The Grim Reaper - Observations and Strategies for Newcomers(?)


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    The Grim Reaper - Observations and Strategies for Newcomers(?)

    Post by Cuathal on Sat Jan 22, 2011 8:36 am

    Recently, I performed the fight against the Grim Reaper in G13's finale, and after re-viewing my fight, noticed a few things that might be helpful to new players.

    Hear me, if only because I feel this info MIGHT prove useful. I don't want to be trolled or bashed on it.

    -The Grim Reaper fight plays by a rule I like to call "3 Strikes". What does this mean? First, we must understand the nature of the flames he conjures on his sickle. These flames have a HUGE hitbox. When they hit, regardless of any trans in place at the time, the first hit shaves you to 25-30% health. The second hit will reduce you to minimum health, whilst the third hit WILL kill you. To combat this, there are a number of methods, such as potting, etc.

    -The Grim Reaper's flames are designed to protect his rear. Evidently, Nexon America realized we'd use the Korean strat of hitting him and moving behind, hence why the hitbox is so big on the rear. So to combat this, when he does his horizontal "Hell Sickle" as I like to call it, move AWAY from him, not towards his back. If you feel brave enough, the timing is like less than half a second after he raises his scythe. If he swings vertical, though, move to either side.

    -This is one fight where I HIGHLY suggest NOT using Windmill. Why? He goes invisible if you decide to use it. Meaning you won't know where he shows up. I saw one vid of the fight where he vanished under the ground, and Windmill completely whiffed. The delay after the skill meant the user was vulnerable. So a word of advice: NO WM ON THIS FIGHT!

    -He likes to teleport, akin to Morgant in G1. The thing is, he does it less often. In my video, you can see he only does it twice: once as his opening move, and again when he writhes in pain.

    -Smash ONLY if you know you have an opening to do so. Why? The after-skill delay (as seen in my video) means you're highly vulnerable if he uses Hell Sickle (which is his main form of attack, believe it or not).

    -He has Advanced Heavy Stander, and if you're a new account player/new player overall, he'll be the first big boss* you face that has it. In other words, he's immune to knockback. So, Smash, Windmill, and Counter are useless. Do not attempt to do an N combo, or an N+1 for that matter. He will eat you for breakfast. To fight him, use only the first hit of your weapon, then move according to his scythe movement (away if horizontal, side if vertical).

    So let's see, to sum this up:

    -You have three "lives" so to speak before you lose the fight.
    -His fighting style makes Windmill and Counter useless.
    -Transformations add no benefit to reducing the "Three Lives" rule, as his attacks are a fixed reduction rate.
    -His attacks also cause damage over time, meaning you're losing health if you DO get hit.
    -If you are Ranged, you have a bigger advantage in this fight, as you can pluck him from a distance (Magic has been nerfed, so it's not as useful as you think, and Alchemy is a foolish move because of the long load times; Melee is viable if you're smart about your moves)
    -He has Advanced Heavy Stander, meaning no Knockback whatsoever.

    I know this will probably be useless to most of you, but if a new player were to somehow join our guild, this information would be very useful.

    *Note: I say this because the newbie quests lead you STRAIGHT into G13 without a logout (if you're Human, that is). This means that G13 is indeed a New Player's Introduction to Generations.
    **Note 2: Generation 1 is harder to get into. I just wasted all 8 Mana Herbs that Duncan gave me, and he hasn't given me the keyword.


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    Re: The Grim Reaper - Observations and Strategies for Newcomers(?)

    Post by MikeHo on Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:04 pm

    the boss to me has weak attack. His damage is so weak that seriously having enough pots will make sure you win as long as you don't use the wrong skills.

    Most generation bosses have skills that will do like 1 hit kills or summon monsters that multi arrgo. this boss only has the skull drain thing and its pretty insignificant.

    My advice Just go commando it works well. When you get hit just pot up. Smash works wonders.



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    Re: The Grim Reaper - Observations and Strategies for Newcomers(?)

    Post by Cuathal on Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:08 pm

    Usually, yes. In Guardian of Avon, he's more dangerous due to multiple people in the arena. I consider pet revolver a cheap tactic, as no one has fought him and NOT used it, as far as I can tell.

    And if there's one thing you need to know about me, I value a fair fight. One where skill was the deciding factor; not a cheap gimmick or beginner's luck.

    By that right, on Kuurazan, I did cheat somewhat. But Nao Stones are given to any newbie, so I guess that makes it even.

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    Re: The Grim Reaper - Observations and Strategies for Newcomers(?)

    Post by Beefie on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:31 pm

    u need to first the g3 final or the g11s2 final. They are the only ones that i think in hard, but if u do it right, theres a strategy to win. the g13 reaper i demi'ed and locked r4 wings of eclipse. After that i could have taken blows all day. but he only hit me twice because of the demi speed + elf speed = crazy fast

    i think a person should beat g9-g12 b4 g13 becuz hardmore g13 is easy, hardmore g9 and g11 is hard. Basically im saying do the g9-g12 at as low of a lvl as u can. plus demi pwns :)

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    Re: The Grim Reaper - Observations and Strategies for Newcomers(?)

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