So Chili is pretty cool, too D<


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    So Chili is pretty cool, too D< Empty So Chili is pretty cool, too D<

    Post by 69Avocado69 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:31 pm

    Real life: Hai~! My name's Chris Nyah~. I'm a pretty typical sixteen-year-old boy. Well, not all that much. See, I might be just like you, except that from the time I was a little boy, I knew that I could talk to the dead. "Earth-bound spirits, my grandmother called the--*Shot for reference* I like a lot of things, but I've never invested a lot of time into them. I am solely driven by inspiration; without constant inspiration, I get nowhere. Constant inspiration is pretty hard to come by, y'know D< I like to read, but I hardly do it. I like to write, but I hardly do it. See how it goes? I also like Onion. The emotes, that is. Contentment

    Mabinogi: Hai~! My name's Chili (IGN: Streuen) Snob Laugh I'm an elf alchemist with some AP invested into magic (rE Thunder, yo). I'm currently working on getting rank 1 Water Cannon...I'm at rank 4 :D;; I've also added AP into Summon Golem, but I'm still at r9 :D;;;; A lot of my friends ask me if I aim to become a Royal Alchemist, but being a RA isn't particularly interesting to me. I might do it once, just to see how it's like, but I have no reason to be a RA all the time. I'm also a nubsawce Metal Converter. o/

    That ends this lame, half-butt'd introduction. I got too lazy to add more. deskface

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    So Chili is pretty cool, too D< Empty Re: So Chili is pretty cool, too D<

    Post by LittleheroXD on Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:45 pm

    You need to add more inspiration to this non-inspirational introduction. XD

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