Follow Belita’s Artifact Map to Hidden Treasure!



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    Follow Belita’s Artifact Map to Hidden Treasure!

    Post by MikeHo on Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:34 pm

    Belita has had plenty of time to chart the treasures of the Zardine region. Her maps are sure to guide explorers directly to fortune. We have gathered as many of Belita’s maps as we could and placed them into the Mabinogi cash shop. Looking at one of Belita’s Artifact Maps will instantly grant you an item. Below is a list of items that you will find using Belita’s Artifact Map.

    Dragon Scale Armor (F)
    Dragon Scale Armor (M)
    Dragon Scale Armor (Giant F)
    Dragon Scale Armor (Giant M)
    Dragon Scale Gauntlet
    Dragon Scale Gauntlet (Giant)
    Dragon Scale Greaves
    Dragon Scale Helm
    Terra Gothic Full Dress
    Terra Gothic Suit
    Shark Robe
    Eluned's Fashionista Dress
    Cores' Cute Ribbon Shoes
    Claus Knight Armor
    Claus Knight Gauntlet
    Claus Knight Boots
    Dragon Shield

    Buried along with some of the items found via Belita’s Artifact Map, are items called Zardine Artifacts. Upon your first discovery of a Zardine Artifact, you will receive Zardine’s Artifact Collection Book. If you can find all of the Artifacts, you will be visited by the visage of the legendary dragon Cromm Cruaich.

    Cromm rewards you for your tenacity in retrieving nine different Zardine Artifacts. The great dragon will allow you to choose one of five different treasure chests.

    Below is a short list of the treasures you can find as a reward from Cromm for completing a Zardine Artifact Collection Book.

    Nuadha Robe (Male)
    Nuadha Robe (Female)
    Nuadha Gauntlets
    Nuadha Plate Boots
    Imp Spaika Silver Plate Armor
    Imp Tioz Armor
    Thief Dragon Crest
    Thief Spirit Glove
    The Dawn Valencia's Cross Line Plate Boots

    Belita's Artifact Map will be on sale from March 30th to April 19th.



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