My App...missplaced it in intros x.x, sorry


    My App...missplaced it in intros x.x, sorry

    Post by Guest on Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:36 pm

    Hai, im LovexHate...Im kinda quiet and...well to a point anti-social, I am mostly just looking for someone to get me out of this shell i call a person,Im 16, like...last i checked 4'8", I try to keep myself in check...but i dunno sometimes...Im kinda a perv..sorta..Im a Libra but i dont match my astrogly sign at all x.x. Anywho, I have r7 Ice atm but im trying to rasie my Windmill...Other then that, im just a low lvl, inexpericed noob. Maybe a Better fighter to teach me is in order? Tell me whos willing...and ill try my best ^^

    and idk how to post a pic so just take my profile pic as one? I frew it myself ^^

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    Re: My App...missplaced it in intros x.x, sorry

    Post by Beefie on Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:04 am

    hi, im beef the noob elf of Enthrall, nice to see another person looking into joining our pro guild......u said Libra....... /looks for vivain to start raging

    but yeah alotta people r into g13(me 8D) and might not be checking the forum as much as normal, but ill tell the guild to come greet u soon :P


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