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    Mabinogi Live Chat - Tuesday, February 22

    Post by MikeHo on Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:03 am

    [22:00] NxHime (nxhime): Welcome to the second Mabinogi Live Chat!
    [22:01] NxHime (nxhime): Sabina, Kazo, Boo! and me will be your hosts tonight!
    [22:02] NxHime (nxhime): The only questions we will be taking tonight are regarding the upcoming update.
    [22:02] NxHime (nxhime): We will do our best to answer as man of your questions.
    [22:02] NxHime (nxhime): Please understand questions regarding current issues or future-future-future-future content may not be answer today.
    [22:03] NxHime (nxhime): Please add NxSabina or me to your friends list as that is how we will take your questions.
    [22:04] NxHime (nxhime): Send us a private message and we will forward it along~
    [22:04] NxBoo! (booox1): riverknyle: Can we expect Dragons from this update?
    [22:04] NxBoo! (booox1): Answer: Nope. Sorry! Try again.
    [22:06] NxBoo! (booox1): Borunks: My question is where is the g13s2 ADV Play? Korea got it back, and it's in very high demand in america, but has gone un-answered, is there any reason why North America did NOT add this to their patches?
    Answer: We are aware of this issue and that you guys do miss your old school Premium Service... We are looking into other Premium Service Alternatives for now and we'll let you know once we reach a conclusion.
    [22:06] NxKazo (nxkazo): (Ruairi) Moonlitnight: In terms of combo cards, are the types you can get completely set. Or can the cards be a combo of any random groups of skills?
    There are different variations of skill sets that pertain to each combo card. The gold combo card in particular, has a unique set that is ideal for combat.
    [22:07] NxBoo! (booox1): luke5392: So are combo cards and the (cross)bow mastery be the only thing being implemented tonight?
    Answer: Couple other things as well like Shadow Mission Rebalancing, a little bit of interface changes as well as adding in more Journal Points into the game.
    [22:09] NxKazo (nxkazo): Wyse[Tarlach]: Will there be any new changes to the user interface, and if so? How will they appear different?
    Yes, there are a few changes to the UI that will make things convenient for people
    [22:10] NxKazo (nxkazo): miomimio (alexinia): will the begginer sevice apply to players already under lvl 100 or just newly created players after the maintanace?
    The beginner server applies to an account with an accumulative level of a 100
    [22:10] NxBoo! (booox1): (Alexina) Demur: will the next update have a longer story line, or be more challenging than g13's?
    Answer: This is just an addition to G13. Storyline will be the same as it was in the first G13 update. Rebalancing things, adding small things here and there.
    [22:12] NxBoo! (booox1): lalalala101:4) Your company as a whole seems to approve of giving new people lots of freebies to get more people to play, anything intended to keep venterans such as myself to stay?
    Answer: We have no forgotten about you guys! We are in talks of seeing what we can do for our loyal users that are still with us. ;] We have no forgotten!
    [22:12] NxKazo (nxkazo): louisdesnow: Is the stones of cuilin reward increased or decreased
    The reward for completing the shadow mission is EXP: 9000 Gold:2900
    [22:12] NxBoo! (booox1): **not
    [22:12] NxBoo! (booox1): rosettee: Is there a possbility that our ideas will go to the game programers like my idea of Carriages as an NX item which is an add on for horse pets?
    [22:13] NxBoo! (booox1): Answer: We welcome ideas, if you feel that you have a great idea for the game, please submit a ticket and let us know. :)
    [22:13] NxKazo (nxkazo): lalalala101: 1) what changes to rafting rewards will be included?
    New enchants and the Arbalest Bow is part of the reward list
    [22:14] NxBoo! (booox1): lalalala1015)Male Characters seem to be left out a lot on events ie val day any forseeing in making it up to the other half?
    Answer: We know about this issue, unfortunately, for now the Valentine's Day Event that you guys got is what we can give. We'll try to include both male and female characters in our future events.
    [22:15] NxBoo! (booox1): [Ruairi] Torturer: "Today's Mission has been added - complete a random, daily Shadow Mission for increased experience and gold!" Was this idea borrowed from Vindictus?
    Answer: I don't believe this was borrowed? On the otherhand, DevCat does work for both games. :D
    [22:15] NxKazo (nxkazo): Elwin: are the rafting/ballooning rewards being increased this update, and if so,
    will the items, such as the ring bow/Snake Gauntlets/Lightning Warrior Helm/etc. still be available via rafting/ballooning?
    New items have been added to the reward list for both Rafting and Ballooning.
    [22:15] NxBoo! (booox1): [Tarlach] Zaneki{Crimson}: Will we be able to change back to paladin from Dark knight this update?
    Answer: Nope. If you chose the Dark Side, you cannot return. :P
    [22:16] NxBoo! (booox1): Moonlitnight: Has the glitch where shadow mission journals are reset been fixed for this update?
    Answer: This issue should be fixed with the incoming patch! If you see that your Journals are being reset, please let us know as soon as possible. Thanks!
    [22:17] NxBoo! (booox1): [Tarlach] Zaneki{Crimson}: Can you tell us about a few upcoming events for this update?
    Answer: We have a quiz event coming up in the near future. :)
    [22:17] NxKazo (nxkazo):
    (Alexina) Homicide: will there be any new pets or cash shop items coming with this update? P:
    A new cash shop item called "Lorna & Pan Gachapon" will be released.
    [22:18] NxKazo (nxkazo): Pallanza Of RUAIRI: Is a new event or pet going to start at the end of the update?
    Unfortunately no new pet or event will be part of this G13S2 content..
    [22:18] NxBoo! (booox1): (Alexina) EXTINCT: What type of Shadow mission rebalancing? like what missions?
    Answer: The reward EXP and Gold have been changed for a lot of the missions on Padan and Andras Shadow Mission Board.
    [22:19] NxBoo! (booox1): inspirationfeli: Does Romeo wear boxers or briefs? ROFL.
    Answer: He wears Boxer Briefs. He's a true man.
    [22:20] NxBoo! (booox1): Red: Are normal Combo Cards simply set at random with combos?
    Answer: They are pretty random. Some make you use Alchemy, then magic, then melee, and lastly range. THAT SUCKS!
    [22:20] NxBoo! (booox1): miomimio (alexinia): will the begginer sevice apply to players already under lvl 100 or just newly created players after the maintanace?
    Answer: This applies to all accounts that are below level 100. Free horsies for all!
    [22:21] NxKazo (nxkazo): inspirationfeli: Can you expand on the shadow mission rebalancing? Will this mean that popular missions,
    like Shadow Cast City or Other Alchemists will give less rewards as time goes by to spur people to run less popular missions?
    YEs, were are trying to balance out the Popular and Less-popular Shadow missions.
    [22:21] NxKazo (nxkazo):
    louisdesnow: Is the reward for the stones of cuilin increased or decreased
    The reward for completing the shadow mission is EXP: 9000 Gold:2900
    [22:22] NxBoo! (booox1): riverknyle: In regards to the free horse for new players, what happens to it's inventory? Can this horse be named? Is the 7 day limit a summoning time, or real time limit?
    Answer: You will be able to name the free horse, but the inventory will be disabled. Fear not, all the skills will be the same as the paid Thoroughbred that some players may have bought. :)
    [22:23] NxBoo! (booox1): [22:10] [Mari] Kenero: Can you give an example of a Shadow Mission Rebalance? Like what is the new EXP for Shadow Wizard Basic/INT and gold reward?
    Answer: Rescue the Scout/Defeat the Shadow Wizard/Dorren's Request have been reduced. Defeat Craig Cow/Battle for Tailteann I and II/Defeat Fomor Commander I and II/Tailteann Defensive Battle/Offering have all been increased in rewards.
    [22:24] NxKazo (nxkazo):
    [Ruairi] Torturer: "Various Shadow Missions have been rebalanced in terms of experience and gold returns.
    " Will this mean the missions that are much harder? ie. Conflict! An Unexpected Battle. Will those missions give much bigger bonuses than others

    Rewards have been increased to invigorate unpopular Shadow Missions and popular mission have been decreased in order for balance.
    [22:25] NxKazo (nxkazo):

    Wyse[Tarlach]: Regarding to the changes to the rafting and hot air balloon.
    How will they be changed during this update? Any modifcations to the way how it works and the end rewards?
    New items have been added to the reward list for both Rafting and Ballooning.
    [22:25] NxBoo! (booox1): nibordeathridge: I have a question. With the new update, which just about catchs up NA with the overseas servers, can we expect that the servers will be better policed so as to see less mod and glitch users and those who are cought useing these removed from the server?
    Answer; We're trying to police the servers as much as we can all day everyday. We want the servers to be clean for you guys not riddled with bots and other offender.
    [22:26] NxBoo! (booox1): Red: Will Custom Combo Cards ever come to Cash Shop?
    Answer: There haven't been any talks of releasing the Combo Cards to the Cash Shop.... So for now it's going to be staying in-game.
    [22:27] NxBoo! (booox1): uke5392: Oh also, I did notice with the things required to make the Rosemary Gloves, the drop rate for the stuff is ridiculously low.
    Answer: We wanted it to be rare so that the players that actually have it can brag about it. Nani nani boo boo :P I have one. :)
    [22:28] NxBoo! (booox1): [Mari] Khenta: I have a question! Recently, there have been a number of events and contests that utilitizes a player's creativity inside and outside the game. Are there any plans to continue this string of events?
    Answer; Of course. We want to challenge you guys! :)
    [22:30] NxBoo! (booox1): Moonlitnight: Are we ever going to get the fan item? We already have its repair kit, but not the fan itself, is this intended?
    Answer: I believe this was already available in-game when the Repair Kit came out. That was my understanding....
    [22:30] NxKazo (nxkazo): (Mari) Katsurouki: How does Today's Mission for Shadow Missions work?
    Each day there will be 2 daily shadow missions. one will be for Tara and the other will be at Tailteann. When you complete a Todays Mission, you will get Double EXP for completing it.
    [22:31] NxBoo! (booox1): louisdesnow: Are Medal for Pet Transactions comming out in the new update to prevent scamming?
    Answer: ???? I don't believe this is coming out with tonight's update.
    [22:32] NxBoo! (booox1): inspirationfeli: Will there ever be more choices for premium giants? There is so little difference between basic and premium giants that it seems wasteful to spend the extra NX....
    Answer: This has come up in discussion and we at Nexon NA feel that giants need more. A Mr. T fro would be awesome, but we'll still in talks of whether we'll get this or not.
    [22:33] NxKazo (nxkazo):
    MikeHo: As you know in today’s update there will be “Today’s Mission”, recently there has been a lot of focus on Shadow Missions and Theater Missions.
    Do you foresee any rebalancing of dungeons so that there is more incentive for all players to run them? Because now a day’s most people just don’t seem to like running dungeons anymore.

    Today's mission is probably the added incentive your speaking of and the Shadow Mission rebalancing changed the Rewards of each mission to balance out the popular and un-popular missions.
    [22:33] NxBoo! (booox1): (Ruairi) Moonlitnight: Does daily mission increase item drop rates as well as exp and gold? Or just the latter?
    Answer: Just the latter. I don't think anything within the SM has been changed to drop more or less. The drops should be the same.
    [22:34] NxKazo (nxkazo):
    ELVENRYUSEII: This update is going to also add in those Thoroughbred pets that are like the temporary whistle pets for newbie beginners?
    a 7 day thoroughbred will be added to beginner accounts (Accumulative Level 100)
    [22:36] NxBoo! (booox1): In g13s2, will you be fixing the dorren's request glitch, where people keep unpatching the game, or packet editing to glitch dorren's request and level like a madman?
    Answer: Yes, we know about this issue and we have been eye-ing players that have used this exploit. We will fix it, but for now the rewards have been decreased.
    [22:36] NxKazo (nxkazo): (Tarlach)Darkpheonix: Is there going to be a Family Chat Tab?
    There are no plans at this moment to add a Family Chat Tab... but its a nice idea!
    [22:37] NxBoo! (booox1): riverknyle: In regards to the free horse for new players, what happens to it's inventory upon it's time limit expiring? Can this horse be named? Is the 7 day limit a summoning time, or real-time limit
    Answer: The free horse acts as if you had a regular Thoroughbred. The only difference is that after 7 days, the horse will have an expired tag next to it during the Character Selection Screen. (Just like a 30 day mini pet). Also, players cannot access the Pet's Inventory. This pet has NO inventory space so saying "Bag!" will bring up nothing. :(
    [22:38] NxBoo! (booox1): solow111: Are the shadow missionsgoing to now give less rewardds?
    Some will give less, some will give more.
    [22:38] NxKazo (nxkazo):
    miomimio (alexinia): what type of items will the "lorna and pan" gachapon have xD
    Awesome ones!! ... theres are so many good items its hard to list them all, But one thing ill mention is that there are lots of new NPC wear and Wigs.
    [22:39] NxBoo! (booox1): erinnwalker: Some players' journals have shown shadow missions that havent been finished as an achievement. Will this be fixed?
    Answer: We are aware of this and this patch did not erase any of our achievements when being tested. *Crosses Fingers*
    [22:41] NxBoo! (booox1): (Alexina) KittyWolf: I really enjoyed the previous Event with the GMs! Are you guys planning on making more in the future? :D If so can you tell us when?!
    Answer: We'll have more for you guys. :)
    [22:42] NxBoo! (booox1): (Ruairi) ELVENRYUSEII: Will any of the high exp shadow missions be nerfed? such as Provocation or Dorren's Request?
    Answer: Dorren's Request will be taking a nerf. :) Look what all them exploiters did. BOOOOOO
    [22:42] NxKazo (nxkazo): solow111: Are the shadow missionsgoing to now give less rewardds?
    Not all of them... in-order for us to balance out the Shadow missions we increase the EXP and Gold for un-popular shadow missions and lowered the Popular ones to balance it out
    [22:43] NxKazo (nxkazo):

    Wyse[Tarlach]: Will there be any changes or new upgrade stones during this update?
    Not in this content, but new upgrade options will be released soon.

    [22:43] NxBoo! (booox1): Shroomian-_^: have mabinogi team ever considered name change cards such as maplestory has or even server change?
    Answer: This has been in talks. We want it as much as you do. :[
    [22:45] NxBoo! (booox1): Eimelyx3 (OF RUAIRI): My question - After hearing about this. whats the lorna and pan gachapon going to be like? is it going to have any exlusive items?
    Answer: It's awesome. :) It works like this. You buy one and you use the box and end up with 2 new boxes. Those 2 new boxes will be 2 seperate gachapons. More chances yes!!!!!!!!!
    [22:46] NxBoo! (booox1): inspirationfeli: Similarly, has the river glitch been finally fixed?
    Answer: Didn't we fix this? If there's another way of doing the river glitch, we need some reproduction steps. :(
    [22:46] NxBoo! (booox1): erinnwalker: Will combo cards allow players to gain more skill training exp than normal?
    Answer: No, only the damage increases when the skills are done in the order of the combo card.
    [22:47] NxBoo! (booox1): miomimio (alexinia): will we be able to trade pets with pet medals, in g13s2 or anytime soon?
    Answer: Not happening yet. :( Sorry!
    [22:48] NxBoo! (booox1): riverknyle: Will the male giants ever develop a sense of fashion?
    Answer: They turned more feminine. I think you need to give them a bit of time since they turned from Manly to Girly... Big shock if you ask me...
    [22:48] NxKazo (nxkazo): Red: What's the actual point of combo cards? Are skill reloads faster, are attacks powered up by far? What's the plan for them?
    If you follow the attack pattern listed in the combo card, each skill sequence will have an increase in damage.
    [22:49] NxBoo! (booox1): krinalade: Can you tell us what to expect from the Lorna and Pan Gachapon?
    Answer: Secret.... I'll give you a hint "NPCs"
    [22:50] NxBoo! (booox1): erinnwalker: Maybe Mabinogi can have an event where players answer questions specifically made by the gms in a competition, like.. Mabinogi Jeopardy! :D
    Answer: Would be nice... except it would explode like this chat does after we unsilence it.
    [22:50] NxKazo (nxkazo):
    Mari] Kenero: Are there any plans to released NA only material (well NA gets it first before other servers), such as clothing, weapons, character cards, and events?
    We are in talks of creating a NA exclusive content for you guys.
    [22:52] NxKazo (nxkazo):
    (Tarlach)Serris: The duel rankings system has been either broken or nonexistant since the release of dueling as a whole. Is there any word of when this will be fixed and/or implemented?
    Yes, we are looking into fixing/correcting the Duel Ranking systems.
    [22:52] NxBoo! (booox1): (Alexina) EXTINCT: Double rainbow comming soon? eh eh?
    Answer: Too soon... Too soon...
    [22:53] NxBoo! (booox1): inspirationfeli: How will the daily shadow missions be announced? Will it be another annoying banner (HATE THOSE) or will it be posted on the website or some other niftier manner?
    Answer: When you click on the Shadow Mission Board, it's going to be the one on the way top and will have the letters "Today's Mission" tagged on it. 2 PER DAY 1 on each board.
    [22:53] NxKazo (nxkazo):
    (Alexina) Demur: I assume the double exp shadow missions will be 1 day real time, so will we be able to get double exp everytime we do it each day or only get the bonus once?
    The 2 Todays Mission in Tara and Tailteann can only be completed once a day.
    [22:54] NxBoo! (booox1): jaayejaaye: Hello? Well here's my question:Will you guys implement new weapons that aren't fancy but are better than the ones we have now?
    Answer: Hmmmmm.... Not sure....
    [22:54] NxKazo (nxkazo):
    Wyse[Tarlach]: Following Katsuroki's question, will the shadow mission have a forced difficulty, or are we allowed to choose the difficulty?
    You are allowed to choose your own difficulty.
    [22:54] NxBoo! (booox1): inspirationfeli: Has there been any discussion about making the seal stones regenerate so more players have a shot at getting seal breaker titles?
    Answer: Nope.... none so far.
    [22:56] NxKazo (nxkazo): luke5392: Do these 7 day Thoroughbreds last 7 days from the account's creation and expire one week later, or does it have 7 days worth of summoning time?
    It works like a normal Throroughbred, After 7 days from its creation date, it expires.
    [22:57] NxBoo! (booox1): (Tarlach)Kantetsu: (incase you didn't get it) - Will there be any plans to ever add the Drawing Function from Korea?
    Answer: Nope... the horror! Bad images everywhere... I can only imagine.
    [22:58] NxBoo! (booox1): [Tarlach]BebeInMyBed: Are there any plans to change the in-game font to reduce lag? I noticed the character window had been rearranged for this purpose so I'm wondering if yall plan to go farther in regards to lag-reduction
    Answer: We're still looking for a good Microsoft font that will help reduce the lag. So far we haven't been able to come up with one that can be clearly read. I know that the one you guys like is White Rabbit... or something like that.
    [23:00] NxBoo! (booox1): Moonlitnight: The fashion event we had a few months back included some awesome new items such as a scythe, an interesting robe, etc. Can we expect those to be implemented anytime soon?
    Answer: We're trying to get that into our game as soon as possible. We want to see what you guys created as much as you do. :)
    [23:00] NxBoo! (booox1): zimared: Eavan's bookmark has been in my inventory has been locked in my inventory for a long time now. Will there be a maitenance to help players with it or will we forever be doomed to have it?
    Answer: Submit a ticket and you can get that removed fromy our inventory!
    [23:00] NxBoo! (booox1): TIME!
    [23:00] NxKazo (nxkazo): MikeHo: Sorry my last question could have been misread.
    I was curious if there was going to be any rebalancing of Dungeons such as Ciar, Rabbie, Rundal, and etc ?
    Do you see the regular dungeons being revamped as to hold similar or more incentive to run to those of Shadow Missions and Theater Missions.
    Theres always a possibility of dungeons being rebalanced... But at this moment theres nothing in the works.
    [23:01] NxHime (nxhime): And that's a wrap for tonight, folks.
    [23:01] NxHime (nxhime): Sorry if we missed some of your other questions. You can always visit the Nexon forums where we lurk.



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    Re: Mabinogi Live Chat - Tuesday, February 22

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    ......[22:25] NxBoo! (booox1): nibordeathridge: I have a question. With the new update, which just about catchs up NA with the overseas servers, can we expect that the servers will be better policed so as to see less mod and glitch users and those who are cought useing these removed from the server?
    Answer; We're trying to police the servers as much as we can all day everyday. We want the servers to be clean for you guys not riddled with bots and other offender......

    LMAO!!!!! sure Boo.....sure.

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    Re: Mabinogi Live Chat - Tuesday, February 22

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    O.x I feel like my IQ just dropped after reading that.
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    Re: Mabinogi Live Chat - Tuesday, February 22

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    I like how they always screw up answering *your* questions, Mike. xD


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    Re: Mabinogi Live Chat - Tuesday, February 22

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