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    Fire Horse Teaser

    Post by MikeHo on Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:22 pm

    wow depending on price i might get more then one.

    nvm its 15k NX


    * Uses Fire Storm upon summon.
    * Flame Dive is available.
    * Running Boost (Passive) is available.
    * Color Selectable.
    * Comes with one piece of Flamerider wear (either clothes or boots) for the owner!
    * Inventory Size: 6 x 10

    Completely plated in armor, with a mane and hooves of fire, the Nightshade Mustang is more than a mere pet or beast of burden. It’s an ally, a companion who will stick with you on your own journey to greatness!

    Just summon your Nightshade Mustang and it’ll appear in a Fury of Flame, knocking all enemies away! Steer your burning steed into a Flame Dive to knock your enemies back. Cut your travel time with the Running Boost and store more for your journey with an enormous 6x10 inventory. Finally, ride in style with Flame Rider gear, one piece free with every Nightshade Mustang.

    When blazing the trail with its master, the Nightshade Mustang will provide a companion bonus to its owner, increasing Max HP, STR, and Critical.

    The Nightshade Mustang's fire burns bright, staying with its owner for up to 124 minutes! With this blazing steed at your side, the world becomes yours!

    Available Skills

    * Defense
    * Smash
    * Counter Attack
    * Combat Mastery
    * Critical Hit
    * Fire Bolt
    * Flame Dive
    * Healing
    * Running Boost
    * Rest
    * First-Aid
    * Fire Storm

    Summoning Time 124 min / HP 90 / MP 40 / Stamina 62 / Strength 40 / Intelligence 25 / Dexterity 36 / Will 46 / Luck 30 / Inventory Size 6 x 10



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