Is there really anything like it?


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    Is there really anything like it?

    Post by Bann on Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:42 pm

    Yeah, i sometimes do this kinda thing when i'm bored, so sorry if its no good Nyah~

    Is there really anything like it?
    Like the feel of the taunt wood reisting your pull, the arrowhead targeting a bellowing enemy? The power you feel as you ever so carefully pick a target, draw, loose, kill and draw again. People call us cowards. Weak. Campers. But they don't understand the thrill we get when we have our bow in our hands, and know that death for our enemies is just a single shot away. Theres a certain skill in fighting a warrior head on, matching him blow for blow, bearing down his defences with brute strength. But some could say that theres more skill in placing all your faith and expertise into a single arrow, and letting it loose unto the elements, free like a bird in the sky. If melee is a dance, then range is an art. Now tell me...
    Is there really anything like it?
    Like letting the power of magic course through you? The tingle of the elements as they flutter just beneath your skin, waiting to be released with a raise of your hand? Stopping a charging ogre warrior in his tracks with the cool flair of a well shot ice spear? Or sending him flying with a fire ball. We mages don't need to choose favourites in what we strike, for lightning demolishes every Tom, Dick and Harry, plus their best friends. Magic is almost like melee from a distance--a punch in the face from a mile away. Sure, many say that archers have the advantage, but how many arrows can pass through a strong enough natural shield? No, magic is a class of its own, you must admit that when I ask...
    Is there really anything like it?
    Like mixing the sworn enemies of science and magic into one powerfull destiny? Thats the type of thing we alchemists do on a daily basis. We don't just use one type of skill. No, that'd be too easy. We make it our calling to find the most rare, obscure, impossibly remote ingredients, and fuse them together into the most kick-arse potion you'll likely ever see. And its not like we stop there. No, we fashioned a new weapon to fire our crystals of doom, and then we created a new fasion to go with it. The feeling of locking and loading a crystal you know could change the tide of battle can't be found elsewhere. People say its too new, too expensive. But there was a time when the gun was too new and expensive, but once a guy who knew how to use it got a hold of it, the world was flipped, shaken and stirred beyond reconignition. Come on...
    Is there really anything like it?
    Like feeling the resistance of an enemies armour as your mace/sword/dagger/stick/cat club/whatever-the-heck-Nexon-throws-in-next smashes into it with unholy force? People say melee is for barbarians. Brutes. Unskilled folk. But they don't understand the discipline it takes to channel that strength and turn it into a deadly attack. Melee is about more than strength of arm. Its about strength of mind. Its hard to calculate the number of HP and SP potions you'll need while soloing Peaca Dungeon with a load of newbies on your back without actually having a good head on top of you. Not to mention priorites. The number of repairs we go through compared to others is ridiculous. But thats the price we pay for being the shields for those ranged "warriors" behind us. More than our own lives and EXP counts on the damage rate of our blade. The lives of our defence-impaired partners matters too. Because if we go down, we all know we'll get to watch as the dungeon boss uses them all as a dish rag. But when it comes down to the feeling of smugness you get when you look around and all you see are little orange feathers, you gotta tell me...
    Is there really anything like it?

    laugh~! laugh~! laugh~!
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    Re: Is there really anything like it?

    Post by MabNoodle on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:48 pm

    I like it! It's interesting how you put forth different opinions/classes... xD!
    Glad I read this spiel~ Thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Is there really anything like it?

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    Re: Is there really anything like it?

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