Konotai's Serious Introduction


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    Konotai's Serious Introduction Empty Konotai's Serious Introduction

    Post by Konotai on Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:40 am

    Well anyone who is anyone probably already knows my awesome self if theirs someone who sadly doesn't well not to make it sound like your existence is meaningless compared to mine but I'm kind of a big deal.

    Well here is some facts about me....

    I was the first in my class... the class of kicking ass!

    I saved the world from a terrorist attack in 24 seconds. Way faster then Jack Bauer.

    I was there when Hitler was accused of causing the Hologram (The people who aren't sheep know it didn't happen)

    I was the one who got Mary pregnant God still thinks the baby is his. (I aint paying no child support)

    When I went to Hogwarts the sorting hat put me in Awesomedor I was the only one in that group.

    I was showing off my Smokin Sick Stylin gun skills at what I thought was a parade. A couple minutes later JFK was assassinated.

    I once had a battle with what people now call Dinosaurs... None survived.

    I once banished an angry tentacle mouthed god i will not type its name for even attempting to comprehend it will cause you to implode.

    0/24= 24∞

    That's all I have to say for now for I fear if your feeble self does not rest you might die from absorbing all this knowledge I have no time to eradicate an entire police force and possibly an entire galaxy by accident good day.


    Oh yeah my Mabi Character is called Kenshoumaru but you already know that.

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