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    Post by Cuathal on Sat Jan 22, 2011 8:49 am

    Lately, it seems that any given person will help with G1, but.... if people are willing, I'd love to do a G1 Static Group with my new Human, Kuurazan. I'm sure people know what a static group is, but for those that don't or simply forgot, let me tell you:

    A Static Group is a set group of people that you do something with. I first learned the term in Final Fantasy XI, when people often had Chains of Promathia (the second expansion's mission set) Static groups. This meant that the members were always fixed; if one member could not make a mission run, then the run was postponed.

    In other words, this G1 static will do multiplayer dungeons with the SAME people each time. If one member of the static can't make it to a 3-person dungeon, then we postpone it until a later date when they can make it.

    From my knowledge, these are the dungeons that are solo:

    -Tarlach RP in Rabbie
    -Mores RP in Math (the first one, the one that lacks Shiela)

    These are the only two that have to be done solo. The rest allow two other people to join.

    One thing I must state with this, however, is that I'm vehemently against cheap tactics (Windmill spamming Glas being the number one tactic I dislike). So if you sign up for this, you MUST agree not to Windmill spam Glas Ghaibleann.

    I know this sounds like an unreasonable request, but when people did G1 when it JUST came out, they didn't have the Windmill power they do now. Also, we knew little about Glas at the time. I want to be proud of my win. I'm not against Elves or Giants joining, as I believe they should have a shot at G1 anyways (people will know this from my convo earlier). However, I WILL allow Demigod/Elf/Giant trans in an "Oh snap" situation.

    Again, this may sound unreasonable to some, and I'm pretty sure no one will agree to go along with this. However, to me, this is a way to oil up my fun gear yet again.

    If you're interested, leave a reply here. Just don't bash me and call me a noob for suggesting this. I'm only trying to explore different ways to enjoy G1.

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    Post by Beefie on Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:01 pm

    meh, i normally only help with ppl's harder missions in g1, like the black orbs or final.... ill help u with that part or if im freee but with g13 and the new stuff, ima be wanting to spam avon stuff until i get that highlander bow. so a static helper, no.......

    and on the g1 for humans thing, im ok with becuz g1 is about humans and the fomors trying to destory them

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    Post by Toyia on Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:53 pm

    i would love to help in g1 my times are usually open so for static helper id love to be one

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    Post by Ragnovash on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:52 pm

    Taco, the first time we met was when i was at my g1 final and you wanted to help on your elf; id be happy to help you with g1. i still have a lot to owe ya for the help.

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