Emerald's Celtic Wear, Nakkuru Dragon Robes, and others can also be found within Romantic Gift Boxes. Let us steal away your heart with everything that you want and more! Romantic Gift Boxes may be picked up from the Web Shop or the in-game cash shop.

    Check out some of the lovely rewards found therein:

    Romeo Wig and Costume (Separate Items)
    Juliet Wig and Costume (Separate Items)
    Tybalt Wig and Costume (Separate Items)
    Paris Wig and Costume (Separate Items)
    Teddy Bear
    Bunny Doll
    Lorna Puppet
    Pan Puppet
    Andras Puppet
    Elatha Puppet
    Romantic Tailcoat
    Romantic Evening Dress
    Party Ensemble (M or F)
    Black, White, or Red Ring Bow
    Black, White, or Red Wing Bow
    Black, White, or Red Handle and Scabbard Muramasa
    Jester Robe
    Dorren's Robe
    Shooting Star Robe
    Dairy Cow Costume
    Giant Walrus Robe (M or F)
    Mushroom Robe
    Plateau Tribal Costume Set (Separate Items)
    Vanalen Formal Wear (M or F)
    Vanalen Ribbon Boots
    Sky Dragon Wear (M or F)
    Sky Dragon Shoes
    Bat Jacket
    Bat Dress
    Bat Shoes
    Emerald's Classic Celtic Ensemble (M or F)
    Maid Dress (Short or Long)
    Flame Patterned Leather Armor (M or F)
    Flame Patterned Leather Boots
    Marksman Leather Armor (M or F)
    Dragonscale Armor (M or F)

    There are so many awesome items in the Romantic Gift Box that it's hard to list them all. For your chance to get a crack at all these rare items an more, pick up a Romantic Gift Box today!. They will be on sale for a limited time, from May 4th to May 24th.



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