Beefie's Life Skill Service


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    Beefie's Life Skill Service

    Post by Beefie on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:50 am

    Ever decide to rank a skill, lets say Carpentry, but when you hit r7 you realize you need leather straps and your only rF weaving.......

    Well. Hi, As many of you know i'm beefie. Being an archer elf i search out any dex i can find. That just happens to be every single grinding-nightmare life skill. So Y waste time ranking a skill your dont need while an awesome guildie with a high rank would do it for you? Well good news, i offer help to all guildies in anything weaving, handicraft, or Refining. I will even blacksmithing or tailoring for you but consider that my rank in those two skills isn't up to par yet(but still the highest in the guild :/).

    my life skills:

    1. prod mast is r1 and my dex is well over the needed dex bonus capped.
    2. Rank 1 Refining
    3. Rank 1 Weaving
    4. Rank 8 Tailoring
    5. Rank 9 Blacksmith
    6. Rank 9 Cooking
    7. Rank A Handicraft

    The most usefully services are:

    1. Cutting any leathers-99% rate
    2. Making finest arrows-99% rate
    3. Making fine handmade bandaids-99% rate
    4. Making ghost sword-94% rate
    5. Making braids-85% rate
    6. Making tough string/thread-85% rate
    7. Making frost thread-99% rate
    8. Making ice silk-65% rate
    9. Cooking 100% always 5 stars :)

    rates are base rate(no party and not monday)

    Last update 4/5/2011: Reached Rank 9 Blksmithing. Now i only need about 20,000 Iron ingots, 1,200 Silver ingots, 2,500 Common leathers, 3,000 Fine leather, 1,500 thick balls and 1,500 Braids til r8 Frustration

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    Re: Beefie's Life Skill Service

    Post by Soup on Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:01 pm

    beef this is pretty goddam impressive o.o
    Like, sorry im not actually making a request but i just wanted to let you know. like dam. congrats xD

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